Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Footnotes: Olympian Nude, Again

For background information on this piece, please refer to the July 6, 2012, post entry here: "The Naked Olympian."
British Olympic medalist in Men's Gymnastics, Louis Smith, is more than willing to pose nude, again. Louis, who has won bronze in Beijing in 2008 and a silver medal this past summer in London on the pommel horse, in the past has posted self-pictures of himself, semi-nude, on social media. This summer, he posed fully nude in a photo spread to benefit men's cancers awareness. He's so comfortable outside his clothing that he's more than willing to get naked again, for a gay magazine.

Smith, of mixed Anglo-Carribean heritage and shown above and right, posed nude along with fellow Olympians from the UK in the British edition of  Cosmopolitan in their June, 2012, issue. At the time, he admitted publicly that he felt relaxed being in the buff in front of both the camera and photography crew. He added that the entire experience was enjoyable and fun.

The young athlete (21 years old), who aspires to become a fashion designer, also holds numerous international championships in his gymnastic discipline. As a trained Olympian, he's proud of both his body and his nudity.

Louis Smith is currently continuing to train for gymnastic competitions as well as the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. At the moment, he is appearing on UK TV in the reality celebrity show, Strictly Come Dancing. After a recent filming, he was interviewed by the British daily, Mirror. During the course of the interview, he revealed that he would gladly get nude for a gay magazine because he's become somewhat of a "gay icon."

Smith told the paper, "I get lots of attention from females as well as males. Apparently, I'm a bit of a gay icon. I'd go nude for the Attitude magazine. I'm not a shy guy when it comes to getting your kit off and taking pictures." Attitude is one of Great Britain's popular gay pictorial monthlies.

He went on to state that he would do underwear ads but he wants to be paid well to do that.

 Louis Smith posted these pictures following his bronze win in Beijing, 2008.
Smith (left) with a friend after the London Olympiad
For background information on this article, please refer to the October 3, 2012, post here on DQN In Northern Virginia, "October: Hispanic Heritage Month."
Whereas Louis Smith may be willing to pose naked again, another celebrity actually was captured on film full frontally nude recently. openly gay Puerto Rican pop singer, Ricky Martin, decided to have a November day in the sun on his native island. A photographer happened by and took pictures while chatting with the performer. Martin, unconcerned with being nude, conversed politely before the man with the camera moved on. Ricky made no mention of the photographs of his nudity or where they would be published. It's refreshing to see a man who's obviously comfortable with his body and confident of himself.
 Ricky Martin relaxing
For history associated with this story, please refer to the September 9, 2012, entry: "Pro Football Season Returns" and the November 16, 2012, entry: "Friday Footnotes: NFL Allies." 
Baltimore Ravens linebacker and rising NFL star, Brendon Ayanbadejo has been consistent in his support of gay rights and marriage equality. He was instrumental in promoting the campaign for approval of same-sex marriage in Maryland this past November. Now, he's being honored for his courage, not from a GLBT organization, but from the unofficial "official" bible of the sports profession, Sports Illustrated.
In its Sportsman of the Year issue (now out with LeBron James on the cover), the publication recognizes ten "athletes who care." Mr. Ayanbadejo is one of those being celebrated. He elaborates: "I know I'm on the right side of history. We'll look back 20 or 30 years like we look back on slavery or women's suffrage, things that were done throughout history that are wrong and weren't considered wrong."
Congratulations on a job well done, Brendon Ayanbadejo!

 Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 


Xersex said...

great post, truly!

Ian said...

Well done Roger. I just asked yesterday in a post about Louis Smith if I heard correctly he'd pose nude. As far as Ricky Martin, is this really him? Somehow I can't imagine him being caught fully nude like this. But then again, maybe????

aguywithoutboxers said...

great news from three sexy men!

Stan said...

all hot looking athletes.

Anonymous said...

Louis Smith: Has my attention for sure. Because he posed naked to help mens cancer awareness......

Moanerplicity said...

Greetings, my blogger friend. I've missed you.

This new attitude, especially among professional athletes, gives one hope that the NEXT generation will be so much more enlightened, open & free of the time-worn prejudices & insecurities of the past. Coolness!

Methinks Bob Dylan said it best:

"The Times, They Are A-Changin'."