Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Naked Truth About Gay Nudity

The naked truth about nudity is simply: we are nude. We're our basic selves without any of the artificial disguises that represent economic status, cultural differences or social class. Everyone of us is our true identity, naturally. Our nakedness is the freedom that creates us all equal.

This is the moment when the majority of us queer naturists/nudists are at our happiest. We are liberated from the constraints and restraints of an oppressive and judgmental puritanical society. We are able to fraternize with our naked brethren and to celebrate the beauty, diversity and imperfections of the male body. It is possible, at least for a brief amount of time, to lose the attitude and pretenses and just be the man that we individually are in the company of our like-minded brothers. We experience the joy of total relaxation and honesty. Naked, we have no choice except to be ourselves.

Absent from this environment of communal nudity is the pressure and stress to maintain appearance and image. There is no way to artificially enhance or hide any personal physical attribute. We are who and what we are. We voluntarily and willingly share our natural selves as a special gift to our fellow men. This offering to our fraternity is without guilt or shame. What we are giving to all is our naked truth: our bare and basic self.

Accompanying this total exposure (no pun intended) of our physical essence is our demonstration of our pride in our respective bodies and our pride in ourselves. We are comfortable with our own skin. The self-acceptance of our uniqueness as men with whatever deformities/imperfections nature has bestowed. These differences we all possess and they are what make us beautiful, individual and special. Our collective and respective nakedness both presents and represents our self-confidence in our manhood/masculinity.

Once nude together, a bond of unity is created. A mutual sharing of honesty and openess establishes a brotherhood that isn't easily severed. Acquaintances and friendships may come and go. However, through social nudity, there is an intimacy, a union, absent of the physical, that always remains. The naked truth: it is eternally ours to embrace and enjoy.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Homophobes Love Cock, Too!

Apparently, the word is getting out to the mainstream population and they are responding. Cocksucking is no longer strictly limited to queers and women in heterosexual relationships. It's so much fun and both participants derive so much sensual pleasure from the act that homophobes and religious right leaders want their piece of the action! As if that isn't enough, they want their totally heterosexual cocks sucked not just by their women; they want them sucked by their boys/men as well! Brace yourself for the next bombshell: they want to suck cocks, also! That's right, they like the taste just the same as us!

This sexual sport that, for millenia, we same gender loving men considered exclusively ours is now open to straight bigots throughout the land. I am one furious faggot who resents this encroachment on my God-given right to enjoy, savor and worship cock! Allow them this special privilege and what are they going to demand next? The opportunity to take it up their ass? WTF! Oh, hell no! Let's stop all this equality shit right here and right now. Cocksucking and assfucking are sexual activities solely for the homos, not for the heteros. It should be a federal/national law.

This whole concept of equal access to cocks is absurd and ridiculous. It represents the beginning of the decline of civilization as we know it. The very thought of homophobic men enjoying penile delicacies both mocks and threatens the sanctity of of the fine art of cocksucking. If we permit those people this pleasure, who knows where it will lead. What will they think of next? The recruitment of our youth and indoctrinating them into the skills of cocksucking?

The most recent culprit in this diabolical scheme of blasphemy against the sacred institution of homosexuality is the Reverend Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, near Atlanta, Georgia. Bishop Long, a notorious anti-gay religious right spokesperson was named as the defendant in a lawsuit filed earlier this week in DeKalb County, GA, by two men charging sexual abuse during counseling by the Reverend Bishop while they were both teenage members of his church. After the initial complaint was filed, another plaintiff has filed a similar suit with identical charges. Smoke is usually the result of an actual fire. The alleged abuses happened when the plaintiffs were minors under the pastoral care of Bishop Long.

The Reverend Bishop Eddie Long joins the celestial and holy host of homophobic and religious right clergy who have violated their sacred trust. This sanctimonious fraternity of down low brethren seems to be rife with anti-gay voices who make same gender loving choices in their private lives. Does anyone else notice the hypocrisy in NOT practicing what you DO preach?

Let's face the facts, folks. The behavior of these closeted clerics has given an entirely new meaning to the epitaph: cocksucker. It looks as though it's no longer a pejorative slur against us queers. We now have to share the label with the holy sinners as well.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monkey Business

Yesterday, the completely unthinkable happened in the nations' capital. The government openly and publicly showed all of us that they're going ape over bananas. The entire Republican membership of the US Senate committed high treason. At a time when this country is involved in not one, but two foreign wars, they all voted against blocking a filibuster and refused a vote of the Defense Authorization Bill. How quickly they all forgot that it was the Republican leadership that initiated these overseas conflicts.

The message is loud and clear: the Republican partisans collectively turned their backs on every member of the United States Armed Forces. The very men and women who are risking their lives everyday defending our freedom and way of life. The treacherous actions by these Republican cowards demonstrates their regard for the safety and well being of those fighting in their war.

Why this blatant act of irresponsibility? The Republican Senators suborned patriotism in response to their homophobia. If they had supported the Defense Authorization Bill and denied the filibuster vote, they in essence would have taken the initial step leading to the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Rather than be perceived as favoring equality for all, they cast aside their duty and responsibility to those sacrificing their existance for this nation and instead once again embraced hatred, exclusion and homophobic prejudice.

Shame on each and every one of you! You conveniently wrap yourself in the American flag when the issue is the building of a mosque near the former World Trade Center site. Yet you cavalierly discard that same banner when the issue is equality throughout the land. Traitors!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Treat For Me

I've written here several times before: summer is my favorite season of the year. I'm fine with all the heat and humidity: Bring it on! A time of liberation from the constraints of strictly indoor nudity. A chance to enjoy and revel in my nakedness, both inside and outside. The option of being me, doing me, all naturally, in whatever environment that I choose. Where i live, summer affords me the ultimate freedom of choice. That, my brothers, is my idea of heaven on earth.

As a reward to myself for striving to be the best Deaf, queer, naturist/nudist that I can be, I take off from work the final entire week of the calendar summer (the autumnal equinox is September 23). I've provided this special bonus time for me for the past nine years, since 2001. For this year, 2010, that was all of last week, September 11-19. Nine days out of 365 reserved especially for me and about me. Every day of this weekend-to-weekend period focused on me and what I do best: living nude. Celebrating my nakedness without any obligation or responsibility to anyone else.

This may be viewed as the epitome of narcissism by some. Perhaps, you may even be absolutely correct in your judgment. However, I perceive this as my gift/treat for me, from me, for trying to be a decent, nice, respectful friend and person to all those around me. In providing myself this outlet, I'm likewise empowering myself the ability to commit to and perform whatever good I can offer the world.

The majority of this particular week is spontaneous and not organized. That's one of the reasons for doing it; just go with what feels right. But, that doesn't mean that it's entirely me alone. I do invite family and friends to participate if I feel inclined and if they are available. It involves last-minute notification and all those who know me, by now, understand this.

So, last week found me driving throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. I spent several days at a gay-friendly establishment in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that features clothing-optional hot tubs and sun deck. I stayed two days and a night at a nudist resort/campground in Ivor, Virginia (mixed company). In between, I enjoyed days at an unofficial nude gay area in a park in Richmond, Virginia. I finished the leisure time with a naked hike on private property near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I encourage anyone who can afford this type of experience to do so. I don't think you'll regret it. The mental relief alone makes the entire effort worthwhile.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nudecentric Coming Out

The phrase or term coming out has many different meanings for an almost equal number of different people. In colloquial usage, it is understood to be the voluntary disclosure of a particular personal attribute or character (trait). WE freely and willingly share this information to a select few or to all in general. We, individually, determine who needs or should know about this facet of our lives. Plain and simple: it is our own choice as to when and to whom we take into our confidence. Coming out is considered an act of both love and trust.

Obviously, for members of the GLBT/same gender loving community, it is the process of publicly acknowledging to family and/or friends our sexual identity. Similarly, for those of us of the naturist/nudist culture, it is the process of publicly admitting our preference for private and/or social nudity, regardless of our sexual orientation. This situation becomes a complex issue when it involves both lifestyle (nudism) and sexuality (gay/queer). Of course, we all know that given the current definition of coming out, this entire process is not just limited to the two scenarios presented here.

Curiously, more of our brothers are seemingly comfortable with confirming their sexuality rather than their nudity. Granted, both cultures are marginalized by our broader society. Anything that transcends the puritanical norm is seen as both deviant and perverse. This stereotype is applied to both gays and nudists, usually with no distinction between the two. Many who have this belief falsely think the two synonymous. Most incorrectly equate queerness and nudity with sex and nothing else.

The result of these myths is that far too many gays, nudists and those of us who are both remain closeted or secreted about who we truly are. Despite the fact that Americans are slowly becoming increasingly tolerant of same gender loving people, many are hesitant about disclosure. Although both groups face similar obstacles and stigmas from our mainstream society, there exists one major degree of difference between the two. Gays are more than likely to come out as opposed to nudes.

This discrepancy may be attributed to the visibility of the queer equality movement. All the attention and exposure (no pun intended) does offer advantages. The increase in legal protections extended to individual GLBT people and their partners likewise foster legitimacy. The entertainment industry offers the general public an insight into our lives which reinforces commonalities and dispels myths. The mounting evidence from the scientific world that gay may be genetic helps to silence critics.

Naturists/nudists, both homosexual and heterosexual, come out in fewer numbers than same gender loving people. Most aren't comfortable sharing their naked lifestyle with loved ones. For example, in my own circle of about 20 Deaf, queer nudist friends (as opposed to acquaintances) only four of us are out to our families and friends as naturists (the four include Twin, Cuz and I). Yet all of us, to some degree, are out as gay. Perhaps this is because our naked lifestyle is a choice as opposed to our sexual orientation being an inherited trait.

The lack of prominent nudist role models may be another reason for the reluctance of many to come out publicly. Many famous people have been photographed naked but few, if any, admit to the nudist life. This nation continues to suffer under an ingrained Puritan legacy. Being nude is lewd. Sinful. Shameful. Indecent. Nudity is continually used as an instrument of degradation and humiliation. In our penal institutions, most confines known as "the hole" mandate nudity. In prisoner situations, we need look no further than Guantamano Bay and Abu Grahib.

To counter the lingering prejudices against nudity, we should all concentrate on dispelling falsehoods whenever possible. Affiliating with national nudist organizations gives us representation on the statewide and national levels. Writing to our respective legislators on issues concerning our naked culture is a means to demonstrate our validity.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naturist Action Committee (NAC) Alert

This is a condensed version of an email that I received yesterday. It concerns the status of the clothing-optional space at San Onofre State Beach in California. For additional information and for updates, visit: or

The Trail 6 area of San Onofre State Beach is traditionally clothing-optional. In March of this year, a citation for public nudity was issued to an individual by a lifeguard at the northern end of the nudist-friendly designated area. Several additional tickets were issued shortly afterward. Throughout the spring and summer, no other tickets were written. The week of Labor Day, 2010, three citations for nudity were dispensed and another one was given earlier this week. All the recent ticketing was by one Ranger Mike Story, an employee of California's Department of Parks and Recreation.

Ranger Story has informed beach visitors that he has nude videos of them. The Department of Parks and Recreation has denied the existence of these videos. Ranger Story is the only parks employee issuing tickets for public nudity, even though both rangers and lifeguards have the authority to do so.

The Friends of San Onofre Beach and the Naturist Action Committee are working with the individuals cited to resolve the matter. Both groups contend that the individuals are nude under appropriate circumstance as they were within the boundaries of the Trail 6 area.

The following paragraph is directly from the NAC alert: "Friends of San Onofre Beach, the Naturist Action Committee and naturists everywhere need your assistance. First and foremost, we must not abandon our beach. If we do not maintain our presence at Trail 6, the Parks Department will have successfully imposed the intolerant will of a tiny handful of bureaucrats on the large numbers who enjoy responsible clothing-optional recreation on public land. We cannot let that happen. The naturist community is depending on us to stand our ground."

This information is presented to you to act upon, if you feel so inclined. In the current climate of inclusion and hatred that we are experiencing in our country, this matter possibly could be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Growing Up Nudists

From the day that Twin and I first came home from hospital until the day that we both moved out of our family home, we always shared a bedroom. Although neither one of us can recollect the exact point in our lives that we realized our disdain for clothes, we both agree that it was at an early age. By the time we began elementary school, we both were naked whenever we were in our bedroom, either alone or together. Even though these experiences were fraternal nudity as opposed to social nudity, it instilled in us a sense of pride of both who we are and of our bodies.

Our family was most DEAFinitely not nudecentric and likewise not religiously puritanical. An environment of moderate modesty did exist. Being raised in a household of six brothers (three older than us, three younger) did increase our opportunities of fraternal nudity. All of us siblings had to share one and one-half bathrooms. None of our brothers exhibited any nudist preferences.

As happens in most families, the photo albums maintained by Mom and Pop are loaded with nude pictures of Twin and myself. After a while, the cute little naked twin toddlers eventually lost their cuteness while naked. Our parents did, for many years, attempt to encourage our modesty and discourage our nakedness. Within several years, they gave up trying and attributed our preference as a twin-thing. By the time we began school, we both understood our limitations and kept our nudity confined to our bedroom.

Our first remembrance of experimentation with social nudity happened the weekend after our 9th birthday. Our parents gave us permission to invite one friend each for a sleep-over. All was fine until we retired to our bedroom to actually sleep. Twin and I both stripped the minute the door shut behind us. Our friends didn't do likewise and the expression on their faces told their side of the story. they were shocked that we were both naked. Neither of us can recall the dialogue that followed but after a while, our friends removed their clothes also. Their initial negative reaction did remind us both of the view that much of the world holds towards naturism.

Our second chance at social nudity occurred when we were 12 years old. It was summertime and we were camping out in a mutual classmate's backyard. There were maybe five our six of us and once we retired to the tent we all began to disrobe and wrestle each other. After the parents of our friend turned out the house lights, we all enjoyed a skinny-dip in their pool. Several months ago, Twin and I were discussing this camp-out and wondered what, if anything at all, did the adults witness.

Unfortunately, we're only in contact with two of our childhood friends from these events. We aren't in frequent communication. Neither of them are nudists (or, at least, admitting as much). They both know that Twin and I are naturists.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010


The tradition of this country has always been to provide sanctuary to those fleeing prosecution in their native lands. This has been true since the settling of the New England colonies by the Puritans and Pilgrims, in the Pennsylvania colony by the Quakers and the Maryland colony by Catholics, all fleeing religious restrictions by England. From the early colonial times, many have come here in desperation: the Irish, the Jews, the Germans and others. For political or religious reasons, all have been welcomed to our shores.

So, why isn't that the same case today? Ali Ahmed, the First Secretary at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Los Angeles, California, has applied for asylum here through the Department of Homeland Security. The reason: he's gay and his diplomatic passport has been revoked by the Saudi Royal Family. If he's returned to Saudi Arabia, he faces either imprisonment or beheading. He's gay. That is crime enough for life behind bars or capital punishment. He's gay.

Neither the Department of Homeland Security nor the State Department have responded to his request for sanctuary. It seems this entire event is happening just as another peace initiative is being planned for the Middle East and Saudi support for this process is in the national interests. At the same time, certain evangelical groups are supporting immigration reform and their participation in this effort is encouraging a significant number of Republicans to back this proposal. Some feel that they may withdraw their backing if we allow this man to remain here. He's gay. Don't we have enough of that kind here already?

Oh, by the way. Just in case you haven't remembered this part, he's also Muslim.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy Week

This past week has been both crazy and hectic for me. School started as did all my after school programs! Particularly busy this year as three locations were renovated and new furniture and supply orders are all on backorder! Hopefully, I can resume publishing next week.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've received emails from readers encouraging me to permit ads to this blog. During the past month, I had five sent to me. I understand that readers want a higher quality blog and appreciate that. However, at this time, I have no need to seek outside support for publishing here.

I am an amateur author. This blogspace is a hobby that I enjoy and that is also free. I'm here because I want to do this and not because I have to do this. That's it, bottom line. It's strictly voluntary. I've met a number of interesting men from writing here and am personally satisfied with this project. If the result appears amateurish and simplistic, fine. That's exactly what and who I am. Hell, I'm also having fun doing it!

If I started accepting financial reimbursements through advertisements here, that experience would change drastically. Contributing here would cease to be a past-time and become a job. A requirement. An obligation. The fun aspect would be eliminated only to be replaced by stress and tension. At this particular moment in my life, I'm content with the status quo. I have no desire nor need to be anything other than myself.

At the same time, I endorse, respect and support all of my brother bloggers who choose differently. Each and every one of us has the freedom of self-determination as to what does and doesn't work for us. Different authors have diverse needs for their respective publications. These options allow for the variety of blogs and styles that we all enjoy daily.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day!

All of you have a happy, restful, fun-filled Labor Day holiday! Here's a visual image to start your three-day weekend. Do something special for yourself and your loved ones: take precautions so that you experience no regrets later. Drive defensively, not aggressively. Drive within the posted speed limits (this is one of the times most law enforcement personnel strictly monitor this situation). If you need to indulge in whatever, make sure you have a designated driver.

Be responsible. Plan ahead. Buy those latex condoms and water-based lubricants now, before you get busy. Regardless of whether you hit it or get hit, protect yourself and your partner.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Target Boycott Update

Target Corporation has decided NOT to even try to make amends over the decision to donate $150,000 towards the Minnesota gubernatorial campaign of a rabid anti-Gay candidate of the Republican (is anyone surprised?) Party. The real kick-in-the-ass comes from the fact that this particular candidate (intentionally not using his name here) supports a so-called "Christian" rock group that advocates the extermination of all Gays. Now, how can this rock group consider itself "Christian" when it totally ignores one of the basic tenets of the Christian faith, namely the sanctity of human life? How can this aspiring gubernatorial candidate expect to represent all the people of Minnesota while blatantly disrespecting a minority group?

Evidently, the powers to be at Target, despite a growing boycott by the GLBT community, aren't at all embarrassed by this public relations disaster. They have no remorse for publicly supporting someone who is obviously comfortable with the genocide of an entire cultual minority. This is indeed a prime example of the adage: actions speak louder than words. Target apologized to their GLBT employees over this gaffe in an internal memo. However, as of today, no public apology to their GLBT customers or to the world at large has been offered. Is this silence to be understood as a fact that this is the official corporate policy of the Target executives?

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese responding to this affront, "All fair-minded Americans will now rightly question Target's commitment to equality. If their initial contribution was a slap in the face, their refusal to make it right is a punch in the gut and that's not something that we will soon forget." Amen to that, Mr. Solmonese! The trail of Gay-earned dollars from Gay hands to Target ends here, right now.

As a community, we need to send Target a clear message. Gay dollars and Gay plastic are just as valuable as hetero dollars and plastic. If you despise us as a community, then don't expect our hard-earned assets to fill your coffers. The buck stops here.

Please feel free to express your feelings on this issue directly to Target Corporation. Their address:

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nude Novice Notes: Valuables Part 2

A couple of additional suggestions for securing your items of value while attending nude socials. Select the mode that best suits you and be as original as you can in finding the style that meets your particular needs. As for me, I use a variety of means to keep keys, cash and ID safe.


This fits around the neck and can be worn straddling your hips or down your back as well as in front. Keys can be easily attached and also a clear plastic sleeve that fits a photo ID card and cash. This one is extra long for my personal taste.

This suggestion is light-weight the probably the least cumbersome. Just remember to attach only the car key and NOT the entire key collection unless you want to also use it as a lethal weapon! This one is favored by Cuz.


Once again, this can be flipped to hang in front, side or back. This is a leather wallet pouch that holds photo ID, cash and a single or perhaps two keys (flat). This is also available in nylon and fabric. I prefer the one that has a flap that covers the ID window (you don't want complete strangers having too much information).

There are many variations on this item and you can choose what's best for you. These can be found in bookstores, kiosks near the subway and in most sporting goods retailers.

Ankle and/or wrist styles are also offered for sale. Just make certain that all your essentials fit.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!