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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nude Recreation Week: Mobility


NUDE RECREATION WEEK, JULY 7-13, 2014:  Mobility




Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nude Recreation Week: Fine Arts


NUDE RECREATION WEEK, JULY 7-13, 2014:  Fine Arts

Visual Arts



Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nude Recreation Week: Passive Pursuits


Nude Recreation Week, July 7-13, 2014: Passive Pursuits



Home Nude



Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nude Recreation Week: Sports


Nude Recreation Week, July 7-13, 2014






Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Nude Recreation Week, 2014


Bare Fun for Everyone!

Life: Be in it and be naked!

Play clothes-free!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, July 15, 2013

I Zipped And Dipped! Then Got Pissed!

Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip!

Saturday, July 13, 2013! The day that the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS) teamed together to try and exceed the Guinness Book of Records title for the number of bodies in the water, clothes-free, and skinny-dipping! Swimming and splashing in the water, pool, ocean, whatever, bare-ass naked! The last time my boyfriend and I competed was in 2010. That was fun and we had the same expectation for this years event.

We were up and out on the highway early Saturday morning. We drove for the three plus hours to a resort in a nearby state that was one of the sanctioned locations for the competition. Another gay nudist couple were staying at the property and we were to meet them and zip and dip! The facility had a number of special activities planned for the day in honor of the occasion, a mini-naked festival! It looked to be a fun day! 

Despite the fact that the day was overcast, we were excited. After all, we were ready to skinny dip for a cause! What's a little rain when we're naked and wet? 

Finally, late mid-morning, we arrived at the resort. We registered with the office, hooked up with our friends, got naked and toured the property. The atmosphere was festive and pleasant. No doubt, the upcoming chance to participate in the Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip! trial had everyone in the spirit of the day. We registered with the event officials and enjoyed the facility's amenities. 

My one, on-going complaint about private nude-friendly resorts is their "no cameras" policy. Although I understand the reasoning behind this rule, I still think it impacts on the purpose of a nakation (nude + vacation). Most people, when on holiday, like to take pictures of themselves and friends having fun. Queer nudists are no exception to this norm. I've advocated for these properties to cordon off an area of their resort, post signs and allow cameras and photography within this "photo zone." Guests who object to possibly being photographed simply need to stay out of this particular area. A compromise that keeps everyone happy. 

As the 1:00 p.m., start time for Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip approached, the crowds assembled. We migrated to the designated area and on the appointed hour, the mad rush into the water began! All these naked bodies plashing and running, having fun skinny-dipping. About this time, I turned around and saw a sight that immediately changed my mood. Along the shoreline, people with cameras! Clothed! And a local news crew on top of that! 

WTF? What happened to the strictly enforced, equipment confiscated policy of NO CAMERAS? We had just signed on the dotted line a few hours ago that we understood this same rule! What sort of shitty double-standard was this? We had to comply yet management doesn't? I was livid! I was pissed! 

About this time, boyfriend noticed the change in my attitude and looked towards the shore. He saw exactly what I did. Reading my mind (after all, he does know me), he got the attention of our friends. All eyes were on me as I began to wade towards the shore. My gang wasn't far behind me as I walked up to the TV camera and gave it my middle finger! 

Boyfriend and our friends were upset about this infringement, but not anywhere near as angry as me. Our friends had prepaid their accommodations through the weekend. On the other hand, we were only one-day guests. Boyfriend and I left. Neither of us felt like attending any of the post-zip activities. The excitement and thrill of the day was ruined. 

Even if it's the last nude-accommodating location left on this planet, I'll never visit this particular place again! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm On My Way...

I'm up and we're out on the road early today!

We're headed to participate in the

Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip

Guinness Book of Records Competition!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nude Recreation Week: What It Is...

Nude Recreation Week is exactly what the title implies: a week to have fun while clothes-free. For many same gender loving naturist/nudist men, this happens 52 weeks every year! Of course, we all know that it isn't just gay naked men who have fun throughout the year. As a matter of fact, most people, with or without clothes, do precisely just that. Fun isn't a copyright of just the naturist or queer communities.  

Recreation consists of all of those activities or past-times that we engage in during our leisure or "free" time. These can be either active or passive (and occasionally a combination of both). They can be performed alone (such as reading or fishing) or in a group (as in a team sport or musical group). Recreation can take place either indoors or out, depending on the activity and the space necessary. Sometimes, recreation is costly (such as a nude cruise) or it can be almost free (skinny-dipping). The nature of our leisure varies based on need, situation and preference. 

Nude Recreation Week was conceived by the American Association for Nude Recreation for two purposes: as an outreach to Americans to explore social nudity and as a means to encourage Americans to use nude-friendly vacation destinations. Many clothing optional resorts host special events during this time for these two reasons. Members and regular participants are urged to invite and welcome those who otherwise have never indulged in social nudism.

Among "veteran" social naturists/nudists, Nude Recreation Week has evolved into a "festival" of our culture of nakedness. We use this time as an unofficial celebration of Naked Pride. A sort of us being us for us. A time to engage in new activities, compete or enjoy our regular favorites and to reunite with acquaintances with similar interests. A naked homecoming! Because of this, numerous facilities now plan events related to this this concept for practicing social nudists.

Regardless of where an individual rates on the "nude" spectrum, novice (new) or veteran, there's invariably a hobby group, sport, performing arts ensemble or game that appeals to everyone. Lose the clothes and give it a try. BTW: if you see me, please wave!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nude Recreation Week: Break A Record!

Nude Recreation Week Competition

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip" 

In honor of Nude Recreation Week, July 7-13, 2013, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS) are partnering in Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip competition to break the Guinness Book of Records title for the largest number of persons skinny dipping. This event, scheduled for multiple locations throughout North America, is set for Saturday, July 13, at 1:00 p.m. (local time). All are invited to participate in this effort. The only two requirements (aside from admissions policies at respective private sites) are free on-site registration, for documentation purposes, and to actually skinny dip (swim naked). 

The current Guinness record was established in 2010. AANR and TNS attempted to beat the record in 2011, however, widespread inclimate weather throughout North America forced the cancellation of many local trials. Local sites are sanctioned through the sponsoring organizations and are located at both nude-friendly resorts and public clothing optional beaches. To find a convenient location, click: World Record Skinny Dip.

"Cool down this summer while setting a hot new record at the World Record Skinny Dip across North America. You're invited to help beat the 2010 record set at the Guinness World Records Skinny Dip for the largest number of people simultaneously in the water without swimsuits. The American Association for Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society are co-sponsoring this record setting "Wearing Zip, Let's Skinny Dip" event." AANR website

For information about AANR, click: AANR.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!