Friday, August 31, 2012

Photoessay: Labor Day Weekend Traditions

Time at the beach with friends! One more time to savor the sand, surf and sun before settling back into the daily routine and the arrival of autumn. Wiggle those toes in the sand now because soon the sand will be replaced by snow.

A time for pool parties! Whether it involves a game of aqua volleyball, marco polo or just floating in the sun with friends. It could also be hanging out on the pool deck in the company of those who are dear to us.

A time for a barbecue at home or a picnic in the park with friends and lovers. Good food and excellent company is always a winning combination for fun and memories!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nude Solitude

Nude Solitude
There are times when I like to be alone,
in nude solitude.
Either inside my home or out in nature,
in nude solitude.
In the company of my thoughts or a pen and paper,
in nude solitude.
Or with my netbook or an ebook as my companion,
in nude solitude.
There's rejuvenation while being solo,
in nude solitude.
In the presence of my imagination and creativity,
in nude solitude.
Allowing my eyes to penetrate my soul,
in nude solitude.
Permitting my passion to ebb and flow,
in nude solitude.
Like a budding blossom in the middle of spring,
in nude solitude,
My mind starts to nurture life,
in nude solitude.
While by myself, I think within my heart,
in nude solitude.
My emotions like waves upon the ocean,
in nude solitude.
These thoughts are broken and remain unfinished,
in nude solitude.
Another man approached me and I'm unable to conclude,
in nude solitude.
~Roger Poladopoulos~
August 28, 2012
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gay And The NBA

This is one major step in the right direction! A positive direction for professional hoops to stay on top of their game! Players at the National Basketball Association (NBA) Rookie Transition Program last week watched an educational video designed to teach new pro athletes respect and tolerance for gay fans and teammates. The seminar also included a workshop on how to deal with the issue on social media outlets and live media interviews. Outsports reports that the video featured GLAAD's Aaron McQuade and Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor exchanging advice, personal insights and thoughts on bullying, homophobia, sensitivity and related GLBT concerns.

The queer curriculum of the Rookie Transition Program was scheduled to begin in 2011. Due to last year's NBA lockout which resulted in an abbreviated professional season, there was no transitional training. The 2012 session included candidates for the past two years. Therefore, the effect was double the impact it otherwise would have been.

The NBA educational program isn't the first in professional sports. The National Football League (NFL) instituted a similar training on homophobia and gay sensitivity several years ago. Esera Tuaolo, from American Samoa and a retired NFL player who came out as gay upon his retirement, facilitates the sessions for the NFL.

Both the NBA and the NFL are to be applauded for initiating these seminars for their recruits. Even if it only changes the attitude of one person, it does mark a positive beginning. We all know that a two or three hour forum isn't going to completely erase years of ingrained learning, it does raise awareness. That such efforts exist reiterates the message to all professional athletes within these organizations that hateful and disrespectful actions and comments are incompatible and unwelcome in the professional environment and will not be tolerated.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skinny-Dipping I: In The Beginning, The Action

I need to thank U. S. Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) for inspiring this blog entry. If it hadn't been for his holy water/Sea of Galilee incident (refer to Tuesday, August 21 post here: Nudecentric Briefs: Naked In Holy Water) I doubt if I would have remembered to go to my drafts file and finished composing this in time. No one wants to contemplate skinny-dipping during the months of January or February.

This is to be the first installment of several articles on the time-honored tradition of skinny-dipping. A fun look of a fun activity that almost everyone has enjoyed, either alone or in a group, at least once in their lifetime. And if you haven't done so already, there's still a few weeks of summertime remaining. If you've already indulged, there's time to do it again before autumn arrives. Go strip and skinny-dip!

In The Beginning...
If you believe the story of creation as found in the Bible, the Qu'ran or the Torah, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden: content, happy and naked. Then, that conniving and deceitful serpent, the world's first con artist, convinced Eve to take a bite out of that apple. Then all hell broke loose. Life as they knew it changed forever.
Suddenly, Adam and Eve found themselves homeless and in dire need of this novel commodity called clothes. No more happy and naked. With paradise lost, they discovered themselves enslaved in the suburbs and condemned to a life of perpetual clothes shopping. Hence, the beginning of the culture of consumerism.
About the same time this incarceration by clothing began, this queer guy (we know he had to be gay; after all, it was the heteros who got got us into this mess to begin with) decided to experiment and soon realized that it was exciting and fun to take off his garments and swim completely naked. Thus, skinny-dipping was born, which begot naturism, which begot nudism, down through history. And it's been a favorite activity for most of humanity ever since. 
The Action
Webster's New American Dictionary defines "skinny-dip" as "to swim in the nude." The act of skinny-dipping is the act of swimming in the nude. This distinctively American slang is almost universally understood to be engaging or performing that unique aquatic activity. Inside the United States, it is seen by many as a rite-of-passage for adolescents as they explore their sexual selves. However, skinny-dipping, while sometimes a prelude to sexual intimacy, is not considered a sexual activity.
Although often viewed as a teen indulgence, skinny-dipping is by no means exclusive to that particular age group. People of all ages enjoy participating, either occasionally or on a regular basis. It is sometimes practiced by those least expected to do so. U.S. President John Quincy Adams habitually skinny-dipped in the Potomac River (weather permitting). President Lyndon Baines Johnson customarily swam nude in the indoor White House pool all year long.
Johnson even went so far as to demand/expect the same from his advisers and Cabinet members, whether it was their preference or not. Many times unsuspecting subordinates, arriving for a meeting, found themselves being escorted to the presidential pool. No swimsuit? No problem. One isn't allowed. The White House has plenty of towels, by the way.
Unlike at the White House, towels aren't an essential element necessary for skinny-dipping. When it's done outdoors, the heat and sun are ideal for drying oneself. This is part of the beauty and fun of this aquatic exercise. All that's truly needed is an available body of water: beach, lake, pool, river; it makes no difference. That's probably the reason for the almost universal appeal of this activity. Regardless of individual socio-economic circumstances, as long as there's a place to swim, everyone can participate. As all are nude, the fashion label on a swimsuit doesn't matter.  
The origin of the term, skinny-dipping, is based on American colloquialism/slang. The word "skinny" doesn't imply body form as it refers to skin, or bare, nude. The dipping portion is used to denote swimming or immersion (to dip) into liquid or water. Thus, in informal American English, it is the action of dipping a naked human body into a body of water.
Before the outside temperatures get too chilly, a gentle reminder to get yourself outside and partake in your historic obligation! Strip off those clothes and experience the freedom of allowing yourself to swim while totally nude! In other words, skinny-dip!
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!
Tuesday, September 4, 2012: Skinny-Dipping II: The Adventure, The Tradition

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nude Novice Notes: Cooking


One of the greatest pleasures of naturism/nudism is the freedom to be nude, especially in the confines of our own home environment. It has always amazed me how people don't give themselves permission to be nude at home, regardless if they are confirmed nudists or not. Once we step out of our clothes, we step into liberty and relaxation. This is important within our homes as all of us need to remove the pressures and stress from living in the real world.

As social nudists who work in a clothing world, nothing is better than being able to perform basic, simple household tasks while clothes-free. And among these chores is cooking and food preparation. We all need to nourish our bodies.

Preparing the food and actually cooking without clothes is essentially the same as what we were all taught. The basic rules for both hygiene and food safety apply to us all, no matter what we're not wearing. In all honesty, in the kitchen nude probably reduces the risk of disease transmission more so than with clothes. In shedding the clothes that we wear while at work, out in public, shopping, etc., we remove those germs acquired from any possibility of contact with our meal. That eliminates a significant quantity of contaminants from coming into contact with kitchen surfaces, utensils and ultimately, our food.

Other benefits of cooking nude include the reduced opportunity for snagging a pot handle or kitchen utensil on clothing (shirt sleeve, sweater, etc.). As with anything else relating to clothing and nudity, cooking without clothes removes the amount of rips/tears, spills and stains to clothing. This results in a reduction in the frequency for having to perform laundry chores.

In addition to the basics of food safety precautions, there are some other considerations to remember when cooking nude. These are offered to you below. Keep in mind: whenever in doubt, think ahead and use your good judgment. There is simply no way anyone can predict every possible scenario.

Hold all bowls and utensils firmly and at a comfortable distance away from your body. Whenever possible, use a stable kitchen surface. This makes it less likely for a stray body hair to end up in the food dish.

Maintain a safe distance between yourself and all heat sources, including microwaves. Burns are painful, especially on sensitive body parts, and susceptible to infection.

Use an apron to prevent burns from grease and sauce splatters. It also serves as a barrier between any loose chest or pubic hairs. Plus, almost every booty looks cute when framed by an apron. 

Use care when handling or in close proximity to any sharp or dangerous objects or tools. Similar to the safety reasons listed under burns (above), an abrasion or cut has the potential to become a serious injury.
Bon apetit! 

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

August PlayDay: Bananas

Friday Fun on an August Day!

In the tropics with the fruits of the earth!

A banana cartoon to start the weekend!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nudecentric Briefs: The Royal Nakation

FOR A NATURIST/NUDIST, THE ONLY REASON FOR OWNING A PAIR OF BRIEFS IS TO TAKE THEM OFF! (This by no means implies that HRH Prince Henry wears briefs).
It's official. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the photographs above and below are authentic images of His Royal Highness, Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales, third in the line of succession to the British Throne. A spokesperson for the Palace stated that the Prince is visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, on a private vacation, or should we add, nakation, after a summer of back-to-back official duties surrounding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The nakation is in advance of His Royal Highness assuming new responsibilities in his military career. He has been in the "Sin City" since late last week. At this time, that is the extent the Palace will comment on the incident.
It seems that the Prince and some friends were partying in his suite, then went to the MGM Grand Hotel bar, met some women and invited them to return to the royal suite to play a game of strip billiards/pool. Evidently, the Prince Harry and his unknown companion aren't very skilled with the pool stick. Or, they merely tired of wearing their clothes. Either way, someone in the party used their mobile communication device to photograph the royal antics.
This entire occurrence has upset a number of persons, among those being Her Majesty and the Prince's father, Charles, Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness had to cut short his holiday and return to London on Wednesday, August 22.
There is more than the Royal wrath awaiting Prince Harry on his arrival in the British capital. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence (the Prince is a captain in the Royal Marines) confirmed that his behavior is inconsistant with accepted military standards and will be investigated. As an officer, he is to remain free from scandal.
There is no doubt in the mind of anyone seeing these pictures that the Prince knew he was being photographed. Otherwise, he would have no interest or reason to conceal his crown jewels. Regardless of the gender of the unidentified person shown with him, we all know that his hands did not remain in that position for the duration of the evening. Royal or not, he is a 27 year old single man, away from his home(land) and on holiday.
Unless it involved the use of a controlled substance, and underage minor or physical abuse, the actions of His Royal Highness aren't illegal. Every person, no matter their birthright, is naked at one time or another. Nudity within the confines of a private hotel suite isn't immoral or indecent. As most of us know from experience, there is beauty and freedom in nudity. Millions of the princely subjects, throughout the UK and the Commonwealth are naturists/nudists themselves. It is probably a comfort to them to know that a member of their Royal Family shares their enthusiasm.
No question Prince Henry of Wales demonstrated poor decision-making abilities. The fact that these photos exist and are confirmed by Buckingham Palace proves that point. What does, rightly so, cause alarm and concern is that these images were available and provided to the social media, period. It's as though this episode was pre-planned by someone within the Prince's immediate circle. Members of the Royal Household should recall the last king who shared the Prince's birth-name, Henry (Henry VIII, to be exact). That monarch had a sure-fire solution to eliminating courtiers who displeased him: the axe. Off with their head!
I have two observations to share on this drama of the nakedness of Prince Harry. First, no matter what the tourist industry promotes, "what happens in Vegas does NOT remain, exclusively, in Vegas." Second, it's nice to see that His Royal Highness has no visible tan-lines. As a matter of fact, he has no discernible tan, whatsoever! 

Yes, His Royal Highness does own clothes. He is shown above with his sister-in-law, Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, while representing his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London on August 12. This was his last official engagement before departing to the USA.
For whatever it's worth, I offer to His Royal Highness the following for his consideration. There's nothing shameful or wrong with being nude. However, before you remove your royal clothes, take the following into account:
1. You have your own official security detail, as well as hotel and local security personnel assigned to you. Have them temporarily confiscate all photo devices prior to stripping.
2. Given your position and station in life, use caution in selecting companions for whatever.
3. Unless you personally control the images, never allow yourself to be photographed nude with others.
4. When in doubt, don't.
5. Always drink alcohol or use other substances responsibly.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Olympic Ideal

The recent XXX Summer Olympiad, held in London, kept me glued to various broadcast media. I readily admit to being a summer games addict. While I don't necessarily watch each and every event from start to finish, I honestly enjoy seeing the competition among the contenders as they strive to reach their goal: a Gold Medal.

Personally, there's something reassuring and refreshing in seeing all the human effort and energies devoted to sport as opposed to the usual images of harm, killing and violence. People focused on what's constructive and positive about the human race rather than our failures and weaknesses. Somehow, even for that short period of time, the Olympics renew dreams and hopes for a better world.

This resurgence of spirit is exemplified through the Olympic protocols of both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. In the Opening Ceremony, we view the 200+ national teams, organized under their respective national flags, congregate into the stadium as separate entities: representing their country of origin. The athletes are a team from a geopolitical area with the lofty goal of winning as much as possible for their particular geopolitical state. There's nothing wrong with that. Especially considering the fact that in most cases, the state, either directly or through national Olympic organizations, subsidize a significant portion, if not all, of the costs involved in this venture.

In the Closing Ceremony, we witness the opposite. The honorable Olympians parade into the stadium en masse. After two weeks of competition, they assemble together not as a national unit but as one: Olympians all. Humans who have challenged each other to be the best that they can be, in full view of the entire world. Collectively, they are the proud and the few, Olympic Games participants. A select minority in the vast sea that is humanity. They remind us of the best and good that lurks within all of us.

The primary goal of the modern Olympic Movement, resurrected after centuries of neglect in Athens, Greece, in 1896, is to build a better world through sport. The ideals fostered through this movement are excellence, friendship and respect. The 2012 London Summer Olympics did not disappoint the purpose of this international commitment. The tone was set during the Opening Ceremony as each country brought in an urn. These urns were then combined to create the Olympic Torch that burned throughout the entire sports festival. Out of many, one.

For me, as a man and as a human being, there are two images from the London Games that are etched in my mind. Both personify the ideals of excellence, friendship and respect. Personally, they are the epitome of what the competition is about and the reason we celebrate both the events and the athletes. These two scenes are a crown of glory for all humanity, our shared moment of truth.

The first of these is from the 400 meter race for men. Kirani James of Grenada completed the race and won the Gold Medal. Instead of pounding his chest proclaiming his well-earned championship, he returned to the remaining contestants and cheered on South Africa's Oscar Pitorious, the first parapalygic man allowed to compete in the Olympics. As the South African crossed the line, James shook his hand, exchanged nametags and then embraced his fellow runner. Only then did he permit himself to relish his victory. Excellence. Friendship. Respect.

The second, but, no less moving spectacle, was when women's 800 meter runner Sarah Attar of Saudi Arabia crossed the finish line of her race in last place. The first woman to ever compete in an Olympics for Saudi Arabia, the crowd in the stadium and her fellow competitors gave her a standing ovation as she ended her run. It was as though every stride of Attar's was a gigantic leap forward for women the world over. Again, excellence. Friendship. Respect.

I'm certain that the rest of the world holds different views of what was memorable from the London Olympics. I'm also confident that each opinion is good and valid. However, these two remain important to me. Excellence. Friendship. Respect.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!
Source: Olympic goal and ideals:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nudecentric Briefs: Naked In Holy Water!


It isn't a baptism based on a religious conversion that has resulted in an FBI investigation of some unofficial nocturnal antics by a group of freshmen congressmen and their guests/staff. Instead, it's a full-fledged skinny-dipping frolic that took place on an official, government sponsored fact-finding trip to Israel that occurred just a little over a year ago, on August 18, 2011. The mission to the Holy Land was headed by U. S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Neither Cantor nor McCarthy were involved in this episode. The elected congressmen who participated were all first-term GOP representatives partying after hours and without the supervision of their senior political mentors. A clear case that once again proves true the old adage: when the cat's away, the mice will play. And play is exactly what the junior politicos and their friends did!

The skinny-dipping incident happened in the Sea of Galilee in Israel. This is the very body of water where, according to the Bible, Jesus, literally and figuratively, walked upon. Perhaps the skinny-dippers were so filled with the Holy Spirit that they felt the spiritual need to soak in Holy Water? After all, the GOP is the favored political party of the Christian extremists.

The six congressmen who participated in this swim-fest included Michael Grimm (R-NY) and Kevin Yoder (R-KS). Yoder has publicly admitted to swimming naked and has issued an official apology to his constituents and political party. A spokesperson for Grimm has denied that he was nude while he was in the Sea of Galilee. Other representatives swimming were: Ben Quayle (R-AZ), Jeff Denham (R-CA) along with staff personnel. All of the persons involved, elected or otherwise, had consumed alcoholic beverages prior to the splash party.

Two of the aquatic politicians joined in the late night frolic with family members. Steve Southerland (R-FL) had his daughter with him. Tom Reed (R-NY) was accompanied by his wife. At least these two held true to the GOP's commitment to "family values." The family that skinny-dips together stays together.

No official explanation is offered as to why the FBI is investigating the congressional swim team. The trip was paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation, an affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. At this time, it isn't clear if any public monies were used. Could it be that the classic American tradition of skinny-dipping, of swimming nude, is now a Federal offense?

Does this now mean that GOP = Get Out of Pants?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!
Sources: Kansas City Star, New York Daily News

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Horse And Security

In the month or so leading up to the Opening Ceremony of the 30th Summer Olympiad in London, most of us were somewhat taken aback to learn of a serious shortage of security personnel for the games. Despite this setback, the British Government assured all of us that this would not be an insurmountable problem. The Royal Services: Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force would fill-in and security would not be compromised. The Games, the athletes and the spectators would all be safe.

This was indeed the case. The Summer Olympics were a success and except for a few misplaced athletes (too much partying?), all went according to the master plan. A good time and, most importantly, a safe time were had by all. Now, all the Olympians have departed and the facilities undergoing renovation for the ParaOlympics set to start next week.

It appears that the promise of Her Majesty's Government was believed by everyone. Once this news concerning the shortage of made public, the GOP presidential hopefuls, namely the Romney family, expressed serious issues. It seems Ann Romney, wife of Mittens, owned a horse competing in the equestrian events in London. There was genuine fear among the Romney clan that their equine was not safe while at the Games. I understand their fear. After all, they barely survived one hit when it became known they strapped their canine to the roof of the family car while on vacation several years back. Now they were putting their horse at risk for harm.

I realize that their horse represents a sizable investment for the family. After all, in 2010, Mittens earned only $20 million USD. Besides, a considerable amount of time and effort went into training the animal. We all know that time is money and the Romneys' have so little to spare with so many Mittens, Jrs., running around. I imagine they considered the possibility of hiring a private security force just to make certain the horse was secure and well-cared for.

What I find disturbing about all this is the fact that at no point in time did Mittens the presidential candidate express any confidence in the British Government and People. At no time did he state any fear for the safety of the humans involved: Olympic competitors, staff and attendees. His attention was on his wife's horse and that was it.

No doubt the horse warrants some concern. An innocent Olympic participant, for sure. But no mention of the thousands of athletes and employees nor the tens of thousands of spectators? Typical GOP response: focus on the possessions and trappings of privilege and wealth and to hell with those others: the humans.

If he's elected, let's hope and pray that he does broaden his horizons to include his two-legged countrymen and women. The last time I checked, horses weren't eligible to vote.

The irony of all this is that it seems British security isn't necessarily what is needing attention. Just two days before the Closing Ceremony in London, David Casillo was able to successfully penetrate the $100 million USD Homeland Security system at JFK International Airport. He was racing his jet skis in Jamaica Bay, it malfunctioned and he was forced to swim to the closest shore, the airport.

Casillo remained undetected as he moved through the intricate system of motion-sensors and closed-circuit cameras designed to safeguard against terrorists. He crossed two runways and entered a Delta Airlines terminal before he was finally spotted by a Delta employee. Perhaps people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hate: I'm Not Surprised

I'm not surprised in the least that this happened. What does surprise me is that it took so long for it to actually take place. Honestly, I'd been expected something similar to this for some time now. Hate has that effect on people.

This past Wednesday, Floyd Lee Corlens, II, who lives with his parents in Herndon, Virginia, allegedly entered the downtown Washington, DC, office of the Family Research Council, shot and wounded building manager, Leo Johnson. The Family Research is the conservative, homophobic national "family values" organization that endorses extreme measures in antigay initiatives.

According to official incident reports, Corlens is supposed to have remarked: "I don't like your politics." (or something to that effect) before firing his weapon. It is reported that police found about a dozen Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in his backpack. Johnson, after being wounded, wrestled Corlens and subdued him until police arrived on the scene.

The media have reported and I've posted here of the Christian extremist clergy who have advocated quarantine, murder and violence against same gender loving peoples. In this crusade, they have remained uncensored and unchecked by civil authorities. Gay bashings and hate crimes occur throughout this country on a daily basis. In this type of atmosphere, action such as that taken by Floyd Lee Corlens, II, doesn't shock me one iota.

However, this does not in any way condone, excuse nor justify Corlens actions. We may all hate the haters, but, that doesn't make harmful deeds right. Two wrongs do make make a right. An eye for an eye is an archaic, heathen and unhealthy response to like actions by others. Jesus and the New Testament replaced the Old Testament as the New Law. This is not the way of civilized people.

I'd like to think that we, the GLBT community, are above this sort of reaction. Our cause is based on equality in both the sacred and secular tradition. We seek both fairness and justice. This type of behavior is indecent, infantile and irrational. Evil and hatred begets only more evil and hatred. It doesn't explain violence against others, regardless of what they preach against us. It lowers us to the depths of depravity of our opponents. It harms our struggle against oppression.

That, and the fact that it just isn't right. Deliberate harm to others, even proponents of violence, never solves prejudice or overcomes bigotry. It only perpetuates the cycle of hate and harm. Our goal of equal rights is far noble than wallowing in the sewer of evil and despicable deeds. We should not resort to intimidation and threats no matter the provocation.  

Let the Family Research Council and other like-minded individuals and organizations espouse their messages of hate, intolerance and violence. Eventually, they will be seen for what they truly are. Let's all strive to keep our responses to these haters on our own level of maturity, respect and inclusion. We stay the course of dignity and integrity and justice will be ours, no matter what obstacles we encounter.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!    

Friday, August 17, 2012

Off To The Beach!

My friend, JB, (see August 14 entry here, Summer Reunion) and I are off to Sandy Hook Beach, the clothing optional shore of Gunnison National Park in northern New Jersey today for a one-day outing on the sand and surf. We're trying to make the most of his three-day visit as possible. Just like the summer season, the time passes all too quickly.

When he lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we'd plan a day trip to Sandy Hook. Unfortunately, there was a heavy storm off the Atlantic Coast the day we'd scheduled our excursion so we never got the chance to go. Hopefully, today's weather is better. No matter, we've already decided to go, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

If you happen to be at Sandy Hook today, look out for a biracial duo. I'm white, shaved head, slim with a moderately hairy chest. JB is tall, slim, light-skinned African-American with a full bushy afro. He also has a moderately hairy chest. Step up and say "hello!"

Have a great and safe weekend!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nude Beach Resources

Back on August 4, I received a comment posted to the "Nude Novice Notes: FAQs" entry dated March 22, 2011. More of a questions than an actual comment, this is what Anonymous wrote: I live in Michigan. I've been wanting to visit a nude beach for years. When I look on the Internet, I only find that two are listed. Is there a complete list of nude beaches in the United States?

This is a valid question and along with the upcoming three-day holiday weekend, Labor Day, I felt this may be information not only this particular reader but others may appreciate. I proceeded with an online search of my own and can offer the following suggestions. Using your search engine, enter the keywords "nude beaches" and then add the name of your state. If seeking a public beach as opposed to a commercial or private destination (financial considerations), add the word "public" to the entry.

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) also has a listing of more than 260 affiliated properties for consideration. Go to their website and click on the heading "Places To Go." Here's the link to the site: . True Nudists also has a listing and a link to that resource is here: . A third option which is a commercial possibility is:  . All three of these contacts are for general naturist places.

Gay Naturists International (GNI) and International Men Enjoying Naturism (IMEN) are two major queercentric organizations that advocate and support same gender loving nudity. They both are a resource for gay-friendly destinations. This is the link for GNI: . Here's the one for IMEN: . Both sites are able to provide contact information for local gay naturists/nudists groups.

I hope the above information is helpful. For the record, any requests for recommendations is best addressed through email: as opposed to a post comment, especially an entry from past years.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's August, traditionally one of the hottest and high humidity months of the calendar year. Usually by this time of the summer season, most are seeking new and creative ways to remain hydrated while basking in the many activities and events offered for enjoyment. One alternative that's nutritious, filling as well as satisfying are delicious melons. They also offer an excellent photo op moment as seen in the picture above.

There are a variety of melons available for both snack consumption and as a source of fluid replenishment. Some of the more popular are cantaloupe, cassava, honeydew and the all-time favorite, watermelon. Not only are they refreshing, they're an excellent energy source and are rich in natural vitamins. What's more, they taste good, too!

Melons can be sliced and packed individually for snacking while out enjoying a day at the beach, pool or ballfield. They can be combined with other types of melons to make a delicious fruit salad. A healthy nutrition solution for a day in the sun. It does a nude body good!

If you're bored with the usual food choices for summer fun, try melons. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Reunion

What happens when friends reunite after a few years of not seeing each other? Some may imagine a wild race into waiting arms only to end with a bear hug. Some may see a simple handshake and smile. Others may opt for a kiss on the cheeks and generous embrace. Well, tomorrow I'm about to find out in real-time.

JB and I first met in January, 2009. Barack Obama was about to be sworn in as President of the US and in the metro Washington, DC, area and indeed, the entire country, there was an excitement and sense of hope after eight long years of stagnation and war. It was the first Saturday (January 3, to be exact) of the new year and a Naked Happy Hour (and last day, as it turned out) sponsored by a DC-based gay nudist group that hosted them at a bar twice a month.

We spotted one another at a corner table and after about ten minutes of interaction (I couldn't believe my luck in stumbling upon a hearing man who knew American Sign Language), JB and I discovered that we shared the passion of reading. Quickly, we became engrossed in discussing both authors and books. It soon was obvious that we had a fondness with the same writers. An impromptu and informal nude queer book group of two was immediately formed.

The following months and seasons, there were no more Naked Happy Hours every two weeks, so JB and I began to alternate meeting on Thursday nights in our respective homes. There, we'd sit around nude, dissecting novels, exchanging considerations and thoughts on plots, characters, reality: a bevy of topics. Once, we were so engrossed in our discussion that we both completely forgot to take off our clothes! Here we were, a makeshift nudist book club, in the privacy of my home, and the both of us completely clothed. That's an example of the intensity of our engagements.

All too soon, JB had to relocate to the northern heartland (Minnesota) for his job. Rather than end our literary reviews, we shared emails once or twice a month on predetermined volumes. We continue this practice even today. Of course, our correspondence is enhanced through skype and texting.

Now, almost three years to the date of his departure from this area, JB is returning to visit with me for three days. He arrives at DC's National Airport (I know it's renamed after a dead president but I'm stubborn) tomorrow. I'm anticipating many hours of book perspectives and opinions. Naturally, we've quite a bit of follow-up on our personal lives to share. All work and no play is being avoided by taking day trips to nearby naturist/nudist destinations in order to take full advantage of our summer reunion. We can talk about fiction while naked and outdoors.

As to what type of greeting we'll exchange when we reunite, a bear hug? An embrace and kiss? A handshake? I'll have to get back to you on that. I imagine it may involve all of the above.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!   

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympics Farewell

It's been an amazing seventeen days of the London Summer Olympiad, 2012. The excitement and thrills will remain with us for a long time, with the memories lingering forever. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching the Opening Ceremony and anticipating the action-packed and heart-racing days ahead.

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in the Games. You have awed and inspired us all over the past several weeks with your abilities and skills. Every one of you are champions and heroes. Best wishes to you all!

Now, it's all over. The record-breaking and heart-breaking memories have been made. Time to hang up the boxing gloves, pack up the aquatic gear and pass the track baton to Brazil for 2016.

Thank you, United Kingdom, for an outstanding job!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marial And The Marathon

Guor Marial, a refugee from the newly-independent South Sudan, currently living in the USA, finished the Marathon race at the London Summer Olympiad, 2012, in 47th place. Mr. Marial ran under the flag of Independent Olympic Athletes. See the Friday, August 3, 2012, blog entry here at DQN In Northern Virginia. Marial fled what was then Sudan to escape genocide.

The fact that Mr. Marial completed the race, medal status notwithstanding, is indeed an inspiration to all of his compatriots in South Sudan. He is a shining example of what humankind can achieve despite all obstacles. Way to go, Guor Marial! Great job!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Guor Marial under the flag of South Sudan

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Lookout!

This has been one crazy, hectic and long week. It's not all work-related; there's quite a bit going on in my personal life right now. Nothing bad, just busy. Then, to add to the burden of "things-to-do," the Summer Olympics are rapidly drawing to a close. I haven't been able to miss watching my favorite sports events compete, even with an overloaded schedule. Needless to say, I'm ready for a weekend. I know that I've earned a break.

And, what's more, I know that I'm not alone. There's millions more in the same predicament: longing for a reprieve from a stressful week. The only difference being that perhaps most of those anticipating a change of pace need an escape from the professional environment. So, I know that I'm in good company.

We're like the dude in the picture above. The panorama of the ocean is the weekend ahead. Expansive and full of possibilities. Open and free; just waiting for our exploration and pleasure. The window glass is the final day of the week, Friday, today. It provides of with a view of what's ahead yet serves as a barrier between us and liberation. Off with the clothes on Friday night and not having to put them back on until Monday morning.

I'm in a somewhat better situation here. As of late Friday morning, my weekend begins! Hooray! By the way, I do have to watch at least some of the Olympics this weekend, especially the marathon on Sunday!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Reading And Beyond: L M Ross

Before the summer ends, there's still time remaining to grab a few good books to last throughout the rest of the season and beyond. The titles that I'm recommending here are by one of my favorite contemporary authors, L M Ross. Gifted and talented doesn't begin to describe the literary genius of this New York City native and fellow blogger.

I first discovered the works of Mr. Ross (avatar to the left) during the spring of 2003, when I read his first book, The Long Blue Moan: A Novel while on an April nakation at Haulover Beach, Florida. I was so impressed that I read it twice, back-to-back, just to make certain that I didn't overlook any minute nuance of either the four protagonists or of the plot. I immediately became a fan of this new author.

When I finished the second reading, I wanted more. The main characters had been introduced into my life and I needed to know their fate. Five years later, the second novel in this trilogy, Manhood: The Longest Moan, was published in 2007. With twice as many pages as the initial work, it continued the saga of Tyrone, David, Face and Browny. It was just as exciting and riveting as the first. This was followed a year later by the final book, The Moanin' After, in 2008.

Mr. Ross, in all three novels, not only introduces his characters and presents us with their quirks and faults, loves and hates and unique personalities. The four men collaborate on a project in high school that launches them into their fifteen minutes of fame and fortune. Through young adulthood and with the arrival of approaching middle age, the characters cope with sex and sexuality, drugs, abuse, love: both enjoyed and unfulfilled, HIV/AIDS, setbacks and betrayal. The author takes us, the reader, on a remarkable journey known as life.

A true bond of affection and brotherly love develop between the two same gender loving men, David and Tyrone. Their story, through heartache, deceit, conflict and despair remain connected and intertwined with those of Browny and Face as all four pursue their respective dreams and evade their individual demons. This is an amazing chronicle of men coming of age at the end of the last century and millennium. This trilogy offers a taste of hope and reality for everyone.

I do remember one 2007 summer morning, reading Manhood: The Longest Moan, alone in a local park. I had just finished the paragraph where one of the four main characters had died in a tragic accident. I was taken aback, just as if someone close to me had expired suddenly. I actually had to put the book down and take a walk through the park in order to collect myself before I could read further. That's an example of the power of Mr. Ross' words and composition.

The good news is that Mr. Ross has a new volume, Like Litter In The Wind, scheduled to be published before the end of this year. Its' plot and characters are entirely new and original and I know it will be as entertaining as his previous three books. Trust, I'll post information about it here as soon as it is available.

L M Ross wrote three novels in his "moaner" series, the titles and ISBNs listed below. The initial offering, The Long Blue Moan: A Novel is no longer available except in a used condition. I recommend reading Manhood: The Longest Moan first before tackling The Moanin' After, to allow the reader to follow the plot chronologically. However, both are excellent as stand alone reads if need be. I visited several sites but cannot locate any of the novels in e-book format. Due to the limited number remaining in print at either Amazon or B&N, it is strongly recommended that you purchase used copies. Or, check them from your local library.

The Long Blue Moan: A Novel
ISBN: 978-1555836214

Manhood: The Longest Moan
ISBN: 978-1933967085

The Moanin' After
ISBN: 978-1933967358

Please visit L M Ross' blog, either by going to My Blog List to "moanerplicities" and clicking the title or here: .  

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nudecentric Briefs: SF Nude-In


If you're looking for someplace to visit in September, or if you live in the Oakland/San Francisco area of California, this is one event that you may be interested in checking out. The Nude In happens on Saturday, September 22, the same weekend as the Folsom Street Fair (a leather fetish festival). I've never been to a "Nude In" and not able to attend this one. However, it does look appealing, simply by the fact that it's a public celebration of nude freedom. Of course, it presents the chance to meet and get acquainted with some new nude buddies.

Here's the link to the event site: . According to the site, this is the third annual celebration. I guess it takes place whether rain or shine. Last year, there were 56 naked men, 1 naked woman and hundreds of spectators.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nude With Shoes

Okay, the illustration to the right doesn't feature the shoes where they should be: on the feet. Instead, they're strategically placed over the genitals in order to attract our attention. But, the image captures the subject of this post and that's the reason I selected the graphic.

There are some people, maybe they're purists, who insist that nudists shouldn't wear shoes. Nude is freedom from clothes they argue, including footwear. Then there are those who can't shake the remnant of "fashion sense" and counter that naturists/nudists look ridiculous wearing nothing at all except a pair of shoes.

Allow me to add here that I don't dispute either of the above opinions. Technically, I think they're both correct. Especially those who think that naked men look comical with only a pair of shoes. I tend to agree with that assessment; I know that I do look funny when nude with shoes. As do almost all men that I know.

But let's be honest and realistic. We're nude because we prefer the clothes-free life. Along with this attitude is an appreciation for both life and living. This means protecting and taking care of our bodies. Let's face it, for most people, our feet are perhaps the most used and the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. The majority of us depend on them for balance, mobility and transportation.

An injury, however minor, to our bare feet is not only painful but does limit our abilities. A severe mishap to our feet has catastrophic possibilities. Personally, it does make complete sense to protect our feet from any chance of harm. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There's nothing wrong with preserving a body part that performs essential functions, no matter what others may think.

It's only logical. After all, we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from damaging sun rays. We wear hats to protect our heads from both the sun and to stay cool. So, it's only reasonable to offer some sort of barrier for our feet. Besides, it's not only a safety issue but a health one as well. Because our feet receive excessive use, they're prone to abrasions and tiny cuts, invisible to the naked (no pun intended) eye. These damages to the natural skin barrier potentially offer an entry opportunity for a host of microbes and other bacteria. These infestations may harm not only the feet but also the entire body.

The purity of nudity aside, it's prudent to take any measures to keep ourselves healthy. An unhealthy nude isn't a happy nude. And when you really think about it, who cares how absurd we look naked and wearing shoes? After all, we know all too well exactly how absurd we feel when we're forced by the dictates of society into wearing clothes!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!  

Monday, August 6, 2012

August: Marvelous Monday

Today is the first Monday of the month of August, the last full month of the season of sun and surf. This is the day that I like to refer to as Marvelous Monday. There's no legal holiday in the USA during August, so why not create a special Monday in order to break the monotonous routine that folks habitually find themselves, no matter the season of the year.

Ever notice the amount of energy, enthusiasm and excitement that most people have with the approach of the Memorial Day holiday (the last Monday in May)? Everyone is tired of the winter doldrums and full of anticipation for the new summer season. Eager for the fun days of friends and outdoors, chilling out in nature and literally free from the burden of clothes, both inside and out. All that's really required are sunglasses and sunscreen as we plan for relaxation either solo or with fellow social nudists.

Most of us start off this time of year with a "full steam ahead" attitude. Vowing not to waste one single moment, some have even overscheduled their calendars. And all for a good reason. There's only a limited number of days for experiencing nature naturally so we hasten to grab every opportunity that's available to us.

This fast pace commences and continues unabated. There's beach trips, pool parties, nude cocktails and cookouts and scores of outdoor sports events. In the Northern Hemisphere, the World Naked Bike Ride happens for the active. The Summer Solstice arrives, the longest day of sunlight, and with it comes Nude Hiking Day. Plenty of chances for clothes-free enjoyment for all.

Those looking for solitude nude times also manage to find times for their pleasure. They bike or hike, read or take long walks along a trail or find their own spot in the sun. There's no shortage of activities with which we can immerse ourselves. Summer seems endless.

One moment of fun seems to follow another from mid-May, throughout the entire month of June and on to the July 4th holiday. Then, almost unnoticed, the tempo begins to slow down. For some reason, unknown to me, gradually it seems there's more free time and less social structure to the weekends. I look around me and wonder: what's happened?

I don't have any explanation for this sudden slowdown of events. Personally, I've made it a habit to make sure that I host several extra socials during this "slump" just to compensate. I live for this season and I'm committed to make the most of my favorite time of the year. I'd rather fork over some extra cash now for refreshments than to suffer with regrets in January and February. I've watched as several of my buddies sit back and bemoan their fate with the words: If only I'd have done this last summer.

Marvelous Monday is my own attempt to combat the early August dreary period. I tried this last year and it was a success and I'm repeating it again tonight. I live in a condominium with no private backyard; so I invite a few friends over for some refreshments after a usual Monday workday. Once all have arrived, snacks are served along with some indoor group party games to add some spice to the gathering. This year, the London Olympics will provide a backdrop alternative to playing social games. As Mondays tend to be a dull workday following the weekend, regardless of the time of year, getting buddies to attend presents no problem.

Of course, this slump time is, fortunately, short-lived. As the Labor Day holiday approaches, a stark reminder of the demise of summer, the social pace quickens. Always, the last-minute rush to rejuvenate the dying days of summer.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

London: Louis Smith Wins Silver

Louis Antoine Smith, of Team UK, after his individual performance on the pommel horse today in London. He tied on his performance with Krisztian Berki of Hungary. Due to regulations, the tie was broken based on certain criteria with Berki receiving the Gold and Smith being awarded the Silver. He's shown below with his medal. Congratulations, Louis Smith!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympics: Louis Smith Alert

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 5, 2012, I'll have my home television set and my Nook II and netbook tuned to the London Games to watch the men's finals for the pommel horse. I want to see the progress of Louis Antoine Smith, Team UK, as he competes for the gold. He's of Anglo-Caribbean heritage and one of the few black men to achieve honors in gymnastics. You can place your bets now on the fact that I'm cheering for his quest! Smith captured the Bronze Medal for this event in 2008, in Beijing. Earlier this week at the London Olympics, he won his second Bronze Medal along with Team UK in the men's artistic team in that gymnastic event. His closest competitor on the pommel horse is Krisztian Berki of Hungary.

Mr. Smith was featured previously here at DQN In Northern Virginia on July 6, 2012, in the post: The Naked Olympian. He had posed nude in the British press to benefit men's cancers awareness. When asked, he responded that he was proud of his body and was entirely comfortable being photographed nude. That attitude is most DEAFinitely in the true spirit of the ancient Greek Olympians.

Below are two images of Louis Smith at the London Summer Olympics, 2012, and the final one is of Mr. Smith, our Nude Olympian, 2012!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!