Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Nuptials While Nude

I'm sitting here in the wee pre-dawn hours, netbook in my lap, and in front of the television. Of course, I'm bare-assed naked as I watch the events unfold in London. Prince William marries Katherine Middleton today in Westminster Abbey with about 1,900 guests attending. I've had some fairly interesting thoughts over the past hour or so as I see the royal and important persons arrive at the Abbey. Everyone there, regardless of rank or station in life, underneath all their finery, is just as naked as I am at this moment! Nothing new, right? As naturists/nudists, this is a concept that we're already aware. However, I wonder if any of the nuptial attendees know this? No matter how much you paid for your concealment and vanity, beneath it all, nothing is any different.

Secondly, exactly how many of those notable guests crammed into Westminster Abbey are actual, practicing naturists/nudists themselves? Given the number of people there, given the law of averages, we all know that there are at least a half-dozen or more under that roof. What would it be like if they all stood up at a pre-determined moment at removed their clothes? With almost 2 billion people worldwide viewing the ceremony, imagine the reaction to that? I daresay it would upstage the royal couple in a heartbeat!

Finally, in all seriousness, I wish the newlyweds all my best. I hope they are happier than Prince William's parents. After all this fuss, they deserve it.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A President Is Born

It's official. It's legal. It actually happened. Yesterday, the White House produced proof positive (for the second time) that President Barack Hussein Obama, our duly-elected leader, was indeed born of two human parents. That's right, he was conceived, gestated in his mother and then travelled through her birth canal. He was birthed, just as the majority of us. There was no Frankenstein-like humanoid collage illusion manufactured to create him. He was born. His father was from Kenya, yes. His father was a Kenyan national. Yes. However, Mr. President Obama was born in hospital, in Hawaii, on American soil, just as he said he was. Just like he told us all along. Unlike some of his recent predecessors in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama didn't lie. He was born. Of course, most of us knew this all along.

Way back when, a few years ago, when some opponents of our current leader couldn't find anything better to do, they concocted the rumor that Mr. Obama was born elsewhere, not on American soil. Those who couldn't stomach the idea that a Black man had the ability and intelligence to become President latched onto this innuendo and it became their creed. They didn't have the courage to admit to their bigotry outright, so they chose to cowardly stand behind this issue to justify their opposition. In fact, they became so obsessed they gave rise to a new term in right-wing extremism: birthers. This term reflects the Constitutional qualification that a U. S. President must be born in this country. He cannot be a naturalized citizen.

In response to this idle gossip and pettiness, President Obama's staff released a copy of his Certificate of Live Birth. After all, we were a nation facing active wars on two fronts and a global financial crisis of biblical proportion; we didn't need to be distracted from the major tasks at hand by such poorly disguised racist ploys. We, the people, elected this President to lead us, not to prove that he was born. Mr. Obama was dealing with the false accusations while focusing on our greater national interests. He was doing his best to fulfill his obligation to our country and us, the American people.

Did the matter disappear? No. Why? Because prejudice and fear doesn't go away overnight. Stupid begets stupid and suddenly the Tea Party appeared and the bigots became bolder and more obsessed. No matter that the State of Hawaii only issues a Certificate of Live Birth (as proscribed by law) to persons born on the islands; the fanatics wanted more to fuel their fire of dissension. They demanded additional proof of President Obama's birth through his Long-Form Birth Document. In Hawaii, this is kept on file with the Hawaii Department of Health and is not copied and provided to individuals. It is available for inspection but not for distribution. This was established policy by Hawaii. It was not an attempt at cover-up nor obstruction of justice.

Enter Donald Trump into the political scene. He wants to become his groups presidential candidate in 2012. He raises the issue once again and continues to force it into the national debate. For the second time, the White House is compelled to respond. The White House legal team appeals to the Hawaii Health Department to circumvent established policy and issue a copy of Mr. Obama's Long-Form Birth Document. In other words, a special dispensation from official policy so as to silence the racists. This was finally accomplished and the results made public yesterday.

Now, Donald Trump wants to take credit for doing what others failed to do in resolving this issue. I, for one am willing to stand up and say to him: Thank you, Donald Trump, for showing the rest of the world exactly what part of their anatomy bigots wear on their shoulders: their asses. I am grateful for your ass leading all the other stupid asses to the truth.

By the way, Donald, I have a request of you. I know you've always cheated on your income taxes. Can you provide the American people with copies of all your tax forms for the past twenty years?

Author's Note: Yes, I am a White man accusing other White people of being racists. I know what I know.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's This?

WTF? You may be asking yourself that at this very moment. No, I haven't lost my mind completely, at least, not just yet. Trust me, I initially experienced the same reaction when I saw this photograph. What the hell is wrong with this fucking picture? This can't be right! Why would anyone be so foolish as to put a practicing naturist/nudist inside a clothing store? Next, I thought: Maybe my naked brother took a wrong turn and entered by mistake? Soon followed the idea that this was simply a bad dream/nightmare and that I'll wake up in a minute and it'll all be over. Unfortunately, none of the above applies here.

As nudists, we are, much to our collective chagrin, a minority within our society. The majority are addicted to clothes and accessories. They can and do restrict our rights to openly and freely practice our naturist ways whenever and wherever we choose. After all, they seriously outnumber us and are thus able to make the rules. And we, being dutiful and law-abiding citizens, adhere to those laws and regulations.

For us, the minority, to fulfill our civic responsibility and conform to the whims of the majority, we are forced to wear clothes when interacting among those not of our culture of nakedness. Hence our need to go out and shop for approprite garments so that we remain within the established guidelines of respectability. None of us want the reputation of being a criminal or outlaw. So, we bite the bullet and play by the rules. And, we wear clothes when we're expected to do so.

I'd like to think that this particular photographer was being somewhat sarcastic when he made plans for this picture. I hope that he was intending, through his art, to highlight the absurdity of this whole situation. The rebelliousness side of me needs to believe that this is the case. Of course, the deed probably won't change the status quo, but at least a few might pause and consider the message, if only for a moment.

On the other hand, perhaps the artist/photographer was merely capturing for posterity the secret dream/fantasy of all nudists the world over. The ability and the freedom to come and go, as we please, naked, natural or as nude as we want. If we truly want to shop in the buff, then that should be left for us to decide. After all, the majority get to choose precisely what they wear when they go out. Why shouldn't we have the same opportunity? Fair is fair, right?

Isn't this the land of the free and the home of the brave (and nude)? If any of you have your own thoughts concerning this picture, please share them here.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remembering Shemar Nude

It wasn't all that long ago, actually, it was the summer of 2007. That's when the ludicrous happened. Shemar Moore, one of the popular stars of the television series, Criminal Minds, fulfilled one of his many desires and visited a naturist/nudist beach on California's coast. Well, not quite as simple as that. Not only did Mr. Moore just go and swim, he honestly removed his clothes and spent the afternoon naked at the clothing-free waterfront. Nude while relaxing at an area where it was perfectly legal to do so. What was the major problem?

What transpired next created a media storm that made headlines and caused many to denounce Shemar as a degenerate and predict the demise of his successful career. A fan spotted the star while enjoying himself, naturally, and took several photographs of the handsome actor and former model. Within hours, these were sold to the press and soon appeared all over the world. That was only the beginning of Shemar's nightmare.

The next day, in print publications both online and hardcopy, the story was further sensationalized with reports that not only was he naked, it was also at a gay nudist beach. Here it was, this hunky entertainment idol was hanging out, literally, with queer men. And, on their own turf/surf. It was his publicist's nightmare-come-true. His professional days were over and done. Period.

Within days, the journalists who reported this incident were wiping the proverbial egg off their respective faces. Quick to cover the episode without checking their sources, they were the ones facing professional humiliation. The gay angle was all bogus. The State of California has clothing-optional beaches along the Pacific Coast. However, a public gay nudist beach, one designated exclusively for queer people, simply doesn't exist anywhere in the United States. Privately, yes; however, on public land, no way. Perhaps the culprits should have entitled their nonsense, "Much Ado About Nothing."

Mr. Moore, to his credit, kept his cool and weathered the storm. Instead of avoiding the issue, he met his detractors head-on. Being nude at the beach was something he'd always wanted to experience. Yes, he's comfortable with his nudity. It was all perfectly legal and legitimate. No one was either hurt nor violated. Although he himself isn't gay, he's friends with many people who are. By the way, he's also still a star with a growing fan-base on Criminal Minds. In case you haven't noticed, he continues to look good as hell!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spain Opens Nude Gym

Once again, Europeans are demonstrating their healthy, receptive and progressive attitudes towards public naturism/nudism. This latest example is from the Kingdom of Spain, which already offers an abundance of clothing-optional beaches for both its subjects and multitudes of tourists. Now, not only are we able to frolic along miles of the Spanish shores while naked, we can also exercise and workout prior to visiting the scenic waterfront nude, as well. The newest option is the result of fierce competition between the countries of Europe for declining travel funds due to the global financial insecurity.

The Easy Gym, located in the midsized city of Arrigorriaga, in Spain's Basque region, is the pioneer in this recent bid to attract additional income from the underserved nudist community. This innovative and natural bid to combat the effects of the worldwide economic recession began early last week after owners researched different options for increasing memberships and visitors to the facility. Easy Gym is the first fitness business/club in Spain to afford patrons this opportunity.

"With the crisis we noticed there were fewer people using the gym," owner Merche Laseca offered in a BBC interview. "I'm not a nudist myself, though I have no problem with it. But this initiative is about the money." Gym management noticed declining attendance and paid memberships and sought various ways to change the current trend. Upon learning that two local pools held regular sessions for nude sunbathing/swimming a nearby beach sponsored a nude annual run along the sands, they decided to tap into the naturist market.

With twelve nudist beaches within the Basque region alone, the gym approached the local nudist community for support. Maite Vicuna, president of the Basque Naturist Association, attended the naturist opening ceremony at the Easy Gym last week. "We're always interested in new activities," she explained to the BBC. "Doing sport without clothes is natural and much more comfy."

A poll of gym users prior to welcoming nudists showed that 90% supported the change. The facility offers free access to towels for naked guests in order to provide comfort and hygiene. The staff are already searching for a nude yoga instructor on a part-time basis. Posted times for nude workouts and fitness classes are all afternoon on Saturdays and all day on Sundays.

Nude gyms/workout clubs already operate in France and several other nations on the European continent. If the transition at Easy Gym proves to be successful, other businesses may follow their lead.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! The greeting in Greek to the right says precisely the same thing and is my holiday card to each of you. I send to you best wishes for a safe and fun-filled Easter Sunday and for all the days thereafter. Traditionally, Easter is a major "dress up" ocassion, so I hope that you have the opportunity to spend at least part, if not all, of the day nude. What better way to welcome the Bunny than in the buff, right? To those of you who aren't able to enjoy some of the day naked, rest assured, summer isn't far away and there'll be plenty of nude beach days for us all.

Twin arrived here last night and later this morning we're travelling together for the annual gathering of our extended tribe to celebrate the holiday. Over the next several days, it's all about family and the preparations for the upcoming feast. Of course, in true Greek tradition, the real reason for all the festivities is paramount over all our usual customs. There's litugical services every night, with one of the most solemn taking place Friday evening with the Lamentations Service, or the Entombment of the Crucified.

Saturday, we'll spend helping our nieces and nephews decorating their Easter Candles and dyeing red eggs. As the size of the tribe increases, this is no longer the simple task that it once was. Actually, it seems to get a little more complicated with each passing year. Then there's Midnight Divine Liturgy on Saturday night that marks the arrival of The Resurrection.
All this is followed by Sunday, the day of food, family, Easter games and egg hunts and traditional dancing and various relatives sing and make music from the homeland.

And then, the best Easter treat of all: The Tsoureki. The special sweet holiday bread, baked only at Easter, twisted and decorated with dyed eggs. No one bakes it better than Mom!

Happy Easter!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Treats

In honor of the upcoming Easter Holiday, here are some irreverent seasonal images for you! This is one chocolate delicacy that I'd prefer in my Easter basket. A chocolate nude man! I'll exchange a dozen chocolate bunnies and twenty creme-filled eggs for one of these!

Easter gets off to a good start as these men demonstrate exactly how the bunny is able to leave all those goodies all in one night. A cape on a bunny enables it to soar like and eagle with superhuman strength.

This festive cartoon needs no words. The perils of not knowing precisely where to begin devouring your Easter Bunny!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nude Novice Notes: Outdoor Essentials

Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring season is underway and the foliage is returning by the day. Which only means one thing, Summer isn't that far behind. The fun-filled time of nude outdoor adventures, sports, beach trips and pool parties. Perhaps, for some, a quiet afternoon in the solitude of nature with a good book or current magazine. Regardless of the choice, it's important for us all to begin planning now so that we may enjoy every moment of our favorite past-times free from any unforseen glitches that always manage to occur.

Newbie nudists, as well as us veterans, should take this opportunity to think about what items we may need to ensure maximimum delight in our summer escapades. Advance preparation allows us the chance to cover our bases and our bodies with the best protection possible. None of us want those natural nasties to interfere with our social calendar and to spoil all our fun.

In a few previous nude novice notes (August and September, 2010), different styles of storage options were suggested. Whichever option is best, now is the time to begin gathering the basic supplies necessary for both our safety and our pleasure. Better prepared now and ready than caught unprepared and sorry later. As the temperatures are steadily rising, we never know when an exceptional day may appear and we may want to spontaneously participate in a last-minute social opportunity.

Sunscreen tops the list of seasonal essentials. Trust, this is one thing we don't want to overlook. It's always a good idea to keep a spare on hand just to be sure. Lip balm is next on the list. Yes, my brothers, they do suffer sun-damage; they burn, crack and dry. Sunglasses are important as they protect our eyes from UV rays. Anytime that we're outside, a small amount of insect repellant is helpful. Bugs don't restrict themselves to just the wilderness of hiking trails, they visit beach and pool locations as well as backyards.

Next on our checklist is hand sanitizer. This is available in many compact sizes and as both a gel and a spray. Then add a few first-aid adhesive strips (popularly referred to as "band-aids") and a pair of tweezers (to remove any pesky splinter or small piece of glass). Now that we're thinking convenience, safety and protection, if there are any additional supplies required (such as medication, allergy relief, etc.), make certain these are stocked and we should be set for a day in the sun and ready for fun.

A few packages of latex condoms and a small container of water-based lubricant complete the list. Please remember to never keep these stored in an automobile for an extended period of time. Extreme temperatures compromise the strength of the latex.

Accidents and emergencies will happen. Hopefully, a little planning ahead will reduce the impact on our outdoor excursion and permit us all to experience a good time. As always, better safe and prepared beforehand rather than sorry afterwards.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anticipation Of The Easter Feast

In the Greek Orthodox Church, now is the beginning of Holy Week, the most solemn of weeks in the Liturgical Year, the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. During this sacred period, the Orthodox Church services encompass celebration (Palm Sunday), Divine Sacrament (Great Thursday), mourning (Great Friday), grief and reconciliation (Great Saturday) and triumph (Easter Sunday: The Resurrection). It is during this week that most Orthodox Christians perform their two annual sacramental duties of making Confession and receiving Eucharist.

This year, both Holy (Orthodox) Easter and Western Easter occur on the same date. The difference in observances is due to the Eastern tradition of adhereing to the Julian Calendar and the Western custom of following the Gregorian Calendar. Usually, the two holidays generally fall between one to four weeks apart. The Western Easter always precedes the Eastern Church celebration of the Feast except when the two coincide.

Due to the schedule of prayer services every evening this week, I've already written postings for the week and scheduled them for automatic publication. Later in the week, I'll join both Twin and Cuz as we gather with our extended family in the holiday festivities. I'll return home early next week and resume publishing then.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post Card From Florida III

Dear Readers,

This is my final morning on this current visit to Florida. As usual on any type of nakation, semi-nakation or vacation, the time passed all too soon! This post card depicts one of the many locals that I befriended on my trip. I just wanted to share this memory with you.

All good things must come to an end. I don't know where exactly I read that, but the words are so true. This afternoon I'll fly back home and these past nine days in "The Sunshine State" will soon become a fond memory to be revisited in the pages of my photo album. It's funny that the fun times go swiftly and the periods of misery seem to last forever. However, that's life!

I recommend a nakation for everyone! Travelling with minimal baggage/luggage is THE only way to go now that the airlines are charging fees per piece of checked bags. It also means that there are fewer items to monitor and a significant reduction in the risks of losing or misplacing. It also eliminates time wasted at the baggage claim area of the airport. Less time spent waiting and more time for doing the fun things in life.

One pitfall to avoid: Just because you pack less doesn't necessarily mean that you can purchase more on your adventure. After all, it has to get back home somehow. If you have the desire to buy more, try shipping those items to yourself. In many instances, it's less expensive than checking bags on departure. I used this option and my carry-on bag for my return is the same weight as when I arrived on this excursion. The only addition is the camera that I neglected to bring with me. Somewhere on my list of articles to bring, I forgot to write down: brain! LOL!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, April 15, 2011

NBA Playoffs

Despite the reality that I'm currently enjoying a semi-nakation in Florida (and all too cognizant of its approaching end), life in the world continues without my daily efforts. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs. This championship season finale pits the best of the Eastern Conference and the best of the Western Conference in a professional showdown to determine the best of the best, the crown and glory of pro hoops.

Most of you are aware of my affinity for the sport of basketball. Rest assured, I'll be beachside watching the action on the courts as the playoffs begin tomorrow, Saturday, April 16, 2011. The first battle is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., featuring Chicago against Indiana. I hope to be absorbing a few solar rays, basking at the nearby clothing-optional waterfront, while viewing the competition. Trust, I won't become so involved in the game as to ignore the local scenery! I do have some ability to multi-task! My favorites are Chicago Bulls for the Eastern Conference and LA Lakers for the Western Conference.

I am by no means abandoning my campaign to change the name of the professional organization. I still feel that the NBA should be renamed the Nude Basketball Association. I'm firmly convinced that the multimillions these players receive should feature the entire season played in the nude. After all, nudity was good enough for the classic Greek Olympians. And remember, they competed for a simple laurel wreath that rested on their head. No gold nor silver for them, simply callouses on their feet. Basketball, professional, collegiate or neighborhood pick-up, id best played nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post Card From Florida II

Dear Readers,

The final part of my nine-day, semi-nakation here in The Sunshine State is now beginning. The weather has been terrific and the local scenery only gets better with each passing day. The beaches are perfect and all the men, both residents and tourists, are very friendly and kind. It's true when others say that nudists are a very hospitable crowd and welcome everyone.

It's difficult to believe that almost a week has passed since arriving here in Florida. All too fast the time passes when you're having fun! The only negative aspect of the entire trip is the time spent travelling from one hotel to the next. Personally, I feel those hours are wasted as I could use the time greeting and meeting others on the beach.

My encounters during this nakation/vacation reinforce the truth that naked men are friendlier and more congenial than are our textile counterparts. Once you remove the clothes, there's nothing left to hide. Everyone seems to relax those artificial barriers and appear to be comfortable and happy with being themselves.

One of the amazing aspects of this excursion is that I've made the acquaintance of a few men (and one hotel staff person) who are familiar with this blog. I guess that means I need to be on my best behavior at all times! Damn! Just when I thought I could loosen up and have some fun! LOL! Oh, well! Looks like I'll simply have to behave myself and enjoy the remaining days here as best as I am able. That, or be very discrete!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jobs For Men With Naked Ambition

That's entirely correct, there's no misrepresentation in the title. Jobs are available where nudity isn't optional, it's actually mandatory. As a matter of fact, the interview is also conducted in the nude in order that the employer is able to gauge prospective employees and determine their individual level of comfort while naked. Too good to be true? You can bet your long discarded fig-leaf on that. Is it for real? Yes! A British firm is seeking approximately 16-17 new, nude office staff, both male and female, to perform administrative, sales and technical assignments while totally naked.

The company, appropriately named Nude House, is a division of a corporation named Songbird, Ltd., which was founded in 1977, by Chris Taylor. The U.K. based business develops a variety of software services, including the enhancements of photographs and other graphics. Mr Taylor said: "I decided I would buy some new offices in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and I decided it would be a naturist office. I am a naturist and I like the idea of working with males and females of the same persuasion." He added, "The software we sell doesn't require the sales people or technical people to be involved with the customers."

This new office site will focus on marketing a new product, "Move Your Mouse." This service enables customers to display "hot images" on their websites that links specific products to product information. The general public will not be able to look inside the office area. The temperature in this environment will be kept at 23 degrees C. The staff will be paid the pound equivalent of USD$40,000.

The job description states: "New applicants will be required to work in the nude from the time they arrive at work until the time they leave. Nude means no clothes, whatsoever, and no shoes, either. Each of you, male and female, will behave decorously."

According to Mr. Taylor, "As far as I am aware this is not only the first U.K. office job for naturists in web-coding or web-selling, but is also the first worldwide facility for naturists to earn substantial sums of money from work that incidentally provides them with the capacity to work entirely without clothes." He next stated, "I just like the habit of being without clothes. I enjoy being naked and being with other people who are naked. I don't have any hang-ups about it."

Personally, I've always thought of the British people as very reserved and proper, even when nude. Yes, they can be fun and friendly in their own dignified manner. These job opportunities prove that they are also more progressive can the rest of us could ever imagine.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeland Security: Scanner Skitters

As a social naturist/nudist, I've never really understood all the hoopla raised over the implementation, last November, of the full-body scanners as a part of our airport security system. After all, it's like a body x-ray, not a pornographic photograph. It reflects an innocent image of our body and doesn't reveal details of our personal anatomy. Now, at the same time, I recognize the fact that as a nudist, my perspective on this subject may be a little biased. Simply because I have no shame surrounding my own body doesn't mean that I can overlook the concerns of my more modest brothers. Just because they are shy by their very nature gives me no right to disregard their concerns/fears.

However, this process is no longer a novelty. It's been in place now for almost five months in general and longer in some localities. There has been sufficient media coverage surrounding this procedure that it shouldn't be a surprise for anyone planning air travel. It is a part of our daily routine. And, we have a valid reason for this routine: it is supposed to make us all a little safer while flying the friendly skies. At least, that's what the folks at our national security offices want us to think.

Regardless, I was briefly amused last week while departing for my trip to Florida. Watching people undergo this scanning operation caused me to smile to myself and shake my head. More than a few were visibly nervous as they approached the revealing cylinder that they had to cross in order to gain access to their flights. One might think that they were entering a capsule that was about to launch them into a distant place in time. All this stress even though others ahead of them in the line were plainly in view as they took their turn going through security. I thought: Is anyone really that modest?

A few actually had difficulty raising their arms above their heads. This wasn't due to any mobility nor coordination issues. It was simply they had problems from removing one hand from covering/protecting their genitalia. Like one hand is going to prevent the scanner from imaging their penis or vagina. Did they truly think they were the only person that generously endowed? How would they react if we all had to go behind closed doors and be individually strip-searched?

As a veteran people-watcher, I saw the humor in the anxiety felt by some of my skittish fellow-travellers. It relieved my boredom as I waited for my own scanning session. In retrospect, as a penance for my transgression of deriving so much pleasure from the obvious pain of others, I should have stepped up and totally stripped off all my clothes when my turn arrived. Now that I think about it, given the muscular physique of the handsome man at the scanning device, I missed my chance to romp with that one. Perhaps I have already atoned for my offense!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Post Card From Florida

Dear Readers,

Azz you can well imagine, the scenery here on the clothing-optional beaches in Florida is great! The weather is fine and the people that I'm meeting are open and friendly. Visualize the above picture magnified by the hundreds. This is now the morning of day three here and typically, the nine days are passing by all too soon.

Please forgive me the above intentional pun. I couldn't resist the opportunity to include that one! Today is our last here in the area of Haulover Beach, one of Florida's many clothing-optional beaches and by far its most popular one. We've spent the three previous nights in an oceanfront hotel nearby and later this morning will depart for a different property in a new area of the state. This facility is located close to a nude beach that I've never visited before and I hope to enjoy myself as much there as I have here.

As with every trip, nakation, semi-nakation (as is this one for me) or vacation, something always gets left behind, forgotten. This excursion is no exception. I remembered to pack everything I needed save my cameras. Before we depart here today, I plan to shop around and buy an inexpensive one to use for the remainder of this trip. As much as I enjoy photography, I still can't believe I left all three of mine at home! That clearly demonstrates how much I needed this relaxation time!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Semi-Nakation With Benefits

Beginning later this morning, I'm off on a vacation with a friend for nine days. I'm caring my laptop with me and will publish whenever I'm able. This is a much needed retreat from the drama of this past winter and early spring and I'm looking forward to the rest and recreation time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If there's any advice that I can offer to you at this time, it's this: remember the importance of regularly scheduling time for yourself. For all of us, it is crucial for both our emotional, mental and physical health to reserve a period in order to renew and rejuvenate ourselves. How else can we expect to retain our individual sanity in an otherwise insane world? We all need to bear in mind the need to care for ourselves.

These nine days of rest are a vacation, not a nakation (although I would have preferred the latter). My friend and I will be visiting a few resorts that are totally textile. I'm not too happy about this but the agency paying for the excursion (in other words, airfare and accomodations are free) is expecting our honest evaluation of customer service and friendliness on the properties where we lodge. That is a small price to pay for having to wear clothing when travelling and on site. Essentially, this entire trip is a freebie and any complaining is pointless.

There is a silver lining inside the proverbial cloud. All three of the facilities are less than an hour away from two different clothing optional beaches. This will offer us a welcome respite from the textile world and afford us a chance to truly relax in a friendly environment. One of the beaches I've never visited before. That, itself, provides us with the golden opportunity to explore new terrain. Likewise, the anticipation of meeting new people during our visits and frolics on sand and in water. On second thought, perhaps this is a semi-nakation. I'm one of those men who typically views the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Indeed, a partial nakation is much better than no nakation at all.

All things considered, it should be an interesting nine days. Room service and clothes in exchange for days of nudity and sun. A little bit of the best of both worlds on someone else's dime. At least we're destined to be in Florida and not Alaska!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sanitizing Nudity

We've all seen many photographs like the one posted here on the right. The photographer attempting to depict social nudity while remaining unoffensive as possible. There was a time in my life when images like this both angered and frustrated me due to the blatant and obvious efforts to "cover-up" what is apparent: nakedness. What is happening here? Why make the subjects strip and pose nude only to disguise portions of their anatomy that we all know is hanging loose and free? What is going on with this? Isn't this censorship and isn't that wrong? The list of questions goes on, unanswered. Of course, all these musings on the what and why are coming from a practicing naturist/nudist and his individual perspective. And this limited view often clouds our ability to see the broader/larger picture.

This was true for me at that particular moment in my life. I saw no reason for trying to portray gay social nudism for anything other than what it truly is: same gender loving men proudly sharing their individual nudity with other men who prefer the same. Clearly, all the men are naked. What purpose is served by concealing their genitalia? Nude is the absence of any covering. Why remove the clothes only to replace the the garments by hands and other bodies? At that time, I could think of no logical explanation for this practice. It was beyond my understanding.

Recently, a couple of naturist friends and I were having a discussion concerning this topic. Surprisingly, I found myself defending this custom. In this age of keeping things real and reality TV; here I was, a harsh critic of false representation, now rushing to the defense of this habit that borders on deceit and prudishness.

The reason for this change of heart is simple. Visibility at all costs. The concept of social nudity is present in the picture. The meaning is clear for all to see. There is no room for any misunderstanding. Few, if any, media outlets would find it difficult not to feature this photo in any presentation. It is innocuous enough to offer to most mainstream audiences. At the most, only a small minority might find it offensive or vulgar.

In this period in time when we are witnessing an alarming increase in gay teen suicides, it is important that we reach the questioning or marginalized youth who are vulnerable. We need to remind those at risk for taking their own lives that they are not alone. There are others out there who share their feelings and are living their lives. Especially those young people who face the burden of being both queer and nudist and growing up in Podunk, wherever, with no one to talk to. We need to reach them before they harm themselves.

If sanitizing nudity enables the mainstream media to be the tool to deliver this message, then let's use it. If it's possible to communicate this fact to only one isolated teen, then the end is justified by the means. If one life can be spared, it's worth the effort. Our future, as a community, a culture and a country depends on the productivity and creativity of the next generation. Even one life lost is too big a price to pay.

I can live with the sanitization of nudity if it saves a life.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Lament!

First of all, please allow me to clarify something here. When I posted "Lament" to the title of this article, I am not referring to The Lamentations, the hymns sung during the liturgical season of Lent in the Greek Orthodox Church. I am referring to the groans and moans of regret uttered by same gender loving naturist/nudist men once the joy of the arrival of Spring has passed. This is the moment that reality sets in and they soon understand that beach time isn't far away. A time for truth and the remorse for having avoided the gym workouts throughout the winter months. It hits them right between the eyes that they neglected the chance to pump themselves into ideal shape and body tone for all those outdoor social nude activities that happen during the summer fun days. They passed on the chance to maintain those muscles and physique. The fear that others probably will look better then themselves as we gravitate towards the beaches and pools that attract our attention during the warmer season.

I can't offer any last minute solution to the dilemma this creates. I don't know why many procrastinated about a fitness regimen during the dormant days of cold winds, ice and snow. I do understand why. After all, we had to bury ourselves beneath layers of clothes just to get to the gym because the temperatures outside were below freezing. I know this caused some to simply skip the effort. I even sympathize as it was a chore for me to face those frigid mornings and drag my ass to the gym. Yes, I feel you there, my brothers.

At the same time, we all knew that better days were ahead. As certain as night follows day, winter is replaced by Spring which is, in turn, is followed by Summer. We all are aware that we are nudists and that means shedding all clothes at every available opportunity. I have no explanation for this temporary loss of memory except, perhaps: brain freeze. The winter weather brought on my amnesia.

I can offer you some advice. First, it's not to late to take steps to make you feel better about yourself. Rather than wallow in self-pity, get out to the gym or outside and do whatever to bring your body back to life. Add to that a healthier diet and soon you'll both look and feel better about you. Don't waste energy on the April Lament. Instead, focus on getting back on track and doing what you need to do for you.

Finally, remember, as naturists, we are accepting of the male nude with all imperfections. We embrace all our brothers, whatever their physical flaws. We do this because we likewise recognize that all of us are imperfect ourselves. I know that I'm not a mass of muscle built like a classical god. Far from it, my nudity is my individuality and uniqueness. My nakedness, your nakedness, our nudity is not a cause for shame. Don't be concerned, my nude brothers, be proud.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Michelangelo: Nude

"What spirit is so empty and blind that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe and the skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?"


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vancouver's Naturist Beach

The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Cananda, is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year. As part of the milestone, local officials are promoting the City as a travel destination with material featuring the City's Top Ten vacation sites. Number Ten on the list is Wreck Beach, a clothing-optional coastal park. It boasts more than 500,000 visitors annually.

Wreck Beach is Canada's first and largest naturist/nudist-friendly public waterfront property. It is located where the Fraser River flows into the waters of the Strait of Georgia and English Bay. It has miles of sandy beach surrounded by a natural park environment. Wreck Beach was absorbed by Pacific Spirit Regional Park in 1989. Later, it became part of the Greater Vancouver Regional Park District (now Metropolitan Vancouver Regional Park).

The first nudists to use Wreck Beach in the 1970s were arrested for indecency, although the provincial Crown Prosecuter was disinclined to prosecute. This action was followed by a 300 person "nude-in" protest that attracted ten times that number as spectators. Several years passed with demonstrations both for and against allowing naturist visitors. On July 10, 1977, it was granted official status as Canada's first designated clothing-optional beach.

Signs now adorn the trail leading through the park approaching the beach area as "clothing-optional." A welcome site for the thousands of nudists who visit each year.
Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great Job, VCU Rams!

Congratulations go out to the men's basketball team of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) for a job well done! You played well and gave it your best shot; you should all feel proud of your effort. You guys made it all the way to the Final Four of the NCAA March Madness tournament through skill, precision and teamwork.

You exceeded everyone's expectations in pursuit of your dream. Your upset of the competition as you progressed through the tournament bracket amazed millions nationwide. Time after time you proved to be a serious contender for the championship and a force not to be taken lightly. You showed this country that there is no shame in your game.

Last night, in the Final Four round of the playoffs, you offered a fierce challenge to Butler University. The final score of 70-62 is no cause for disgrace. Actually, as far as B-Ball scores go, you held your own and gave the Bulldogs no chance to pause for glory. In the world of collegiate Hoops, you remained on your game.

Great job, guys! Hold your head high!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness: Final Four: Go VCU!

The NCAA collegiate basketball super-tournament popularly known as March Madness has finally wound it's way down to the Final Four; the last four teams standing with all eyes on the championship. This year, this competition was fierce with a little more than the usual number of surprise upsets. One of these amazing results is now in the final four bracket: VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Rams.

The Final Four elimination begins tonight with #11 VCU facing #8 Butler University Bulldogs in Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas. The game begins at 6:09 p.m., and will be aired live on the CBS Network. Now, I didn't attend VCU, however, I'm all behind the men from VCU as they face this challenge. I'll support the team from my home state. Go VCU! Go Rams!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!