Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Characters Unite Award Nominations...

The USA Network is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Characters Unite Awards. These awards are presented annually by the network in recognition of individuals who have made a difference in combating the hatred and divisions that plague our society, nation and our world. This ongoing commitment to tolerance and understanding by USA Network helps to build bridges between communities and cultures and to erase the imagined barriers between people.

Those of you who regularly visit here are aware of the frequency that I attack intolerance, hatred and exclusion by our society, our belief systems and in certain political persuasions. Through DQN In Northern Virginia, I seek to encourage an alternate viewpoint and to urge inclusion. Also, you are familiar with the fact that rarely do I ever boldface in my posts. Italics, yes; boldface, hardly. Yet, I do in the case of the Characters Unite Awards. I believe and support the USA Network's efforts to make a difference in our world.

The Mission: Characters Unite, USA Network's award-winning public service program, was created to address the social injustices and cultural divides still prevalent in our society. 

Inspired by USA Network's iconic "Characters Welcome" brand and with the support of leading national nonprofit organizations, the ongoing campaign is dedicated to supporting activities and messaging that combat prejudice and intolerance while promoting understanding and acceptance - on- air, online and in communities across the country. 

I commend USA Network in their ongoing efforts to end discrimination and to bring about inclusion. I urge those of you who feel as I do to seriously consider nominating someone that you know who is making a difference in our lives and our world. This is our chance to offer some acknowledgement to those who would otherwise be anonymous. I have nominated someone who is working with the Deaf youth with differing abilities for an award. I invite all of you to nominate someone that you know.

The USA Network enlists the support of voluntary celebrity endorsements in promoting the Characters Unite ideals, ongoing programs and on-air programming. These promotions are attracting the youth of our nation to take notice and to "take the pledge" to combat the many injustices present in our schools, religious institutions and communities. We are now witnessing a generation growing up holding forth values that seem to be lost in our broader society.

The deadline for receipt of online nominations for the Characters Unite Awards is 11:59 p.m. (ET) on March 15, 2013. To complete the nomination form, visit the website (link here): . Follow the instructions given on the site.

For your information, basic information is provided below. Please, take advantage of this opportunity to honor someone that you know.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Overview of Awards Program
Do you know someone who has made a significant and lasting difference in efforts to fight prejudice and discrimination and increase tolerance and acceptance? 

The USA Network created the Characters Unite Awards to recognize those unsung heroes. Ten winners will  each receive a $5,000USD grant to help continue or build on their incredible projects and they will be featured on-air and at .

To Enter:
Submit a short essay, no more than 500 words, that summarizes how the nominee meets the criteria below, along with a photo of the nominee. 

Selection Criteria:
Character - Someone who has shown great dedication, passion and determination, in the face of adversity or challenge, in fighting social injustice.
Impact - Someone who has made a significant and lasting difference in overcoming prejudice or ending discrimination (age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities) and in promoting respect and acceptance. 
Influence -  Someone who has established his/her community - city, state, country, school, house of worship, workplace, organization, etc. - to increase awareness, create unity and expand the reach and legacy of his/her work. 

USA Network will select the award winners based on:
- compelling nature of project: 60%
- clear presentation of ideas 30%
- grammar and spelling 10%



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