Friday, May 28, 2010

Successful Challenges

It's difficult for me to believe, but it's now been five months that I've published here. I vividly recall my initial apprehension after posting my first entry: what the hell is coming next? Miraculously, number two happened and was followed by number three, and so forth to today. This item is my my fifty-plus post in these five short months.

Along the way, there have been challenges. Aside from the "what next?" question, other issues also surfaced. Do I discuss current events? How much personal information do I reveal? Should I address Deaf Culture concerns? If I self-identify as Deaf, queer and naturist/nudist, how do I effectively balance the three? Self-importance versus topic relevance? Trust, my brothers, the list of questions doesn't end here. The soul-searching response is a tight-rope walk full of misjudgments and mistakes. I apologize for these.

On the positive side, I've met many new and interesting men. I'm building several exciting friendships. There was even a two-month fling at a romantic relationship (it didn't pan out but did open the door to possibilities). Life is all about taking chances and accepting change. DQN In Northern Virginia is a part of all that. There is always hope for tomorrow and room for improvement.

I've also survived my own "rude awakening." Indeed, I've learned from my missteps. You see, I started this blog with no game plan. Now, I have both an outline and a schedule in place a month in advance. I understand the importance of flexibility; to "go with the flow" and keep it honest and real.

Experience has taught me that preparedness is the key to both survival and sanity. Every once in awhile, I can be a "quick study!" I thank you for your patience. I appreciate your friendship and support!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


As summer approaches and our social calendars overflow, let's all remember to act in a responsible and safe manner whenever we're sexually intimate. This means using a latex condom consistently and correctly. This practice significantly reduces the risk of infection from HIV and other STIs. Be a life preserver and not a life destroyer!

Be prepared. Purchase your goods now (condoms and water-based lubricant). Have fun. Stay healthy. Be responsible.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

A few thoughts to share with you today. It's hump day after all.

This Site:
As you may have noticed (or, perhaps not), I've made a few visual changes here. The new images are located on the left side of your screen and depict signage I think we all like to see! This endeavor here is a constant work-in-progress. Please, share your thoughts publicly by entering a comment or privately by contacting me:

New Blog:
One of my close friends, MH, recently began publishing his own fetish-photo-blog at He's a great friend, a remarkably nice man, cute as the proverbial button and as loyal as the proverbial puppy. He's graciously agreed to be an occasional contributor here; his username is Armpit Eros. Please, visit his work: Check out his picture gallery and vote in his poll. Thanks!

Anticipating Pride:
This upcoming weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the USA and also the time for the Washington, DC, Black Pride Festival. DCs Black Pride event is May 29-31, 2010, and segues into June, LGBT Pride Month. For additional information on this weekend celebration, see

Pride Month Dates:
June 11-13, 2010: Washington, DC, LBGT Pride Festival (info:

June 21, 2010: World Nude Hiking Day

June 27, 2010: National HIV/AIDS Testing Day

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nude Directory

Recently, one of my Tampa buddies sent me an email that reminded me about this individual we met at a pool party last year. I didn't think I'd ever forget him as I've never really seen anything like this before or since. He is very resourceful and creative!

We were lounging poolside when this guy walks up to us and asks for our contact information. He then promptly handed to us a "sharpie" permanent marker. Upon closer inspection, we saw that he was getting others to write their digits or email addresses on his body! A live, walking, nude, networking directory! We did as he requested and watched in amazement as he worked the pool deck adding to his contact list! Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing him go for a dip in the pool.

A few times since, I've wondered how he ever got all his information into a more permanent database. Men were signing on his back, chest and well, all over! I only wish I'd asked him did the proximity of the contact listings to his cock and ass have any significance? Now, anyone want to autograph my ASSets? LOL!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nude Novice Notes: Cover It All!

It's almost the Memorial Day holiday here in the USA and in the Northern Hemisphere, the thermometer temperatures are beginning to heat up! Summer is fast approaching! Paradise on earth for most same gender loving men: scores of naked men outside, hanging loose and free and enjoying the season whether poolside, at the beach, hiking or whatever. The time for us to celebrate and commune with nature, naturally.

It's important for us all to remember not to allow this period of pleasure to become a period of pain. We all, especially the nude novices, need to generously apply plenty of sunscreen to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays. Proper application involves covering completely, waiting approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and then repeat the process before sun exposure. Don't forget those areas that we often overlook: armpits, penis and testicles, elbows, behind the knees and the anus. All the body is subject to absorbing UV rays, whether directly exposed or not. Sunscreen should be used both on overcast days as well as when in the shade. Please remember to reapply when necessary.

This is a time for us to enjoy and relax. None of us want to experience any undue pain or possibly cause future skin damage. Have fun and be safe!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Key West Clothing Option

On the agenda for the 6:00 p.m. meeting tonight (May 18, 2010) of the Key West, Florida, city commissioners is a proposal to permit consideration of making a part of the City's public beach a nude sunbathing area. If successful, this opens the possibility of Key West being the second Atlantic coast public beach in Florida. Already a popular gay playground, Key West may become a naturist/nudist mecca as well.

City Commissioner Teri Johnston is sponsoring an ordinance that would change the existing law prohibiting public nudity. If passed, the amendment enables City commissioners, via public hearings and resolution, to allow nudity within a certain area of the public beach. The proposed revision is in response to intense lobbying by naturist/nudist groups to have a portion of this natural resource/tourist attraction designated as clothing-optional. In effect, a return to nature. Currently, Haulover Beach in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami vicinity is the only other public beach in The Sunshine State to permit nudity within a specific area.

There are a number of queer-friendly facilities and businesses in Key West that now offer clothing-free amenities. Hopefully, all of them support this lobbying effort. If enacted, this measure would serve to enhance the local economy and municipal revenues. Not to mention another haven for same gender loving naturists!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ms. Kagen, The Nominee

The sexual orientation of Ms. Elena Kagen, President Obama's first choice nominee for the Supreme Court, has sparked national attention this week. The spotlight focusing on whether or not she is a lesbian has also created a situation that deserves closer examination from all of us. By all of us, I include not only those debating the issue but all of us who have, during the course, even contemplated or discussed the matter, privately or publicly.

First, no one has asked any previous nominee for the Supreme Court if they were heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Well, at least not in the public forum. Probably the reason for this silence is because they were all assumed to be heterosexual. Considering the amount of public scrutiny candidates for this position suffer, what same gender loving individual, closeted or visible, would willingly undergo this process?

Second, President Obama is an extremely intelligent man who understands his own vulnerability. He is keenly aware of the challenges the future holds for both
November of this year and in 2012. He is a leader with courage and integrity; I doubt that he would risk his vision of change and hope this early in his administration. He knows the effort to be fruitless and futile.

Third, unlike other public officials, Ms. Kagen's sexuality issue isn't the result of a public scandal. She didn't misplace her foot in a bathroom stall in a Minnesota airport nor email Congessional pages in a predatory or provovative manner. She simply is single and plays softball. Once again, it's all based on assumptions only this time, stereotypes enter the picture. Profiling is just as wrong directed against public service aspirants as it is when targeting private citizens.

Fourth, please think about the consequences of this point. Do we really want to open the bedroom doors? (I'm being figuative here, men. I've enjoyed sex in every room imaginable). Can we stomach the results of this proverbial Pandora's Box? Are we ready to know that George the First was sucked by Barbara? Did Bill rim Hillary? Did George the Second eat Laura? Pass the pink stuff, please!

Finally, question Elena Kagen on her credentials for serving on the Supreme Court. Investigate her criminal and financial records, past and present. Ask about her affiliations, memberships, opinions and beliefs. If there is anything illegal, by all means make it part of the public record. The last time that I checked, being a lesbian isn't against the law. If what happens inside the bedroom is consensual and legal, then, respect it and move on.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naturist? Nudist? Both?

I'm not the first to pose this question and there is no doubt in my mind that I'll be the last. For many of us, the question is purely rhetorical and/or philosophical. Most of us probably could care less and see no difference between the two. We do have among us the die-hard proponents of both who argue their preference and debate the uniqueness of the respective identities.

My understanding is that naturist refers to those who are naked and follow a certain lifestyle that is intricately attuned to nature and the natural. Its practitioners consider it a philosophy as well as a way of life. Nudists are generally those who engage in social nudity without any major lifestyle or philosophical adaptations. At any nudist activity/gathering or clothing-optional destination, the two intermingle along with those who perhaps have never given the matter much thought.

Each of us determines how we individually self-identify. We need to be comfortable within our own skin. We use what feels right and works for us. Many of us, myself included, use both interchangeably may even identify as both, depending on the situation. And this is all good.

Tomorrow, if someone descended nude from Mt. Kilimanjaro with a stone tablet engraved with either naturist or nudist, would it make a difference? I think not. Most of us would probably continue using whatever suits us best. We are who we are, period.

Do we all need to be the same? Of course not. Naturists will be happy as themselves and likewise the nudists. Does it make any difference? Probably only to the purists of whatever persuasion. What is important is that we are comfortable and proud of ourselves and are happy with our nudity.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Latest And Last

The late E. Lynn Harris is one of my favorite authors. Since the publication of his first novel, "Invisible Life" in 1994, I've eagerly anticipated the next volume that he creates. His characters are as unique, complex and diverse as are their problems and situations. His sudden death last summer (July, 2009), shocked the literary world and left a void that is likely to remain for some time.

His last book, "In My Father's House" is due to be released by St. Martin's Press on June 22, 2010. Written shortly before he died, this was to be the initial installment in a projected series about a bisexual owner of a modeling agency. Like his "Invisible Life" series ("Invisible Life", "Just As I Am" and "Abide With Me"), this features the challenges encountered by his characters as they seek love, happiness and self-respect in a world that often is very judgmental and unaccepting. Early reviews for "In My Father's House" predict it to be a blockbuster.

This title is now available for preorder from most literary vendors and distributors. I ordered my copy several weeks ago. I wanted to make sure my first edition collection of Mr. Harris' works remained complete. And yes, most of his novels I read while nude.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Bouquet

A "bouquet" of a few thoughts here about what's happening now and for World Nude Gardening Day.

Cinco de Mayo:
Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our Mexican and Mexican-American naturist brothers! Have a great holiday and hopefully you are able to celebrate nude!

World Nude Gardening Day:
This upcoming Saturday, May 8, 2010, is the sixth anniversary honoring World Nude Gardening Day. Go green and beautify the earth as you tend to your garden nude! Personally, I live in a condominium so trust, I'll work on my indoor plants while naked.

Coming Out:
Chely Wright, a 1990s decade country vocalist officially stepped out of the closet on the NBC Today Show this morning. Additional media interviews are upcoming. Some are criticizing her for not making this statement before now. However, everyone lives their life according to their own schedule. If her acknowledging who she is now helps just one other person become comfortable and accepting of themselves, then this was the right time for her to make this announcement. Best wishes, Ms. Wright, as you begin to enjoy life honestly and openly!

Thought For Today:
I'm leaving for my job after I post this, so here's a thought: No one knows exactly how naked I am under my clothes!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DADT And Our Current President

This past weekend marked yet another protest at the White House urging immediate action to end the U. S. Department of Defense policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" concerning gays and lesbians serving in the U. S. military. Queer activists are angered and frustrated that President Obama hasn't halted this absurd directive before now. I appreciate and respect their arguments. Hell, I even agree with them! As do many in the Pentagon (Defense) bureaucracy and active duty armed services officers. However, let's take a moment and examine the complete picture.

President Barack Obama is both our first African-American president AND the first Democratic president to win a landslide election in years. Because of this unique situation, he's under more scrutiny than any president of recent memory save, perhaps, President John Kennedy, the first Roman Catholic elected to this office (Mr. Kennedy died before I was born; I'm basing this observation on history as opposed to personal knowledge). We're all aware of the controversy surrounding any issue of LGBT equality in this nation. Likewise, we all know that the legacies of hatred, homophobia, puritanism, racism and sexism die a difficult and slow death. Christian extremists and fundamentalists, just like their counterparts in other faith communities, would rather fight to the bitter end than surrender on these matters. Unfortunately, there are also a number of Americans who consider a Black man in the WHITE House (other than in a subserviant position) an abomination. Fanaticism and bigotry remain our enemies here, not our Commander-in-Chief.

Mr. Obama, to his credit, both knows and recognizes the fact that he is THE President of the United States of America. His mantle of responsibility is to guide ALL Americans, regardless of ideology, towards moderation and tolerance. He is our president by law, the electoral college (that archaic and undemocratic dinosaur) and the popular mandate; he solemnly swore (not once, but twice, thanks to an incometent Supreme Court justice) to uphold this duty.

President Obama learned from the mistake of former President Bill Clinton, who tried and failed to overturn the Pentagon ban on gays and lesbians in the armed forces. Too much social change, too early in a presidential administration and on such an emotional topic only leads to disaster. That's how we inherited DADT.

Our Chief Executive has already brought ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) and health-care reform (including same-sex families legal/visitation rights) to the national agenda. Travel to these shores by persons living with HIV is no longer prohibited. The barriers to LGBT equality, at least on the federal level, are starting to erode thanks to the efforts of the current administration. Let's keep in mind that legally, the president can only address issues at this level. I consider him wise to wait until after midterm elections, assess his mandate and then, if prudent, press forward on ending DADT. Moderation offers advantages. Clinton acted early and was unsuccessful. Obama deserves the chance to try this his way.

In my humble opinion, every door opened presents a golden opportunity. It's far from perfection and we all, as same gender loving citizens of this country, need to demand and expect more. However, each progressive step is leading us down the path of change and hope. And that is precisely what President Obama promised to ALL Americans during his presidential campaign: change and hope.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!