Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy HallowNudes!

Happy HallowNudes! Whether it's an elaborate full costume, complete with a full mask so you can haunt and taunt...

or in an artistic creation with body paint that highlights that fine physique...

or draped in a banner that displays your pride...

or donning a wig that is outlandish and fun! Happy HallowNudes! Be safe! Happy Halloween!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Signs Of The Times

Here it is, another weekend and it's the a weekend that segues into the Halloween holiday on Monday. So, a few images of some of the signs and sights many of us may encounter throughout not only the upcoming weekend but also the beginning of the next workweek.  After all, once again, it's that masquerade time of the year! With this comes the customary parties and socials that most of us eagerly anticipate. An opportunity to disguise our true identities and have fun along with family and friends.  Some of us spend weeks and days planning for these events by paying special attention to our costumes and or disguises. We devote hours of energy in decorating and creating elaborate scenes to reflect the scary nature of the season. These preparations for some are just as enjoyable as the actual social itself.        
For all the time and effort that we place in planning and preparation for these seasonal festivities, there's ome additional item that we all need to remember: latex or polyurethane condoms and a water-based lubricant. Make your trick your treat; don't turn your treat into a trick! Plan ahead and have these items available so if the opportunity arises, they are convenient! Be safe!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

WOP: Wary Of Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry, also a republican (intentional lowe case) wannabe just keeps missing the boat, train, plane, subway in his effort to try and resurrect his 2012 presidential bid. Like most of the candidates of his party, his campaign is following in the wake of the Titanic.

In just less than one week, he's clearly rudderless as he attempts to grasp headlines in order to generate support for his cause. First, he publicly tried to resuscitate the now discredited birther issue as to where Mr. President Obama was actually born. Then, two days later, he laughingly admitted that it was a distraction but stopped short of acknowledging that it was a total nonissue. After all, he did score points with the die-hard birthers and other radical extremist elements of his party. Now that the realization has hit him that this matter has backfired on him, he's trying to make it all disappear.

To late, Rick! You've already demonstrated to us all your serious lack of leadership skills. Within a span of a few days you've waffled all over creation on this one. Not quite the results that you expected. Perhaps two steps forward but at least three steps backward. Do you think maybe you've learned your lesson now and just go away? For good and good riddance!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nudecentric Briefs: Municipal Actions



San Francisco, California

The City of San Francisco Board of Supervisors is continuing the legislative process regarding the proposed amendments that concern public nudity. The items under consideration to do not restrict public nudity except when dining in restaurants, where clothes would be mandatory. The second item requires that nudists have a towel or other appropriate barrier to use when using public seating, such as park benches, bus/trolley seats, seating adjacent to  buildings, etc.  The legislative action has been erroneously reported in some media as barring public nudity altogether. It simply seeks to regulate the practice.

Supervisor Scott Weiner, who represents the City's 8th District, which includes heavily-gay area known as The Castro, said last month when he introduced the amendments that it was "about basic public health." Aside from the two limitations noted above, nudity is permitted elsewhere throughout the city limits.

A week ago today, last Thursday, the Public Safety Committee of the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing in which both opponents and proponents of the legislation were allowed to voice their comments. Nudists presented views representing both sides of the debate. As the session was conducted inside City Hall, naturists were required to wear both clothing and shoes, in compliance with City Hall regulations. The proposal continues to make its way through the mandated legislative process before it goes before the full Board for a final vote.
Source: Associated Press

Author Note: There are two angles to this topic that I don't fully grasp. First, why all the hoopla about the towel/barrier proposal? This is a common form of etiquette within our culture of nakedness. I don't mind protecting my ass from whatever was in the seat prior to my arrival. But, that's just me and I'm not a resident of San Francisco.. Secondly, why can't the professional media get this story correct? I understand their need for sensationalism, however, they could at least present the truth in their content.

City of Stuart, Martin County, Florida

On Tuesday, November 8, the voters of Stuart, FL, will cast their ballots and the outcome may very well rest on "the naked truth" concerning the two candidates vying for a seat on the City's Board of Commissioners for the Group 4 area. This particular seat is the only one being contested in this off-year election.

The contestants are one Kelli Glass, age 34, who is presenting herself to the electorate as a fresh and relatively young candidate with new and "fresh ideas." The other is Frank Mezzapelle, age 58, a former president of the Stuart Main Street, who boasts of himself as an experienced civic leader, a "community-involved business owner" and problem solver. Mezzapelle also participates, in the buff, in sanctioned (sponsored) 5k nudist races.

That's apparently the main issue in this election. Not the quality of leadership that either candidate will offer the City of Stuart, but if the voters will support someone who has competed in races without clothes. The events under scrutiny were all perfectly legal and in running, the candidate in no way presented himself as represnting his municipality. Mezzapelle acknowledges his involvement in the nudist sporting activities which, he insists, aren't "relevant to the city of Stuart" nor "negatively impact my ability to serve as city commissioner."

This week, photographs of Mezzapelle running nude in a race in May, 2011, were leaked to the local media in Martin County. The source of that release, his ex-girlfriend, Ruth Schneider, age 61, a registered nurse who resides in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Both the City of Stuart and Martin County are located in a traditional conservative region of The Sunshine State. Election results are expected to be certified on Tuesday evening, November 8.
Source: TCPalm

Author Note: Obviously, it would be nice to think the major concern for the residents of Stuart is between a candidate with fresh ideas and untainted by local politics or a candidate with a track record (no pun intended) of civic service and responsibility. However, it looks as though the decision will be based on the one with the least to hide (pun intentional). I think we all know the results of that consideration.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Time: Breaking The Silence Of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Our Time: Breaking The Silence Of Don't Ask Don't Tell by Josh Seefriend offers the reader a personal perspective on the discrimination and disrespect American servicemembers endured under that now abandoned policy. Compiled between the signing of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell by President Barack Obama on December 22, 2010 and the day it officially ended on September 20, 2011, Mr. Seefriend's book documents stories and anecdotes from GLBT military personnel, their family members and their friends.

Personally, before I share my thoughts with you, I need to add that I've never served in the U. S.  armed forces, nor in the military of any other country. Besides reading Randy Shilt's book, Conduct Unbecoming, perhaps fifteen years ago, I was totally unaware of the issues involved by serving in this country's uniformed forces under DADT. Of course, I realized the policy was discriminatory. I just never understood the full affect it had on individual lives. Reading Mr. Seefriend's book offered a totally new light on this subject and the servicemembers, both GLBT and otherwise, who survived this national disgrace.

The author/editor, Josh Seefried, in his Introduction to Our Time, sets the tone for the book. He tells us, the reader, "I knew the negative effects of this silence firsthand. As a brand new officer at training school, I was blackmailed by and instructor who knew my orientation, but under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I had no real outlet to stop this abuse. It was this experience that pushed me to found OutServe, along with one of my closest civilian friends, Ty Walrod." It was from his contacts in OutServe that gave the author the forum needed to collect the diverse individual recollections of life and service under the now defunct policy.

These reflections range from stories of soldiers, naval and airforce personnel who were successfully  able to avoid discovery to those who were not so fortunate. The book also includes a few heroic  submissions from heterosexual enlisted servicemembers who not only supported their GLBT comrades in arms but also protected their secrets. As editor, Mr. Seefried offers us these firsthand narratives that clearly and concisely demonstrate the inequality and unfairness of this failed attempt by both the federal government and the military establishment to provide the opposite environment.

DADT was the result of an honest effort by then-President Clinton, early in his administration, to end the outright ban of homosexuals serving in the armed services. The ensuing panic and paranoia from both the Congress and the Pentagon ended in the compromise measure that lasted for almost seventeen years. Intended to end the witch-hunts into the lives of enlisted personnel, the only positive outcome of the policy was that recruits were no longer asked: "Are you a homosexual?"

As expected, Don't Ask, Don't Tell merely extended the continuation of acts of betrayal by some of the military against their fellow servers. In one such recollection, the contributor had confided unto a friend his sexual orientation. She subsequently reported his name into his commander. An investigation followed, but was later dropped. In the soldiers' recount: "..I had to find out who made the report. I knew my chief had just left the paperwork in his drawer, so while on duty one day, I found the paperwork and read all the statements. The 'friend' that I had trusted, lo and behold, had turned me in."

Despite the fact that more than 40,000 military careers were negatively impacted through DADT, that nightmare is now officially over. Out Time: Breaking The Silence Of  Don't Ask, Don't Tell provides us with authentic documentation of the horrors and injustices that unjust policy inflicted upon our fellow Americans. From an historical perspective, this book proves invaluable insight into that shameful period of the U.S. Military. It also serves as a tribute to the countless men and women who courageously donned the uniform to defend a nation that had no intention of ever defending them, based solely on the fact of their sexual orienation.

Our Time is an interesting and inspiring book of 191 pages of true experiences. Easy to read and with brief chapters from different contributors, it provides every reader with at least one scenario that is vaguely familiar and which the reader can probably identify. Far from depressing, it is an example of the enduring stamina of the human spirit.

Our Time: Breaking The Silence Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Josh Seefried, The Penguin Press, Release Date: October 13, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-59420-331-2

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nude Novice Notes: Halloween Costume Options


With Halloween and all the seasonal parties now less than a week away, many newly nudists are wondering: What can I do for Halloween? We all want to participate in the festivities and to be a part of the action and fun. At the same time, if a nude social is on our schedule, we don't want to offend nor appear out-of-place.

Relax. Take a deep breath. It's not all that complicated. Naturists/nudists aren't all that different from practically everyone else. Many of us like to decorate both our homes as well as ourselves. Some elaborately and others simply, the decision is strictly according to the individual. There is no concrete nor mandatory guideline pertaining to Halloween and nakedness. It's entirely a matter of personal comfort, preference and taste.

Just as with veteran nudists, those who are new-to-nudism should follow their respective level of comfort with costumes and disguises. At this time of year, since most celebrations are held indoors, we all need to be cognizant of both our ability, agility, environment and our maneuverability. A complete, full-body costume is certainly one choice available but needs some thought. If it feels awkward or is cumbersome, it's probably best to avoid it. Keep in mind that whatever we decide, we're stuck with it for the duration of the event. There's no guarantee that any accessory to a specific costume will remain where we left it. If it's valuable, it's best left at home or in our car if we're party-hopping.

Many of us naturists, experienced or novice, prefer to adorn ourselves in ways that don't conceal our nudity. The popularity of body-painting affords us the option of remaining naked and conveniently enjoying the opportunity to celebrate the Halloween season. None of us are required to be an expert artist as usually any type of design is acceptable and credited as creativity. Sometimes, part of the fun is allowing fellow party-goers to add their own individual designs. The only caution warranted here is if the social gathering includes a hot tub or pool. If so, be prepared for a vanishing disguise.

A third and final option here is for the simple and unobtrusive. A hat, a mask that covers only a part of the face, a scarf or otherwise basic accessory is always a possibility. We're participating in the spirit of the season; yet, at the same time, steering clear of any of the complications accompanying any of the alternatives. Personally, this dress-up option is a favorite of mine. I've never been a fan of this holiday. I'm pictured below in just the hat that I wear.

Whatever the final decision, the choice is ours, my nude brothers! Be as creative and innovative as possible! Have a great and safe Halloween!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Memories #4: The Way We Were...Nude


Remembering our gay nude past so that we can celebrate our gay nude present.

Our nudestory and queerstory month-long celebration concludes with this photograph from yesteryear. The hairstyles represented in this image let us know this picture was taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s. This photo is unique in that it shows an interracial friendship/relationship long before it was socially acceptable (mainstream society standards). The possible timeline suggests this was prior to the Black Civil Rights movement gained popular momentum and therefore radical for that period in history. Both subjects appear to be comfortable and relaxed with one another and their nudity.

Don't forget to click on the GLBT History icon on the upper left-hand corner of your screen to read the profile of the day. Check it daily for the rest of the month.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

October Weekend Mornings

The workweek is over and it's finally the weekend. October is here and the evenings are cooler. What better way to spend those chilly weekend mornings than to lounge in bed just a little bit longer and enjoy the moments together? Quality time for the quality other in our life. All too soon the winter holiday season will be upon us and the mad rush will commence, again. We've played hard all summer, it's now time to slow down just a little and allow ourselves a treat: relaxing together.

Quiet time together is important in a relationship. It permits us to reconnect and renew our bond. It gives us an opportunity to communicate to each other those small things that are never shared when we're busy or rushing about with chores, engagements and work. Spending moments without distractions gives us the chance to observe our partner, to reconnect and to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of ourselves as a couple with hectic everyday schedules and commitments.

Make the most of the opportunity to reflect and rebuild what's good in life and with each other. A small investment towards strengthening and maintaining a major component in our lives. Take advantage of the leisurely October weekend mornings to enrich and empower!

Those of us who live alone, whether by choice or by circumstance, quality self-time is equally essential. It affords us a chance to evaluate our lives, set goals and/or simply just to unwind from the hustle and bustle of life in the chaotic world in which we live. It gives us time to reinvigorate our bodies, minds and souls. "Free time" is precisely what the words mean: time free exclusively for us to do with it what we desire.

Whatever we elect to do with this chill time on these chilly mornings, please use it wisely. Let's permit ourselves the luxury of untangled freedom. It's there for a reason; it's there for us!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photoessay: Purple Against Bullying: Spirit Day, 2011

Today, October 20, 2011, is the second observance of Spirit Day: a day to wear purple as a symbol of awareness and support of the campaign to end the practice of bullying, in general, and particularly as it relates to our GLBT youth. Getting involved is simple: wear purple today in the spirit of acceptance and celebration of our community's teens and young adults.

In this day and time, it's difficult enough to be an adolescent. To be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or other is an additional stigma that many young people face and suffer every day of their lives. Due to bullying, far too many of our youth see suicide as the only option available to them. Let's stop this catastrophe now before another life is needlessly sacrificed.

Entirely too many others are dropping out of school, running away, turning to alcohol, drugs or worse. Now is the time to end this national tragedy that is obviously a product of bigotry, exclusion, hate, homophobia, intolerance and prejudice. In wearing purple, we are demonstrating our care, commitment, compassion and concern in fighting this epidemic.

Join the Purple Posse and help to eradicate this plague. Let's all work together to shut out bullies and bullying. A bully needs to know that his/her behavior is no longer acceptable nor will be tolerated. Let's all join united and remind our young people that it indeed does get better and, most importantly, that they are not alone.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bare Hiking Conversations

As much as I've published here concerning my love for the summer season, I am forced to admit that I do appreciate a healthy and vigorous nude hike in early October, weather permitting, of course. The gentle sun in a blue, cloudless sky and good friends escorting me along a forest trail make for a perfect autumn afternoon. Add to the scenario that we're all naked and what's not to like about this activity? All natural in all natural surroundings for a day of fresh air.

Normally, the last time that I attempt hiking nude is the Columbus Day holiday (second weekend in October). After that date, the weather becomes too questionable so I just don't plan rather than suffer disappointment. This year proved to be an exception, weather-wise, so this past weekend, when two friends sent a text asking if I was interested, I jumped at the opportunity.

Saturday was a beautiful day, although a little too windy for my liking. We met in the early afternoon on the property of a mutual acquaintance and started hiking along a river that borders his property. We decided to share only one backpack between the three of us, stripped and began our adventure. Soon, we fell into a steady pace and were able to admire the beauty of nature surrounding us as we proceeded along the trail.

We alternated the responsibility of carrying our common backpack as we hiked leisurely along. Surprisingly, the constant breeze wasn't as chilly as we initially feared; the patches of sunlight kept us warm and the day actually proved to be extremely pleasant. We discussed a variety of topics, from the NBA season delay due to the lockout to the latest Tea Party follies plaguing the Republican Party. The time passed all too fast and we soon found ourselves at an open clearing, engulfed in sunshine and agreed to take a break and enjoy our snacks.

While consuming our refreshments, the conversation focused on this blog and my ideas for future postings. Somehow, the topic became nude hiking and some of the common misconceptions held by the uninitiated. Together, we laughed over some of the absurdities expressed by those we individually knew who'd never experienced social nudity in general and naked hiking in particular. This dialogue gave me the inspiration for writing this article and sharing with all of you.

"K", one of my hiker buddies, remarked that one of his job coworkers, who has skinny-dipped with him, told him that he thought the idea of a naked hike was stupid. K pointed out to him that he swam in the nude, so why was hiking that way stupid. He answered that it was dumb and pointless to be naked on dry land. "T", my other hiking accomplice, and I both shook our heads. Water or solid ground made no difference, the purpose of either activity was social nudity. K added that his job-mate was unable to grasp that connection.

T offered that someone he knew found the idea insane due to biting insects. He reminded his friend that's the reason bug repellant is on the market. The reaction from the friend was that he didn't like to use spray cans and that he didn't like to be outside with bugs. T then asked why the guy expressed an interest in nude hiking and was told that he liked the thought of seeing other men nude. We all three agreed that the last thing we all needed was a voyeur along on a hike and the man needed to invest in a porn DVD. K retorted that he should join a gym and simply hangout in the locker room. The three of us chuckled together with this remark.

At this point, T chimed in that sweat evaporates much faster when naked; that clothes retain moisture and this is what attracts insects. Also, that it's easier to notice ticks on nude skin as opposed to clothed. I confess here that I was completely unaware of these two circumstances. I always hiked nude because I enjoyed both hiking and nudity. Both my friends agreed with me on this and we knew we didn't need any convincing.

I decided to contribute yet another absurd anecdote. This particular one was posed to me by one of my younger brothers several years ago. Although not a nudist himself, unlike Twin and I, I do know from personal experience and from his own admission that he's skinny-dipped numerous times (similar to K's coworker). My brothers aversion to even contemplating naturist hiking was the discomfort he'd feel with his penis and testicles hanging loose and free. He didn't know what to do with them (as if they're detachable). Honest, the three of us had a great deal of fun with this one! You just let them hang and get used to thesensation. The discomfort, if any, is gone after a few minutes.

After exchanging several other tales of the absurd misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding naked hiking, it was time to resume our journey back to our vehicles. After all, it is autumn and the sun wouldn't wait for us to return before sinking in the west. All along the way to our cars, we admired the view while continuing to laugh and remark about the lame excuses men made when the subject was bare hiking.

Most of us acknowledge that hiking isn't for everyone. There are some who simply don't find it appealing. The same is true for nude hiking. The issue is just admit it and move on. Be truthful about what you do and do not find fun. There's really no need to repeat and employ a ridiculous myth or untruth as an excuse. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I discovered a new word this past weekend; one that I never knew existed. In all these years of being a naturist/nudist, I was unaware of its being a part of the English language. Proving, yet again, that you do indeed learn something new everyday.

This new addition to my vocabulary is: gymnophobia. Just as the suffix suggests, the phobia is representative of: unnatural fear of. The root, gymnos, is Greek for: naked, nude. Gymnophobia is the fear of being, or being seen, naked or nude. Once I learned this new word, I immediately thought: How do these people take a bath/shower? Simple thoughts for simple minds, right? My second thought was: How do they ever change clothes? You have to be naked in order to get dressed, correct?

Of course, my questions continued to multiply inside my mind. They number more than what I want to dwell on here. They'd be pointless anyway, as I don't know any gymnophobes, personally. Most of my friends are naturists/nudists like myself, so I don't have anyone to ask. I don't know of any gymnophobist experts or scholars. Nonetheless, I did remain curious about both this new word and the condition that it describes. As a naturist, my inquisitiveness was due to how this all related to myself and our culture of nakedness.

Granted, prior to this past weekend, I admit that I'd never given this issue much consideration. I foolishly assumed that the opposite of nudist was modest and simply left the matter to rest there. Now, I do know some modest nudists and I had some questions stemming from that situation; but, I didn't realize that there was more to the equation than just that. Little did I know, right?

With my growing list of questions surrounding gymnophobia, I decided that I needed additional information. I googled the term and discovered that there exists a plethora of articles, definitions and experimental diagnosis and coping recommendations on this topic. Given the number of phobias that we have within our society, I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised with the search results. After all, I'm not completely stupid and I know that nudism isn't always accepted, tolerated nor understood by many in the popular culture.

My investigation of this subject uncovered in some interesting facts. First, that this fear sometimes is a product of stress about sexuality in general. That was a new one to me. I'd never considered physical intimacy as a fearful encounter. Secondly, that others view themselves as physically inferior or believe that their nudity somehow makes them exposed or unprotected. Well, our nakedness does expose our bodies and when nude we are all minus the protection of clothing. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Far be it from me to judge the feelings of others. Thirdly, gymnophobia is common among most youth undergoing puberty. This stems from peer pressure, bullying and an aversion to exposing their sexual organs. Another new concept for me as I can't recall ever having any qualms about being naked among my peers. My absence of personal experience with gymnophobia during puberty must be a twin-thing.

I did learn the distinction between gymnophobia and modesty. Modesty is a preference (decision) and not a phobia (anxiety). I think I subconsciously already knew that one. Modesty is merely the act of avoiding public or private nakedness based primarily on the aspects of prudishness or body shame or a combination of both. In other words, modesty is a learned behavior whereas gymnophobia is inherent. That makes sense to me.

Knowledge is power, so I imagine all this new-found information empowers me as a better person. At any rate, I am now savvy as to having another perspective on yet a different aspect regarding nudism. Also, I now have a name to identify those who ridicule me based solely on my passion for nudity. The benefits of learning something new every day! I now know that I am a gymnophile: a lover of the naked/nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Memories #3: The Way We Were...Nude


Remembering our gay nude past so that we can celebrate our gay nude present.

This photograph vividly depicts our nudestory and queerstory legacy. There is no reference as to date but the haircuts suggest early to middle 1960s. The location is either a beach or a resort lake. The physical connection between the two indicates a close relationship, platonic or romantic. There is no shame in their nakedness.

Remember to daily click on the GLBT History Month icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen here to see the hero profile of the day.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here and as much as I moan and mourn the passing of Summer, I need to end my period of denial and accept the inevitable: there's nothing that I can do to change that reality, at this time. Autumn is here so I may as well adjust, get naked and get outside while the weather allows. These moderate days aren't going to last forever. Get off my miserable ass and move on. Appreciate what time that I have left to play nude in nature.

Autumn is here and once I drag myself outdoors, I discover that it isn't quite as bad as I imagined that it would be. Well, at least not yet. By mid-day, the temperatures are comfortable and conducive to having a satisfying afternoon of nude leisure. Autumn is here and there's no turning back the clock, so I meet up with friends in order to make the Herculean effort to maximize the pleasure of the moment. I'll probably wish for another day like this in about a month or so.

Autumn is here and as I open my eyes, look around me, I begin to see that the panorama isn't half-bad. First and foremost, my friends and I are all nude, together and revelling in our companionship. Autumn is here, although the foliage hasn't completely changed to match the season, there is just enough hint of color to make the view different and intersting. Yes, this day is pleasant and relaxing. Yes, Autumn is here.

Autumn is here, although I may not like it, I have no choice except to live with it. I am powerless to alter that fact. Autumn is here, so what I need to do is get over it, embrace it, find and respect the beauty that it offers to us all. Autumn is here and will remain with us until the advent of winter.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mighty Hath Fallen...Again!

Our language is rich in phrases and words of prophecy and warning to those who place themselves above and apart from the rest of us. Despite popular myth, this is also true for those bigots among us who preach and teach hatred and homophobia all the while living a lie and a secret life that includes the behaviors that they publicly despise. "What goes around, comes around," "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" and "Paybacks are hell" are a few examples of folk wisdoms that immediately come to mind. Two recent developments in two very public sex scandals once again prove these ancient adages to be both prophetic and true.

As same gender loving men, these revelations really don't surprise the vast majority of us. After all, we are too aware of the deceitful practices of those living dual lives. It is amusing to see how these surreptitious trysts of the preceived heterosexual proponents of family values shock the rest of our society. They simply are unable to acknowledge that some of the most vocal within their midst are shouting only to protect their private, hidden preferences. This brings to mind yet another proverb: "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

The situation surrounding Bishop Eddie Long, disgraced pastor of Atlanta's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and notorious homophobe isn't recent. However, there is a new twist to the latest ongoing saga of hate-spewing antigay clergymen caught in queer sex circumstances that makes us question why they're unable to practice what they preach.

The deceitful Bishop of the Down Low and his megachurch settled out-of-court last year with five young men who accused the preacher of molestation and forced sex while they were minor age members of the congregation. In a mutual confidentiality agreement filed with the court and sealed, Long paid an undisclosed amount in damages to each of the five plaintiffs in return for their silence on the matter. The typical pay-up and shut-up payoff in a futile effort to make the scandal disapper. Since the allegations first surfaced, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has suffered a significant decline in both membership and financial contributions.

This past August, three of the young men, in an interview with an Atlanta TV station, announced that they were in negotiations for a tell-all book that would give the complete story of their relationships with the deeply closeted and lying pastor. This is where the "Ballad of The Bishop and His Boyz" takes on a whole new twist and turn.

During this interview, Mr. Spencer LeGrande, one of the alleged victims of the hypocritical Preacher Long, stated: "I'm going to tell the world- money does not buy happiness. When you sleep at night, the problems are still there. The money stuff, who cares about the number." LeGrande acknowledged the risks involved in publicly addressing the settlement issue. Obviously, the three young men participating in the broadcast understood better than their former paedophile pastor the Biblical injunction against materialism.

Evidently, Eddie Long once again has suffered a complete memory loss as to his Scripture. Last week, his attorneys sent a letter to the three victims demanding the return of the $300,000 they each were awarded under the settlement because they violated the confidentiality clause in speaking to the press. Apparently, Long is so lonely without his cash that the Bible and prayer together are unable to console him. Didn't that same Holy Book admonish us all against the sin of greed?

With no training as an attorney, it looks like the bishop also has broken the terms of the confidentiality of the settlement. His attorneys publicly disclosed, in the media release, the amount each of the plaintiffs were paid for their silence. Now Eddie, who has problems keeping his zipper in place, wants to present himself as the "victim" here. Please! Someone show him the verse in the Bible that says: "Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone."

Next, Representative Phil Hinkle, the Republican Indiana state lawmaker (Indianapolis) who met Kameryn Gibson and paid him $140 for "a really good time" continues to insist that "I'm not gay." We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but shouldn't someone let him know that ex-U.S. Senator Larry Craig has already used that exact line? What's more, it didn't work for Craig so why should he hope for any different outcome. By the way, that's Hinkle, not Craig, pictured to the left.

This wouldn't be quite as sensational except for one fact: Hinkle is a rabid homophobic hypocrite who pursues an antigay political agenda while indulging in the gay cookie jar. He got caught. Now he is forced to have to proclaim to the world everytime he opens his mouth that he's not queer. Someone remind the good Republican representative that "Actions speak louder than words." This is one folk wisdom that he's conveniently forgotten. And now it continues to haunt him.

In the Indiana state legislature, Hinkle recently supported a bill that made the state offer automobile tags that include: In God We Trust. He voted in favor of legislation in the form of a constitutional amendment that bans marriage equality in the state. His list of sponsorship includes a list of right-wing fundamentalist Christian goals.

This past August, Phil the Philanderer arranged a meeting with Mr. Gibson in a downtown Indianapolis hotel room. They exchanged emails prior to the tryst that were printed in the local press. The Republican lawmaker didn't deny the emails when they were published. When the two met, Hinkle exposed himself and promised Kameryn Gibson a bonus for a good time. Mr. Gibson must have indeed satisfied the closeted politician as he gave him an iPad and a Blackberry. In fact, it must have been excellent sex as Hinkle's wife later offered Kameryn an additional $300 cash in order to guarantee his silence about the encounter. Not only is Phil on the Down Low, he is also low-down if he's got to resort to having his spouse cover-up his same-sexcapades.

Hinkle has resisted calls for his resignation by colleagues, the Republican Speaker of the Indiana House and the Republican Indiana Governor. He has publicly acknowledged that he will not stand for reelection next term. Maybe he realizes that after this debacle, he'll be forced to pay more for his visits to the gay cookie jar in the future. Let's hope his local electronics mart has all those latest technology gadgets on sale and in bulk! The price for the bonus for his friends, the next time he has the itch, has just gone up!

In the cases of both Hinkle and Long, the mighty continue to fall, again and again. Their hypocrisy and hate perpetuate their own undoing as well as provide a disservice to those who look to them for leadership. They, and others like them, consistently betray the confidence and trust the innocent bestow upon them. Their deceit is both disgraceful and disgusting and brings to mind yet another proverb: "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Fortunately, this tale of the hypocrites doesn't end at this point, Both of the above episodes do give a limited and somewhat bittersweet rewards for the offended parties. In this instance, the villainous Hinkle and Long aren't able to escape completely unscathed in their attempt to have it both ways.

For the young men who were sexually abused by Bishop Long, here's hoping that their prospective book deal will prove far more lucrative than the puny settlement they received from the false prophet. The book may give them the opportunity for healing and recovery from their trauma. It might even offer them movie rights and royalties that will fill the heart of their abuser with envy. That would provide them some sense of justice.

For Kameryn Gibson, he's already enjoying some celebrity post ordeal. Pictured right, he's now represented by Flava Works and is appearing online on both and What's even better, they're referring to the Hinkle story, using the Republican by name, in promoting Dejuan Diamond (Gibson's stage name) in these films. Kameryn, a.k.a. Dejuan, has remarked: "I did it for Hinkle. I can show him what he and his pals really missed out on." That is truly poetic justice! Yes, there is even one more folk expression that we can employ here: "He who laughs last, laughs best." Here's hoping that each one of these young men have, at the very least, a hearty chuckle all the way to the bank!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frank Kameny, Queer Activist (1925-2011)

Franklin "Frank" Edward Kameny was born on May 21, 1925, in New York City and died on October 11, 2011, in Washington, DC, USA, of natural causes. An early queer activist, it is fitting that we remember him during GLBT History Month. He is pictured above in front of protest signs used during pre-Stonewall times advocating homosexual equality. The photograph is from June, 2009, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC. He was 86 years old.

Kameny served with the U.S. Army in the European theater during World War II. He attended Harvard University and received a bachelors in physics in 1948. He later received both a masters and doctorate in astronomy from the same university.

Kamany was fired from the U.S. Civil Service in 1957, for being gay, and fought his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1961, the Supreme Court denied his case. It is historic as it was the first time that Court had ever heard a civil rights case based on sexual orientation. This suit everntually led to the overturn of the U.S. Civil Service policy banning employment to gays. Later, in August, 1961, Kameny and Jack Nichols cofounded the Mattachine Society of Washington, DC, an early equal rights organization for homosexuals.

Frank Kameny was the first openly gay candidate for the U.S. Congress when he was a candidate for the Washington, DC, non-voting seat in the House of Representatives in 1971.

After the Stonewall Riots of June, 1969, Frank embraced the militant tone in the gay rights struggle. In 1971, he helped create the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Washington, DC, which replaced the Mattachine Society. He helped spearhead the movement to have the American Psychological Association remove homosexuality from its list of disorders. This eventually happened in 1973. He was the first openly gay member of the Washington, DC, Human Rights Commission, receiving his appointment in the early 1970s.

I never knew Mr. Kameny personally. I did have the good fortune to see him speak twice about his experiences in our community's equality struggle. One can only imagine the pride he felt when Don't Ask, Don't Tell was officially ended in September, 2011. Eternal rest, Frank Kameny, and thank you from a grateful GLBT culture.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Queer Youth Empowerment Month: A Poem by Nhojj

October is also Queer Youth Empowerment Month; a time to offer encouragment, empowerment and enablement to our community's young people in an often bullying, hostile and unfriendly world. I thought this poem by Nhojj was a perfect piece to honor this special designation. Read more about this artist below the poem and visit his website for additional information.

My Queer Youth
by Nhojj

Sunny Caribbean country
Sun beaches lakes
Son longing desire
My puberty awakes...

Confined behind...dark churches
Confined behind...bedroom walls
Confined tradition
My sexuality calls...

Discoveries pf pleasure
Discoveries of pain
Discoveries of Truth
Please let me change...

Some friends offer literature
Some just offer hate
Some friends offer acceptance
I read and contemplate

I learn that I am perfect
I learn to trust my heart
I learn to accept my beautiful Truth
Now my life can start...

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Nhojj is a proudly, gay brilliant and talented performing/recording artist and queer activist. He was born in Guyana and is the son of a Protestant Christian clergyman. He grew up singing in gospel choirs in Guyana. He moved to New York City and graduated from NYU with a BA in economics. His music is all GLBT supportive and is a variety of neo-soul, disco, house, R&B/soul, gospel and jazz. He is the recipient of 2 OUTMusic Awards and was the first independent artist to reach #1 on MTV Music with his gay "Love" video. Earlier this year, he deduted his marriage equality music video: "Amazing Grace." To visit his website, click the post title above or go to: To order his CDs, go to

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nudecentric Briefs



Gainesville, Florida

A new naturist/nudist campground is planned for White Springs, on the banks of the Suwannee River, in the Gainesville area. The Suwannee Valley Campground, as the property is currently known, will remain operational until the nudist only policy is effective May 1, 2012. Between now and the opening date, $400,000 in improvements are underway, including the construction of a bar and restaurant.

B. G. Parkes, one of the co-owners of the new resort, also is the leader of the nudist motorcycle group, Bare Buns Bikers. She said membership is open to nudists of all kinds and not just motorcycle riders. The 29-acre property is able to house 1,000 members, although more than that number will be accepted as not all will be on site at the same time. The location currently has tent camping, RV hook-ups and cabins.

The new facility is currently affiliating with the American Association for Nude Recreation. There are currently 17 other naturist resorts located within Florida. The Sawannee Valley Campground is adjacent to the Florida Trail. Co-owner Tom Gillenwater said the trail could remain and not be re-routed but there would be no nudity restrictions around it. The new owners will post signs: nudity beyond this point.

Harvey Campbell, executive director of the Columbia County Tourist Development Council, is quoted that he is unaware of any permitting requirements that will prevent the resort from happening. He said that law enforcement will help ensure the property doesn't become a spectacle and that it has potential for being positive for the community. Both Parkes and Gillenwater stated that thorough background checks will be conducted on all prospective members and convicted sex offenders are banned from membership.
Source: The Gainesville Sun

Dunedin, New Zealand

Appropriately named, the Nude Blacks, they are New Zealand's only all-naked rugby team. Taking their name from the country's popular All Blacks international-reknown professional rugby club, the Nude Blacks are gaining in fans and enthusiasm not only in New Zealand but throughout the rugby-playing world. Yes, they play totally naked, including barefeet, shunning regulation footwear. Within their homeland, all local laws concerning public nudity are suspended whenever and wherever they hold their public matches.

The Nude Blacks, an all-amateur team, is making quite a name for itself within the ranks of rugby professional athletes world-wide. In September, when the team played against the national one from Fiji, the Fijiian opponents stripped their uniforms and played only wearing lavalavas (a traditional Fiji sarong wrap, worn without underwear) and minus required footwear. This was viewed as a form of respect to their naked host team. The outcome of that match was yet another victory for the Nude Blacks. As is customary among rugby pros, both teams celebrated socially following the competition.

The Nude Blacks were organized in 2002, with one of their founding players being a recently retired pro from the All Blacks. During their first several seasons, the only playing space available to them was a sandy public beach. There spectators were friends, family and curious locals. The idea behind forming a nude rugby club came from "backpacking," a custom among local university students streaking naked across the playing field, wearing only their backpacks, at All Black professional matches.

As their notoriety (nude-oriety?) has greatly increased, the team's home matches are now located in Kettle Park in Dunedin. Recent audiences now number more than 1,500 and continue to grow. The Nude Blacks have now added an item of clothing to their natural body uniform: a neck scarf that they wear only when marching out onto the playing field and discard before they perform their usual match-opening ritual "haka" (a traditional Maori/Polynesian intimidation dance).

Since 2002, the Nude Blacks enjoyed an amazing record of being undefeated regardless of their their opponents ability. However, that record was literally stripped from them earlier this month when they lost to the Conquistadores team from Barcelona, Spain. The final score: 25-20.
Sources: The Fiji Times (Fiji), The Otago Daily Times (Dunedin, New Zealand)

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Memories #2: The Way We Were...Nude


Remembering our gay nude past so that we can celebrate our gay nude present.

A glimpse of our nudestory and queerstory heritage for the week. This classic photograph of a naturist/nudist trio is undated and unidentified as to location. Judging from the hairstyles, it looks to be during the middle to late 1960s. The fact that one of the men is wearing a pair of sandals perhaps indicates a beach or resort location. This threesome seem totally relaxed with their company and their social nudity. At any rate, they are obviously happy to be naked!

Don't forget to click onto the GLBT History Month icon on the upper left-hand corner of your screen to view our hero profile of the day.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Breast Cancer Awareness


October, 2011

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Buenos dias!

October is not only GLBT History Month; here in the USA, it's also Hispanic Heritage Month. A time to honor all the people in this country of Hispanic/Latino descent and the contributions they have made to our national mosaic. To all of our Hispanic/Latino nudist brothers: Happy Heritage Month!

Two of the people being celebrated during GLBT History Month are Hispanic/Latino. Daniel Hernandez, Jr. is the featured profile on October 15, and Pedro Zamora is the profile of the day on October 31. Remember to click on the GLBT History Month icon located on the top left corner of your screen and view the profiles daily.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!