Friday, September 28, 2012

Early Autumn Afternoon

On an early autumn afternoon, once the sun has warmed the waters, nothing is as refreshing as a skinny-dip and a spell of drying on the rocks under the rays of the sun. Pleasant memories of summer are recalled while anticipation of autumn social activities are dreamed.
Although summer is gone, the transition to the new season is not yet complete. These blissful afternoons in the early autumn can be as pleasing as summer itself.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Month, Many Images...

The upcoming month of October has many faces for us to enjoy. These faces are different causes, cultures and occasions of note that are worthy of attention and honor. All are important to each one of us for a variety of reasons, the most important one being that they all are a part of our greater human condition that we collectively share: life. These contribute to what makes us the unique and wonderful persons that we individually are.

As October is a month of significance for multiple people, my initial thought was to combine all in one post on the first of the month. At the same time, I have the feeling that each and every one deserves its' own individual honor and posting. I don't want to minimize the importance of all or any. For that reason, I am giving each one the respect that it so richly commands and am offering a separate entry for all the first week during the new month.

The order of publication is not reflective of any judgement. It is just a random determination on my part in an attempt to pay tribute to each one as a worthwhile item. If anyone is offended, please understand that it is not intentional and accept my apology.

Here is a list of dates and topics of each article:
October 1: GLBT History
October 2: Breast Cancer Awareness
October 3: Hispanic/Latino Heritage
October 4: Disability Awareness
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vote: Handle Your Business

Registration requirements vary from state to state, with most deadlines being 30 days before the actual election date. Time is running out. If you've recently moved or are a first-time voter, make sure that you are registered to vote now before the deadline arrives. This election is important and your vote does make a crucial difference.

For many states, this is the first presidential where voter identification is required. Make certain that you have a government issued photo ID with you, not only in order to register but also on election day. This expedites the voting process and guarantees that your vote will count. 

Not all states permit online voter registration. A few require in-person registration. Absentee ballot procedures also are different in every state.

There is a non-partisan voter site that contains information for each state. Contacts are provided. To access this site, click here: .

This presidential is crucial not only for the future of our country, but also for our GLBT community. Every vote is critical. Register now, then be prepared to vote on November 6, 2012. This is your opportunity to determine what direction we, as a nation, ultimately take. Make certain that your opinion counts! Vote!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nude Novice Notes: Camping Essentials


During the transition from summer into fall, many men find the time for camping trips as a means of taking advantage of moderating temperatures and natural beauty, both figuratively and literally. Escaping the city and the hectic pace of suburban/urban life is a refreshing change from the busy escapades of the summer and offers a chance to experience nature before the daytime temperatures begin to plunge.

A weekend in the woods can be a fun way to spend time with your fellow naturists/nudists brothers. A few minutes of planning and preparation beforehand can help ensure that the excursion will be one of positive memories rather than negative. Below are a few suggestions to enable the nude novice to both survive and thrive through the experience.

For starters, the basic camping essentials are the same for a nude camping experience or one while wearing clothes. Tent, sleeping gear, cooking utensils, etc., are no different. Of course, you won't need to pack as much clothing; however, plan some protection just in case the temperatures drop at night. You may be taking this trip for the naked opportunity, but, you don't want to suffer needlessly.

What to take with you next all depends on individual specific needs. Any special medications, ointments or accessories are a must. Whatever is necessary to make it through the day. Keep in mind that you are entering a new external environment. Even if previously you've had no reaction for any allergy, the outdoors contains elements that you probably haven't had exposure. A mild, over-the-counter allergy reliever is advisable. A local pharmacy isn't going to be available just around the corner. I know this from personal experience!

One important thought to keep in mind is that this is a nude camping trip. Shorts/pants are being worn at a minimum. That means the absence of pockets with which to store the odds and ends used to make camping life easier. I encourage the use of a fanny pack (like the one I'm wearing above) or a similar convenience in order to keep essentials and tools available.
A couple of items are advisable for a nudist camper that can be easily stored inside a fanny pack. One is a pair of tweezers. These are especially needed to remove splinters from tender body parts. A personal size hand sanitizer is recommended. Not only to clean hands before eating but it also can double as a disinfectant for any splinter wounds. An analgesic gel is handy for outdoor elements that may cause skin irritations, such as insect bites or plants (poison ivy, poison oak).
A hand-sized towel is a great idea to carry with you while camping. It can be folded over the strap of the fanny pack and is much more comfortable and sanitary than sitting bare-assed on a wooden bench, log or whatever.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

GOP: A Foolish Retreat

This past Thursday, September 20, 2012, marked the one-year anniversary of the official repeal of the military's former policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT)," where queers could be discharged from the U. S. armed services for openly acknowledging their same gender sexual orientation. Since that event over a year ago, GLBT persons have been permitted to serve openly and proudly in all service branches without fear of discipline or discharge.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency on the promise of repeal of DADT. This promise was fulfilled on September 20, 2011. On the anniversary of this occasion, now President Obama released a statement in honor of this achievement. In part, it states: " A year ago today, we upheld the fundamental American values of fairness and equality by finally and formally repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' Gay and lesbian Americans now no longer need to hide who they love in order to serve the country they love." Proud words from a great and honest leader.

The repeal of DADT was one of the major campaign goals of Mr. Obama's bid for election to the presidency in 2008. He was successful, elected and became President Obama. He kept his promise. Under his guidance, DADT was repealed and GLBT persons may now serve openly in the U.S military. It wasn't necessarily a popular decision, but he was true to his word. It was a courageous and honorable action.

In this presidential election, President Obama's opponents in the GOP are calling for the reinstatement of DADT (among other irresponsible steps backward). For no substantiated reason other than it is a step for full equality for all Americans (in other words, it affects queer people). It was an issue in the GOP primary campaign where then-candidate Rick Santorum ,(supporting reinstatement of DADT), hosted a town meeting when a GLBT active duty soldier, serving in a war zone, was booed by the audience during a live call. The GOP actually heckled, in a public forum, an American soldier, fighting for her/his country in a live combat zone.

Then, on September 14, 2012, U. S. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), speaking at a Value Voters Summit, reiterated that same position. He addressed the conservative audience with his support of DADT return and the discharge of all servicemembers who have come out or enlisted since the repeal.

In revisiting this issue and trying to vitalize the religious right, the GOP is demonstrating to the American people the fallacy of their political agenda. First and foremost, they are blatantly not committed to equality for the American people. If you don't walk like them, talk like them and think like them, then you're not of interest to them nor worthy of their concern or consideration. So much for their argument regarding family values. Same gender loving persons are not members of their family, no matter biological ties.

Second, the GOP is attacking President Obama as being fiscally irresponsible. What can possibly be more wasteful than squandering tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money than in reversing a legal decision, passed by the Congress and implemented by presidential signature? President Obama campaigned for his election on the repeal of DADT. The American people responded and elected him. The majority favored the scraping of the discriminatory policy. Yet the GOP now wants to spend more to return to a policy of unfairness and to be financially unwise.

The GOP continues to distort and twist the truth. They are the political party of inequality and injustice except for a select few. As to their claims of financial responsibility, they want to expend more to undo what is apparent. The American people voted for President Obama in 2008 because they believed and understood his plans to repeal DADT. There's no need to waste more to jump backwards now.

I'm voting to re-elect President Obama for a second term. I actually like having an honest man as the leader of this country and Commander-in-Chief of our military. It is a refreshing change.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

One Final Dip...

Today's the last full day of Summer, 2012.
Time to take one last plunge before the outdoor pools close for the season.
Swim one more lap as the autumn approaches.
Take the dive once more for old time's sake.
A new Fall season begins late morning tomorrow.
It will bring with it new adventures and new opportunities.
So, before the current season fades into distant memory,
take the dive once more for old time's sake.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time Out...


Not all of us can afford a retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life in order to collect our thoughts. Not all of us have the luxury of a secluded space where we can sort through all the many ideas, problems and dreams that float around inside our minds. Sometimes, we just have to focus inward, shutting out the world around us and concentrate on the many random pieces of data, or information, stored in our consciousness. Physically, we're in a familiar environment. Mentally, we're in our own mind: our private universe.
Clueless? Hardly. Instead, what we're doing is looking for clues as to where to go next, what to do or which direction we need to take. A search for answers that may or may not provide us what we seek. But we are at least exploring options while on our quest for personal growth and development. Trying to find a balance that enables us to connect past, present and future.
Thinking. Contemplation. Reflection. It makes no difference what label we attach to it. What's important is that we use the moment, the hour, the day to better ourselves and, hopefully, our life and that of the world around us.  To emerge from within ourselves a renewed and improved person with a sense of purpose and a clear goal.
I enjoy these periods of soul searching, soul sorting and mental processing. It allows me to put things in perspective, prioritize and evaluate. Following this period of internal examination, I return to the real world in a mindset where I'm able to make reasonable and responsible decisions and then act on them. I'm empowered to move on with life. I have the energy to do what needs to be done.
I've learned to grab these moments whenever I'm able. A ride on the subway, a lunch break in the park or a long early morning walk on a weekend all provide excellent opportunities to withdraw into myself and do a quick inventory and assessment. I now know that I don't require an expensive weekend retreat in order to reach inside, use inner resources and achieve results. I can make good on the moments found in my environment and part of my daily life.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!    

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunlines: Locker Room Outing

Just as tanlines reveal information about a man, the noticeable absence of the same is just as indicative of a man's extracurricular activities. I know this from experience. My own sunline status recently outed me at my fitness center. Busted by my own nakedness!

I go to the gym early in the morning, before I head into the office. I do my workout routine, shave and shower, then it's off to work I go. This morning time is best for me as the facility isn't that crowded and I happen to be a early-bird person. No other Deaf men are at the gym this time of day. There are a few men in the gym that I interact, using pen and notebook to communicate. For the most part, I'm in and out; minding my own business and focused on the task at hand.

This past Monday began no different than any regular workout day, except for the fact that some of my usual buddies had returned from the summer season. A few I hadn't seen since before the Memorial Day holiday at the end of May. I acknowledged their return with a wave or a nod and proceeded to follow my schedule. Once I completed my training ritual, I headed for the locker room, stripped, showered and then shaved my face and head.

While in the showers, and then again, while shaving, I noticed these three men watching me and conversing with each other. One of them I recognized as a gym regular, the other two I don't recall seeing before now. I admit to being somewhat baffled as to their attention but continued my preparations for the workplace. The clock was ticking away and I didn't want to delay and risk being late for my job.
At about this time, I noticed my acquaintance scribbling a note on the tablet that I'd left on the bench in front of my locker. As soon as I finished shaving, I retreived my glasses and glanced at the note left for me. It read: Hi Roger! My friends and I noticed that you don't have any tanline. You must have had a terrific summer. One of my friends thinks he remembers seeing you at Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. It's a nude beach. Is that where you got your tan? signed: DP
Here I was, completely nude and in full view of my inquisitors. I glanced across the locker room to where they were getting dressed. I put down the notebook, shrugged my shoulders, gave the "thumbs-up" sign and smiled. What else could I do? I was standing before the three of them, naked and busted! Outed by being in the locker room at the same time as a fellow nude beach-goer! After all, nude isn't lewd or any reason to feel shame!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Clothes, No Brain!

From my earliest recollections, I know that when you remove your clothing, you don't need to strip off your brain. After all, that just isn't humanly possible. Or, is it? Sometimes, I wonder...
I've had to interact with the general public before, so I am well aware of how some people engage in communicating with others before they push the "start" button to their brain. All of us have those clueless moments when we forget to think. However, a chance encounter that I had last week leaves me with the distinct impression that maybe a few of my naked brethren do remove their brains with their clothes.
While at Sandy Hook Beach, a clothing optional site on the New Jersey shore, I began communication with a man whose towel was beside my own. He was surprised that I'm Deaf and even more shocked when he "discovered" that I'm also a practicing naturist/nudist. I never did learn why he was amazed at this fact, considering I was lying naked beside him.
I was taken aback by his reaction when he was informed by my BF that I'm Deaf. He wrote me a note stating that it was impossible for me to be a nudist as Deaf people had to wear clothes when they signed! So, here I am, Deaf and nude in front of this man, and he's writing to me that it's simply not possible for me to be either!
Despite the arguments respectfully offered to him by both my BF and myself, he refused to acknowledge his mistake. Eventually, we simply let the matter rest and went on about our business. Neither of us noticed exactly when he left, but, it wasn't long after our note exchange. Later that afternoon, we both had a laugh over this incident. I guess I'm nothing but an apparition to this stranger as I couln't be Deaf and naked on the same beach as he.  
We were all located on the traditional gay section of Sandy Hook. I didn't think it necessary to share this information with this man. Good thing. In retrospect, he may have argued that it wasn't possible for me to be Deaf, queer and a nudist! In his mind, I can't be me!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunlines: A Financial Index

This summer, more so than those past, I noticed a greater number of people at clothing-optional beaches with obvious sunlines (tanlines). Sunlines/tanlines are those discernible features that indicate limited, if any, sun exposure. The markings could be from wearing socks, a wristwatch, a bracelet, but most usually they are caused by shorts or a swimsuit.
At first, I thought to myself: "Cool." More people are exploring the life of nudity. This is a good sign, right? The more, the merrier!
Sharing this observation with friends, they, in turn, were quick to offer a few of their own insights. The economy, they argued, was forcing some people to alter their leisure or recreation habits. Those who would otherwise afford lavish resort excursions were now having to utilize public beaches. Their resulting nudity at nudecentric beaches was situational, not necessarily intentional. They were just trying to "blend in."
Another thought, again based on financial constraints was that people could no longer comfortably take as much time off from work in order to develop and maintain the balanced and even "summer tone" or "tanned" look. Interesting opinions and both containing some validity. Previously, I'd never considered the presence of sunlines as an economic indicator.
Perhaps the U. S. Government should adopt the prevalence of tanlines on beaches as one of the factors in determining the state of this country's economy. The quarterly status reports could prove to be popular reading, especially when accompanied by substantiating visuals! 
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Hump Day

Today is Saturday, September 15, 2012: halfway through the month. Happy September Hump Day!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Weekend Of Summer!

This weekend is the last weekend of the official summer season, 2012. Where did all the good times go? It seems that only yesterday we were eager with anticipation for the arrival of warmer weather. Now, we are once again approaching the end of days at the beach. No matter, get out and enjoy the weekend before it, too, passes us by!  
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Goodies That You Don't Bake

This post isn't about nudity, Deafness or even being queer. Instead, it's a very general piece written for all of us, no specific group as it applies to everyone. It's concerning those unintentional memories that we create for others and the impact it plays in their lives. Often, we are completely unaware of the difference and the influence we make.

Growing up, my brothers and I would spend the summers with our grandparents in the Mother Country, the birthplace of our parents. We'd leave to go there by mid-June and not return to the USA until the end of August, in time for the start of the scholastic year. This particular memory involves my two youngest uncles (maternal side). At the time, they were fifteen and sixteen years old, respectively.

Wednesday afternoons were our time together. Classes for my uncles ended at noon on that day and as soon as they arrived home at my grandparents, they'd change out of uniform and whisk Twin and I off to a new adventure. These outings weren't extraordinary, but, to a four-year-old, they were always exciting and fun. A few times, we went swimming (nude) in the sea that surrounded the island where my family originated. Other excursions included chasing stray goats back to the herd, raiding fruit from nearby orchards, hiking the hills or exploring ruins. Both Twin and I learned the basics of soccer from our uncles.

Sadly, this summer with these two uncles never repeated. Within a year, my youngest uncle was dead and my surviving younger one wasn't able to recover from this premature loss for another couple of years. For Twin and I, this particular time became a fond memory that we still recall to this day. Unfortunately, my youngest living uncle (maternal) doesn't remember much of that time.

Several weeks ago, I was visiting with my favorite niece, now attending university and majoring in education. She asked if I remembered our best times together. Baffled, I struggled to recollect anytime that we'd shared that seemed  especially significant. After about six suggestions, she reminded me that all our times spent with each other were unique and endearing. However, the best moments, in her mind, were in the kitchen.

This comment startled me, as I am a man who hates to cook. However, for my niece, who has always enjoyed culinary activities, this was her fondest memory of us. Somewhere, I'd discovered a recipe for cookies that you didn't need to bake in an oven. You melted chocolate, mixed the ingredients and then refrigerated until firm. It seems that for about three years, whenever our family would gather, these treats she and I would prepare as our contribution to the family meal.

I was surprised at her choice of favorite times. I thought for certain it would have been one of movies we'd seen, amusement parks or other adventures together. Yet, this simple task we'd performed as a team was one of her best. Then, I recalled my summer in Greece with my mother's youngest brothers.

As queer men, we need to be cognizant of the fact that for many of our younger family members, we are the foundation on which they will judge GLBT people. Not only are we responsible to them as family, we are also their introduction to the broader GLBT family. For most of them, we are their personal representative of our community.

We need to bear in mind that even the most routine activities, however boring they may be, can have a lasting influence on the lives of our nephews and nieces, or for any young person. Most of them may never have a chance for a close relationship with another same gender loving person until much later in life. By then, attitudes and prejudices may cloud their judgment. Therefore, we need to take advantage of the time presented to us and ensure that the image we leave with our younger relatives are as positive and as realistic as possible. Hopefully, this early connection and impression will survive a lifetime and signal the end of homophobia and hatred.

The bridges that we build today are the same bridges of our GLBT future. These personal contacts that we make can make a difference not only in our lives but directly impact the lives of others within our same gender loving community. Hopefully, this change will benefit us all.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy some cookies that you don't have to bake!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Skinny-Dipping III: The Culture

This is the final installment of a three-part series here at DQN In Northern Virginia on skinny-dipping. For reference, see "Skinny-Dipping I: In The Beginning, The Action" on August 28, 2012, and "Skinny-Dipping II: The Adventure, The Tradition" on September 4, 2012.
Skinny-dipping is a popular summer custom not only here in the United States, but all over the world. For hundreds of millions of people, there's no better way to "beat-the-heat" than to strip off all their clothes, get nude and dive into a choice body of water. With just a few days of the summer season remaining in the Northern Hemisphere, time is running out. If you haven't already done so, take advantage of the opportunity to engage in this activity one more time before those winter chills and winds arrive!
The Culture
Contributing to the lasting popularity of the skinny-dipping tradition is its simplicity and economy. No elaborate planning is required and the only prerequisites are an item of clothing (to be stripped off) and a body of water. Clearly, this is one hell of an equal-opportunity activity! If a national nude pastime were ever to be officially adopted, this one is sure to be at the top of the list.
There is little doubt that skinny-dipping is deeply steeped in the American culture. Even before the arrival of European settlers and widespread colonization, the indigenous peoples, the Native Americans, enjoyed swimming nude. All one has to do is read accounts of some of the earliest colonists to see their amazement at the ease the native inhabitants shed their loincloths and breeches to frolic into the water nude and unsegregated by gender. This freedom was quickly imitated by the initial immigrants although they experienced it separately by gender.
"The Swimming Hole" by Thomas Eakins (1885)
Folklore and literature, combined with art, provide ample evidence that swimming naked has been a staple part of American life, similar to a "rite of passage" for many youth. The renown author and beloved humorist, Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens), immortalized and romanticized it through his two primary characters of note: Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. Their antics have been a beloved tale for young readers for almost 100 years. Twain/Clemens himself often expressed his own aversion to obsessive modesty: "So it is not nakedness that gives the sense of immodesty, the modifying the nakedness is what does it." A Tramp Abroad, Mark Twain's Notebooks and Journals, Volume 2. In contemporary literature, many writers use the skinny-dipping scenario as a prelude to intimate romance.
"Ruby, gold and malachite" by Henry Scott Tuke (1902)
Evidence of the widespread acceptance of skinny-dipping in and by American culture is also provided through the covers and illustrations found in family-oriented publications. One of the leading magazines of the twentieth century, The Saturday Evening Post, brought the activity into the homes of most American families on at least two of it's editions. Both covers, by major artists, have become classic pieces of art simply based on their own artistic value and popular appeal.
The above picture, "Skinny-Dipping," graced the August 19, 1911, cover of The Saturday Evening Post was created by American artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker. The one below, "No Swimming" by popular Norman Rockwell, appeared almost two decades later on June 4, 1921. The fact that these works of art drew no ire from religious or secular leaders and organizations proves the general acceptance of nude swimming throughout the USA.  
Throughout the United States, despite divergent moral and religious values, the ageless practice of skinny-dipping is tolerated. True, it is almost illegal everywhere to be publicly nude, but the participation in swimming without clothes rarely results in actual arrests or citations. At worst, it sometimes warrants a severe warning. Among the so-called sacred and secular leaders, it may result in a raised eyebrow or a shared smirk. However, it virtually never gets the ferocious condemnation other actions involving nudity invoke. Probably, this is because so many Americans have indulged in this behavior at least once in their lives.
The above benign attitude towards skinny-dipping is true as long as it doesn't violate illegal entry or trespass laws, illegal substance laws or underage consumption of alcoholic beverages. Those infractions, along with abusive behaviors, usually result in prosecution. The act of swimming nude is, by itself, merely a cause of embarrassment, when caught, if the dippers aren't practicing naturists/nudists.   

 The term, skinny-dipping, is relatively new to the popular vocabulary. Although it has been in use in several regions in the USA for more than a century, it didn't enter the national vernacular until the mid-1940s. This is probably the result of the massive military effort during World War II. The war brought millions of sailors and troops together, all from various areas of the country. This mixing of men introduced many to the phrase for the first time.
Despite the fact that it is essentially an American English colloquialism, skinny-dipping is understood by most people worldwide as the same as nude swimming or swimming naked. However, the activity of aquatics without the burden of clothes isn't just an American occurrence. In virtually every culture that makes use of clothes, there is some form of playing in the water without them. It's as though it is an innate part of human nature. Perhaps, it is! 
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
SEPTEMBER 11, 2012
Let us remember all the innocents who died or were injured,
Let us reflect on the meaning and sanctity of all life,
Let us respect all people.

From my apartment, I had a full view of the Pentagon and all that transpired there. From my balcony, I even today recall the smells of the tragedy. It is a scene that I'll never forget.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nudecentric Briefs: The Naked Prince And His Naked Court

For background information regarding this post, please refer to the August 23, 2012, blog entry here: "Nudecentric Briefs: The Royal Nakation."

Prince Henry of Wales, grandson of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and third in line of succession to her Throne, has emerged from his recent Las Vegas, Nevada nakation exposure smelling like a Tudor rose. After enduring the wrath of his Royal grandmother, the reprimands of his superior officers in the Royal Marines and having his royal nakedness accessible to the entire world, His Nude Highness appears to be gathering a number of loyal officers to the cause of naturism/nudism.

Sensing the reality that Prince Harry might need the company of some similarly unclad courtiers at this time, two former British  servicemembers have launched a website in support of the naked prince. Appropriately named, "Salute4Harry," the site people to their sharing of his royal nudity by posting online pictures of themselves offering a full military salute while in the buff.

The website's founders, Lee Kirton and Jordan Wylie publish that the site was designed to permit fellow officers in the military or naval services an outlet in support of Prince Harry's shedding of his uniform in front of a hidden camera. Since it's creation, the response has been so overwhelming that it now includes ex-servicemembers and wounded/disabled veterans from the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. The authors are considering opening the site to submissions from the general public.

Kirton, a former Royal Marine and Wylie, a former member of the King's Royal Hussars regiment, originally conceived the idea as a facebook page. It soon became obvious to them that a website was needed to incorporate the public interest and the number of military respondents.

Following in the footsteps of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, H.R.H. Prince Harry is renown for his charity work both throughout the UK and the Commonwealth. Shortly after the online support group was begun, the founders decided to dedicate it as a fundraiser  for one of the Prince's causes, Walking With The Wounded, which provides private services and training for those wounded in defense of the Crown. In Prince Harry's own words, "They have given their all for our security, security is the very least as a nation, we owe them."

His Royal Highness' royal relations and military superiors perhaps should remember one important fact. Underneath all the regal silks, furs, robes, crowns and tiaras; underneath all the colorful uniforms, flashy medals and military insignia, we are all the same: naked. Each and every single one of us.

To view the website and supporters of Prince Harry, click here: .

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

A salute in support of Prince Harry from the facebook page

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pro Football Season Returns

It's September, almost the official beginning of autumn, and that means one thing: the return of the National Football League (NFL) season. The Sunday games start today as people here in the USA migrate from the beach to the couch in front of the television. Grab your favorite snacks and beverages and watch the gridiron action!
More great news from the NFL. This past week, two professional players, Brendon Ayanbadjo of the Baltimore Ravens franchise and Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings have both publicly announced their support for marriage equality and defended their beliefs. Congratulations to them over their courage and sense of justice!
Wouldn't it be great if this was all the NFL uniform necessary for play?
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Happy Hour

Due to the Labor Day holiday, for most of us it was a short work-week. Sometimes, those are the worst; they seem to last forever. Who knew four days could possibly take a lifetime to pass by? If only the final remaining days of summer could slow down to this pace!
There's no better way to welcome another summer weekend than to start with a Friday Happy Hour. Time to meet and greet acquaintances and friends, unwind from the workday and discuss plans for the two-day break from job stress.
Have a great weekend!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Keep A Distraction Handy...

It's a presidential election year. Voting takes place in November. It's after the Labor Day holiday and the political conventions are over. Translated, that all means one thing: those pesky, annoying and repetitive political advertisements are about to go into overdrive as each of the candidates and their supporters attempt to woo the electorate to see our country's future through their eyes. Beware! Prepare yourself for the onslaught!

I already know exactly how I'm casting my ballot. I support the re-election of our current incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama. Similarly, I know precisely what candidates (statewide and local) and what ballot initiatives I favor. There's nothing anyone can do or say that will change my mind. The result is that I have no use for the plethora of political ads that will flood the airwaves and wireless networks between now and the day that we go to the polls and vote. They're a complete and total waste of my time and don't deserve my attention.  

I refuse to allow my blood pressure to soar through the roof while viewing the half-truths and complete falsehoods espoused by the supporters of Mittens, the GOP candidate for office. As a matter of fact, I refuse to even expend the energy needed to type out the name of the of the idiot who happens to be his running mate. I also know why I support President Obama and his bid for re-election. And Vice President Joseph Biden. So, I don't need to repeatedly see the commercials for their side.
Please, don't misunderstand me. I'm NOT advocating indifference in the electoral process. Quite the opposite. I strongly encourage everyone to vote, even if you're in favor of the other guy. And, yes, I am Deaf, queer, nudist and very partisan (politically). My purpose in this article is merely to advise all that some choices are available for surviving what is becoming a political negative-fest.
So, during this election cycle, I have my steady supply of distractions to keep my mind occupied and my focus positive. I have a hardcover book, my ebook, my netbook and my sidekick. I like having options for the upcoming barrage of back-to-back political advertisements. I was caught unprepared during the broadcasts of the Summer Olympics from London. I don't intend to have a repeat performance again!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't Throw It Away...

The month is September and it's after Labor Day, but, that doesn't mean it's safe to put the sunscreen away until next year. First, it's still summer, even if just for a couple of more weeks. The rays from the sun remain high intensity and sunburn or worse is a very real possibility. Apply the sunscreen carefully and thoroughly just as you would during the week of July 4th.

Most products for sun protection have an viable effectiveness of approximately three years. After that time, the protection value diminishes. As a precaution, I always discard after two seasons (usually, the ones I use don't even last an entire season). The same holds true for most moisturizers for post-sun exposure.

The truth is, I rarely store my skin-protection supplies. Even in the dead of winter, ultra-violet rays from the sun can cause injury, especially when sunlight is reflected off ice and snow. Add to that equation the cold winds and conditions for sunburn and windburn are just as serious in January as in July.

Another situation that makes me reluctant to pack away my sunscreen is one of my favorite. I want it to be convenient for those welcome mid-winter nakations. The last thing I want to happen is asking myself: Where did I put that? Similarly, I don't need to repeat that very same question on the first sunny and unseasonably warm day in the month of May!

One last reminder on sunscreen: black men are just as prone to sunburn as are all men. They may have a higher tolerance for ultra-violet rays, but they are nonetheless just as susceptible. Burns and melanoma don't discriminate based on ethnicity or race.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skinny-Dipping II: The Adventure, The Tradition

This is the second installment of a three-part series on skinny-dipping. Please refer to the entry for last Tuesday, August 28, 2012: "Skinny-Dipping I: In The Beginning, The Action."

Up until the Victorian era, most swimming took place with all the participants completely naked. The rise of the "middle class morality" that occurred during the reign of the venerable British queen brought with it the invention of the swimsuit and coeducational aquatic outings. Suddenly, nude swimming fell from the favor of proper society but not the popular culture. Proof positive that centuries of habits are hard to break and "where there's a will, there's a way" to circumvent convention and flaunt enforced artificial standards.

With that development, swimming nude went "underground." This surreptitious status led to an increase in popularity as now skinny-dipping assumed a role as an act of defiance and rebellion, especially against the absurd prudish standards of the mid 1800s. Truth is, not too much has changed since that time.

The Adventure
The underground or secrecy aspect of skinny-dipping is precisely one of the contributing factors that make this activity attractive to teenagers. It satisfies their need for sexual exploration as well as rebellion against established authority. This adventure nature of skinny-dipping is what adolescents enjoy and appreciate. This "wild side" of naked swimming keeps it popular for successive generations of teens.

The onset of puberty creates an acute sense of body-consciousness and inflated modesty in most young people. This trait is offset by the aquatic effects of skinny-dipping. The water provides a false feeling of cover thereby removing the visible sensation of complete nakedness. They're naked; yet, at the same time, psychologically, they think their genitals are concealed. This enables them to participate while keeping the illusion of covering.

For many adults, the thrill of cavorting in a body of water without clothes or swimsuit is the same as for teens. It's the joy of being somewhat rebellious and unconventional. Most in this age group are trapped in the dual roles of both respectability and responsibility. The carefree nature of this experience and the excitement of nudity, of freedom, offer a release from the stress of their everyday routines. For some, it's a step back in time to a period of youthful exuberance.

Alcohol and drugs lower inhibitions and enable people to do things they otherwise might not do. The same holds true for nude swimming and adults (as with Congressman Kevin Yoder, R-KS). The availability of these substances play a significant role in adults partaking in this activity. Under the influence, usually all it takes is the mere suggestion by one before the rest of the group joins in the fun. What entices people to indulge in skinny-dipping is the boldness of the act enhanced by mind-altering substances.

From our early cognitive years on, all of us are indoctrinated with the rules and regulations of what is right or wrong in social behavior. This is especially true regarding public nudity. In fact, it is virtually universally illegal, except in certain spaces. For almost all ages, the adventure of skinny-dipping lies with the breaking of the rules, the flaunting of the law, through this innocent splash down.    
The Tradition
In the mind's eye of many is the image of a hot summer afternoon, a body of water located somewhere in the rural South and a group of boys splashing naked in the water and carousing nude along the shore; their clothes scattered haphazardly all around. That's what many of us see when we think of skinny-dipping. While there's no doubt that this scenario did, indeed, repeatedly happen throughout rural America, it isn't the only case.
It may be simpler to swim nude in a secluded and less populated setting, the action isn't restricted to just that type of environment. The past-time frequently occurs in both suburban and urban areas as well. Country folk don't own the copyright to nude aquatics. Along the same lines, it doesn't take place in only natural bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. It happens in pools, private and public, and hot-tubs. Wherever water is available, people will find a way to shimmy out of their clothes and swimsuits.
What is common among clothes-free swimming adventures is that all participants, at the beginning, are wearing clothing of some sort. Minimally, a garment around the waist. After all, in order to be naked, you must first be wearing something.
The next step may vary slightly depending on circumstance. Generally, one person strips and is followed by everyone else. At other times, the entire group shed their clothes simultaneously. In some instances, all are in swimsuits, enjoying the water when one or more shed their swimwear and the rest do likewise.  
Another commonality between skinny-dipping experiences is spontaneity. Virtually all nude swimming activities are impulsive, unplanned. The opportunity presents itself or a suggestion is made and zap!: off come the clothes and the fun begins! No towels? No problem. Simply sit on a convenient rock or pool deck and let the sun dry the skin. Nothing could be easier!
A gentle reminder that there are only two weeks left in the summer season. If you haven't yet taken the plunge, time is running out. Take a strip and then skinny-dip!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!