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Friday, December 10, 2010

Brief Update And Weekend

This has been one helluva week for this nude fool and I don't think there's anyone on this planet who's happier to see another weekend arrive! As if the stalled Arctic air mass over most of North America wasn't bad enough, add the dilemma of pajama pants in my bedroom AND the incident two evenings past in the supermarket and you can imagine the type of week that I've experienced. Trust, it wasn't pretty!

My man-of-interest has assured me the PJs are now history. They won't ressurect themselves until we spend some time during the holidays with his folks. Not like I lost any sleep over that situation. Actually, after what happened in my bed between the sheets that night guaranteed there would be no revival of that particular episode! Yours truly has his ways of ensuring quality assurance and the premiums more than satisfy.

I returned to an entirely different supermarket the night after that drama unfolded without any additional temper tantrums from frustrated shoppers. In all honesty, everyone the second time around behaved in a civilized manner. I did have my man with me as a live witness in the event that someone should decide to act stupid and I have the urge to go postal on their ass!

The work week was a joke as the idiots (not everyone, just three in particular) are now even crazier as the holidays approach. However, that's traditional and, sadly, even anticipated. DEAFinitely not worth the time stressing over. Some things in life never change because most dumbasses are so predictable in their behavior patterns.

Tonight, my man and I are hosting a nude cyber shopping party at his apartment. Maybe a half-dozen mutual friends are expected in less than an hour. I have four gifts left to order and I'm finished with all my holiday purchases. Tomorrow afternoon, a local queer naturist group is having naked cocktails at a bar in Washington, DC. Depending on the time my man gets off work, we may attend.

All of you have a great and safe weekend! I'll be back next week! Think positive and remain alert. Too many people out there forget how to party in moderation!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

T'is The Season To Be...Rude!

On my way home from the office tonight, I stopped past a local supermarket to purchase a few needed staples. I selected my items and proceeded to the Express Lane for checkout. Considering the approaching holiday and all the madness, this lane was anything BUT express. Typical, this was the only express lane open.

While waiting in line patiently, I noticed this woman ahead of me engaged in an animated conversation on her mobile phone. At the time, I didn't pay her much mind and continued to IM my best friend about plans for Friday evening. Our line slowly progressed and eventually the woman in front of me reached the register. The cashier began to scan her products. At this point, the woman took maybe three steps away from the register, still talking into her telephone, making no visible effort to complete the transaction.

I was unprepared and shocked at what transpired next. Evidently the cashier and this woman began arguing. Apparently, it escalated as a supervisor/manager soon intervened. Next, the man behind me got involved, as did the couple in back of him. By this time, all other checkout lines stopped moving as the cashiers and customers were watching the drama happening right next to me.

Obviously, someone said something to the woman in front of me and this comment pushed her over the edge. She grabbed my carton of milk from the conveyor belt, ripped it open and then poured the contents all over my groceries and the ones the cashier had bagged for her and stormed out the store! The supervisor/manager and another employee followed her.

I had witnessed enough theatrics for one night. I simply raised both hands, shook my head and left behind her. I'd wasted more time than necessary already and wasn't about to replenish my goods and wait in line again. My man and I can be creative for breakfast tomorrow. I didn't want to risk a repeat performance by someone else!

I thought this was supposed to be a festive time of year? Whatever happened to goodwill towards all? If the tension and pressure is too much, either adapt or drop out of the race! Life is too short!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!