Naturist/Nudist Leisure and Social Resources

Nudecentric and Queercentric
The resources listed below are for national organizations that are specifically for the same gender loving naturist/nudist. There are annual membership fees associated with both groups. Visit their websites for information on the structure of dues. Both feature a wealth of resources on their sites including contact addresses for local gay nudist groups (arranged by state/city), dates for their annual membership conventions "gatherings" and local gay naturist resorts.
The listing is by alphabetical order and not by personal preference. For specific questions regarding the content of information listed, please contact the organization. To access the websites, click on the link beneath each logo.
Gay Naturists International
International Men Enjoying Naturism


Nude Recreation

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is the primary organization designed to encourage not only nude leisure activities and resorts, it also serves as a major nudecentric lobbyist for guaranteeing the rights of naturists/nudists and the protection of public lands designated clothes-free or clothing optional. Membership also requires a fee. This association is not queer-specific but it is gay-friendly and both GNI and IMEN are organizational members of this group.
The AANR website contains information relevant to nude travel, both planning and destinations. It serves as the umbrella organization for many resorts and facilities throughout North America and beyond. This society also sponsors the annual Nude Recreation Week observance during the month of July, which is National Parks and Recreation Month in the USA.
To go to the site, click on the link beneath the AANR emblem. For questions pertaining to site content, please contact AANR directly.
American Association for Nude Recreation


Gay Nude Travel



Just as the title of this website implies, this is for naked gay men who want to travel. It's a free site, registration (NO credit card info) required. As you navigate the information, read reviews and recommendations from other members like yourself. Naked Guys Travel also provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other same gender loving nudists. Some rather personal questions are asked during the registration process (which takes only a few minutes) so I imagine it's similar to a match service in addition to travel. It's free so investigate if interested. Here's the link:

Public Beaches

The destinations listed here are the most popular ones frequented by queer naturists. They are on public land owned either by federal, state or municipal entities. Although public, most charge a minimal entrance and/or parking priviledge fees. These prices are listed on their websites but it is advised to check prior to arrival to verify no price increase has occured (especially in uncertain economic times). All of the public beaches contained here have a traditional "unofficial" gay area. The beaches here are divided by East (Atlantic) and West (Pacific) coasts.
Other, smaller clothing-optional beaches, lakes, etc. are located throughout North America. These locations are listed either with GNI, IMEN or AANR (see above).
When visiting these beaches, always check with staff for local laws/ordnances concerning nudity. These vary from locality to locality.   
Gunnison Beach/Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area, New Jersey
Due to the extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy in the autumn of 2012, please check the websites for updates during the 2013 summer season.
Haulover Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Blacks Beach, San Diego, California
Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
San Onofre Beach, San Onofre State Beach, California



The American Nudist Research Library is a nonprofit that seeks to preserve the history of the naturist/nudist movement in the United States. There is an annual membership fee.






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