Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nude Holiday Party Games

The 2011 Winter Holiday season is here and along with it comes the endless parade of parties and socials, Those gatherings when we all come together and share in the festivities and participate in good cheer. They're as much a part of the seasonal traditions just as trees, stockings and eggnog. Most of us thoroughly enjoy these ocassions and wouldn't miss them for the world. After all, as social nudists, we need social events. What better way for us to suffer through those dreary and chilly winter evenings than with friends and aquaintances, right?

One dilemma of the holiday time facing both hosts and guests alike is how to make one party memorable and special; different from all the others Those of us inviting people into our homes want our own particular celebration to be a level above those offered by everyone. else. We all want our friends to leave with memories of a great time that outshines all the rest. For those of us attending, nothing is better than an extra effort or touch to break the routine monotony of one party after another. A little  spark that makes the social experience distinguish itself from the ordinary. Hosts and guests appreciate a tradition-maker, not just the usual tradition.

Preplanned party games and activities are one tool to help us create  a jovial atmosphere and entertain loved ones. They're also ice-breakers that enable our guests to become acquainted with each other and to relax. It gets everyone involved and the evening off to a fun beginning. Games can be the one something extra that gives our particular gathering a boost that friends will remember long after the tinsel and mistletoe have been packed away and the holidays a memory.

The ideas I'm sharing here are merely suggestions and are offered in the spirit of the season and as a means of relieving the stress of logistics and preplanning. Feel free to make any alterations or modifications as necessary. All of them with the exception of the first one have been used in the past and have proven to be successful. The initial one I'm using this upcoming weekend although I'm certain it's been enjoyed before this year. No need to reinvent the proverbial wheel here. All of these offerings may be employed in a clothing environment but they are absolutely most fun when conducted among nudists, for obvious reasons.

Condom pinatas: This is exactly what the name implies: a pinata filled with individually wrapped condoms. I do not stuff it with boxes of condoms for economic considerations but that is an option. Most party stores sell empty pinatas that can be filled with whatever. Aside from goodies/prizes to insert, the only additional item needed is an object to break the pinata and a blindfold. A variation is to include individual one-time-use mini-tubes of water-based lubricant along with the condoms.

Ornament Body-Painting: Now, this one is most definately the most nudecentric of the suggestions published here. All that is required are nude bodies as human canvases and body paint, especially in the traditional holiday colors, and brushes (although the brushes aren't absolutely needed). Sometimes, finger painting images of ornaments on the body of another increases interest. Guests may be paired to mutually decorate each other within a specified amount of time or this art project can go on throughout the duration of the social. Prizes for most original, most creative, most colorful, etc., may be awarded. I've used it both ways and most everyone seems to have fun with this one. One advantage to this activity is who needs to decorate with a room full of naked men prancing and dancing around?

The above listed ideas are absolutely designed for an adult social naturist/nudist situation. As I mentioned earlier, they can be engaging for clothed partygoers although most enjoyable in a clothes-free atmosphere. The next two suggestions are variations on children's games many of us enjoyed when younger. Now that we're adults and in a social nude setting, they may prove interesting as well as fun.

Pin The Nose On Rudolf: This one is a modification of the Pin The Tail On The Donkey. The only supplies needed are poster board sheets, markers, pins and a blindfold. Draw or cut out an outline of the reindeer without his nose and separately, a nose. Mount to a wall and let the fun begin. A alternate adaptation of this game is Pin The Beard On Santa. A spin-off on the latter is Pin The Penis On Santa. Both versions also require appropriate outlines created along with the item being pinned to the picture.

Balloon Circle Relays: The only tool necessary for this one are inflated balloons  (in holiday colors). Gather the guests into a circle and pass out balloons to random men within the circle. The object is to pass the balloons from one participant to another, to the left or right. The fun is in the fact that the balloons need to be passed only under the chin. Hands and arms may not be used. If there is enough space, instead of one circle, two or more lines can be formed and it takes on the action of a true linear relay.

All the season's best and have tons of nude fun at your holiday socials!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



Trickle Down BS said...

I don't think any of those would work very well for us here at this household...after all, who'd want to see my 96 yr. old mother naked? Nor could we have the 12 yr. old pinning a dick on Santa.


Trickle Down BS said...

Here is one for you I haven't told anyone. I discovered going through my father's papers after his passing - 2 receipts, one for a nudist camp in California and the other one was for a "Campo Naturista" in a Latin country.
I put two and two together and it is not surprising that both my parents were, (my mom still is)liberals.
I am not a militant nudist although I enjoy tremendously the feeling of being free in the wilderness without clothes...or the beach.

thegayte-keeper said...

Can I play with Tyson?