Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Pages Launched

Over the past two years of publishing DQN In Northern Virginia, I have received numerous emails requesting information regarding the principle topics addressed through this blog: namely, the cultures of nakedness, of the Deaf and of the queer community. Most of these inquiries concerned issues surrounding available resources. To all of these, I have gladly tried to answer to the best of my limited ability. It has been my pleasure to provide as much information as possible.
This blog has always, and will always be, a constant work-in-progress. Personally, I believe there is forever room for change, growth and improvement not only in our personal and professional lives, but also in our endeavors and labors. None of us are born perfect nor do we produce perfection in all of our labors. We are, after all, only human.  
In a strive towards betterment of this site and of its relevance and utility, I'm today adding three additional pages to DQN In Northern Virginia, bringing the total featured to four. This page remains unaltered and is now the Home page. It is the document that appears whenever this blog is accessed. The new pages may be viewed by clicking onto one of the tabs listed on the top bar of the page. One page contains resources pertaining to Deaf Culture and that is the title. Another is dedicated to social resources for naturists entitled Naturists/Nudists Leisure and Social Resources. The third is labelled Nude and Queer Visual Arts Sites. It is a limited listing of my favorite artists.
Of course, other topical pages may be included in the future as the need arises. At the bottom of each respective page is a gadget for comments for that specific page. Please use this tool and offer any thoughts or suggestions regarding the content. Your ideas and input are appreciated and welcome.
I used the logo pictured below throughout the new pages. It was designed by Choklit Daddy of Choklit Daddy's Sketchbook. I'm grateful to him for his creativity and talent. To visit his blog, click on the gadget featured at the top left side of your screen or in My Blog List.
Please take a moment to view these additions to DQN In Northern Virginia. I hope they will be useful and informative, if not immediately, at least some time in the future.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!
Author's Note: Yesterday, I was honored by Maurice Pegasi on his blog: Princes of the Alhambra. I am appreciative and humbled by his kindness. He featured his artistic renditions of numerous photos posted here. To visit his site, please click this link: .


Nick Boyajian said...

Nice addition and they should be useful for all.

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You got good ideas.... and your photos go good with your comments and all. The last photo. Is worth a thousand words...i can relate too. and how I are leaking precum....

Anonymous said...

The first photo caught my eyes. I like how his is sold on the web page.... Sitting the totally naked and sroused too.... Now my penis is erect too... As I sit here naked too.....