Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring And Ricky Have Arrived!

Spring has once again arrived on the scene and not one minute too soon. After all the snowfalls we endured this past winter, I think most of us welcome the seasonal change. It's time to prepare for another round of outdoor fun and adventures. As naturists, we have a relatively short preparation list: sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent! The economical joys of nudity!

Along with the arrival of spring is the announcement by Ricky Martin publicly acknowledging his membership in queerdom. I applaud and support any man who is willing to admit to who he really is. Therefore, I mean no disrespect here; but, didn't he already do this maybe ten years ago? This didn't strike me as "new" news. I honestly thought it was known by everyone. Regardless, congratulations, Brother Ricky, and welcome to the best fraternity on the planet! Now, can you drop those pants and become a nude queer?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nude Novice Notes: Comfort Level

Many gay/queer nudist groups sponsor events that consist of two separate social opportunities. The purpose of these dual activities is to allow prospective non-members the chance to attend a naked social in a stress-free atmosphere and/or to allow non-naturists to accompany a friend/partner to the same. This type of gathering may be clothing-optional or clothed (textile) in the beginning and then strictly nude later on.

For instance, a typical mixed evening perhaps follows this scenario. It starts at 8:00 p.m. as clothing-optional and remains as such until 9:30 p.m. At that time, it is nude exclusively. Or, it may begin as everyone wearing some form of covering (spa wrap, towel, swimsuit, underwear or shorts) and then becoming nude-only at the appointed time.

As a novice nude, it is each person's responsibility to determine their own level of comfort in a mixed situation. Some may experience anxiety being nude while others are not. Some may not feel any discomfort whatsoever. Keep in mind that there is no set proper reaction in this type of setting. Everyone decides exactly what is best for them. Knowing your feelings and comfort beforehand affords you the freedom to determine when you arrive and your level of participation in the festivities.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010


American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most-used language on a daily basis in the USA. It is a manual rather than oral communication form employed primarily by the Deaf and persons with speech complications. ASL differs from English in both grammar, syntax and patterns. ASL is one of the markers of membership in Deaf Culture (a shared language being a qualifier of a particular culture).

What most people fail to realize is that almost every country in the world has its' own distinct sign language. ASL is based on French Sign Language (FSL) rather than British Sign Language (BSL). The reason for this is that Laurent Clerc, the father of ASL, was imported from France to teach sign language at the first American school for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut. His students began the evolution of ASL from FSL to the language that we know today.

Globalization has encouraged the widespread use of some signs that are universally recognized. In the photo here, I'm sharing the International "I love you" (ILY) sign. With the right hand (left, if you're left-handed) and palm facing out from the body, the thumb, index and little finger are extended with the remaining fingers closed. This represents the letters "I", "L" and "Y" of the American manual alphabet.

Interestingly, in American Sign Language, the words naked, native, natural, nature and nude are all signed the same. Back to basics concept? After all, when we're nude, we're naked and natural, right?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Nude Food?

Recently, a friend, BB (who lives on the West Coast), and I were both looking at the website of a queer-owned nudist campground. The property is remotely located and exclusively gay, naturist/nudist clientele. The entire facility is clothing-optional with the exception of the dining hall. That caveat raised a red flag and immediately got my attention. After hiking, socializing, sporting and swimming together naked all day, what's there left to hide? We're all same gender loving men here, right? What possible part of the male anatomy remains that we haven't already "checked-out?"

BB replied that "it may have to do with state laws regarding restaurants or food service." My graduate degree is in public health. I appreciate, support and understand the mandate and needs of local health departments to inspect, oversee, and regulate commercial eateries. These codes, guidelines and restrictions are necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the food supply. Protocols exist to guarantee proper food storage, preparation, processing and handling/serving. Environmental procedures govern the kitchen and dining areas. As long as the facilities are in compliance with health department standards and are clean, then once the food is served, it becomes the responsibility of the individual consumer, right? So, what's the difference if we're clothed or nude?

Now, sir, would you like some cum-dressing on your salad? LOL!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pride: The Treehouse Project

Pride, that feeling of success and accomplishment after completing a certain task. Especially one in which we don't have the background and/or training, specific skills or abilities necessary for the job at hand. Pride is precisely one of the emotions I have whenever I see the frame for the treehouse depicted behind me here. It makes me feel good to know that I contributed my own manual labor to making it a reality.

It was the summer of 2003, and Cuz had just moved to the Tidewater area of Virginia. The family of his "man of interest" at that time (they're now close friends) owned some property bordered by the Chickahominy River. For three successive weekends during August of that year, Twin, Cuz, his then boyfriend (a professional carpenter), another acquaintance and myself built this treehouse for his boyfriends' nieces and nephews on their family land (the kids are now grown, hence the removal of the plywood flooring).

None of us, except for the boyfriend, had any prior carpentry experience. I readily admit that I have a low-to-zero tolerance level with inanimate objects. I am a people person. I have unlimited patience with living beings, but not tools and building material. Yet, we all worked together (completely naked most of the time) and built this simple structure. The fact that I helped, wielding both a hammer and a drill, without injuring any body appendage, including the crown jewels, is a miracle in itself.

On an unseasonably warm day this past winter, Twin, Cuz and I, along with the ex, revisited this site. I once again felt pride in what we had done. It evoked a pleasant memory to recall that we accomplished this feat while nude.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Waste Your Time

Last Friday, while in the checkout line at a local supermarket, a magazine cover caught my eye. It's the current issue of a popular women's publication that I'll name "C." The lower-half, left quadrant of the cover announced a featured article, "50 Things To Do Butt Naked." I chuckled to myself then pointed this out to my friend. We immediately began discussing the fact that together, we could probably co-author a hardcover volume of things to do while nude. Neither of us even bothered to pick up the magazine, much less look at the story.

I thought about this article several times on Saturday while teaching an HIV/AIDS prevention education class for the Red Cross. Sunday morning, I woke up with this topic on my mind. Eventually, I allowed my curiosity to get the best of me and I went out in the rain and bought the damn issue. Within five minutes after returning home, I was kicking myself in my naked butt for wasting both my time and my dime!

About half of the listings in this piece focused on nude experiences to help raise a woman's sensual awareness. The remainder dealt with how a woman can sexually arouse her man. I know that substituting and improvising are viable options here for a man to arouse his man. That was my justification for buying the periodical in the first place.

Of the fifty suggestions, I'd already done a total of thirty-two (or at least, something similar). That's 64% of mission accomplished. Subtract another three recommendations for being anatomically impossible (vagina, G-spot and breasts aren't in this equation). Minus another five ideas for having no personal appeal whatsoever (I have no desire to break in a pair of stiletto heels while in the buff) and I think you'll see the picture. The list of possibilities shrinks as much as my cock and balls while s'naked.

So, my queer brothers, my advice is don't bother to either buy nor read this item. It isn't worth your time nor money. We all possess enough creativity and imagination to develop our own lists of things to do while naked to satisfy both our needs and those of our respective sexual partners. After all, there's no better judge on how to please a gay man than a gay man!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Change is both in the air and all around us. It's now the middle of March and we are beginning the transition from Winter to Spring. The time on our clocks has already advanced to daylight savings time; and, as a result, we have started to turn around from short days and long nights to longer days and shorter nights.

As winter melts away and spring begins to blossom, we enter the turn around period. We witness the natural turn around from the bleak and dreary to the bright and colorful. Our social calendars start to empty of exclusive indoor nude events and turn around to include plans for and an increase in outdoor naked activities. Our thermometers turn around from cold to moderate temperatures. Yes! The seasonal turn around time has finally arrived.

I don't want to be misunderstood. Despite the fact that this past winter delivered an unusually excessive amount of snowfall here, it was remarkable in that I actually enjoyed it. I braved the elements and experienced s'naked for the first time. I didn't stop there! I graduated to the intermediate s'naked level by repeating the opportunity three more times! It was fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.

I've completed all my New Year resolutions, including the publishing of this blog. I've met some fantastic new nude friends, through this blog and otherwise. I was able to spend more time outside and naked this winter than ever before and had fun in the process.

However, turn around time is upon us. The seasons have commenced to turn around from barren to bounty. I'm ready to turn around and offer a naked embrace to the transition.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Naked Days Ahead

I should probably start off by correcting myself here. As queer naturists/nudists, we have a plethora of naked days ahead. Perhaps, naked celebrations ahead is more appropriate? It's just that there are several upcoming dates on the calendar that hold special significance in our nudecentric culture. These observances are unique because our global naturist/nudist society has created, designated, embraced and endorsed these specific dates as our own. They are occasions for us to celebrate our collective nudity. An opportunity to demonstrate our pride in our nakedness.

The first date is Saturday, May 8, 2010: World Naked Gardening Day (observed the first or second Saturday in May). This year marks the sixth for this event. Nudists throughout the planet are encouraged to work in their gardens while naked. A chance to enhance and enjoy nature, naturally. I live in a condo and don't have an outside garden (and would probably be arrested if caught nude in the neighborhood). However, last year, I did some work on my indoor plants on this date, in the buff. This year, I plan to have a couple of friends over and we'll do the same. Maybe I'll name it Indoor Naked Garden Party: BYOP (bring your own plant)!

The second day of note is Monday, June 21, 2010: World Nude Hiking Day (the Northern Hemisphere's summer solstice). Naturists are encouraged to hike naked for this occasion. In some European countries, this is a highly publicized activity. Here in the USA, it is slowly increasing in popularity. This endeavor has been a tradition in our culture for almost thirty years. As is often the case, due to the fact that this year, it falls on a Monday, some groups are opting for a weekend hike. Whenever, it is yet another reason for us all to be nude outdoors. I'm hiking with a few buddies on some private property in this area after work. After all, it is the longest day of the year!

A correlation exists here: nature and nudity. Harmony: the perfect balance between our natural physical body and our natural environment. What else could be more compatible? Go green! Get naked! Experience the simple union of our nudity and nature as practiced throughout the centuries. Be creative and celebrate!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Exposing Me


I stand here naked, for all to see,
My physical defects, my natural beauty.

I stand here naked, in the company of men,
My nakedness a gift for my queer brethren.

I stand here naked, for all to behold,
Alone, sharing my physical soul.

I stand here naked, before my gay fraternity,
Bare and vulnerable, my complete nudity.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nude Novice Notes: Preparation 2

Now that you've accepted and examined your nude photographs, it's time to get comfortable with being naked in the privacy of your apartment/home. Too basic? Well, I've met many who haven't overcome this challenge despite having attended several naturist/nudist functions. Try to increase your naked enjoyment.

After your bath/shower, don't get dressed immediately. Just be nude, explore the feeling and proceed with your usual routine. Postpone the "don we now our gay apparel" until the last possible moment. Simply get accustomed to performing everyday activities naked. You'll find it helps reduce anxiety and increases your acceptance of your individual nudity.

Sleep naked as often as you are able. Even during winter! That's the reason we have sheets, blankets and comforters. They trap in body heat. Your body will produce and distribute enough heat to keep you comfortable. You'll discover that you actually sleep better and are more refreshed while nude. Also, another reason to share your bed with your boyfriend, lover or partner!

On a weekly basis, identify and perform a different household task while nude. Or, take a mental health day from the job and spend the day naked. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and expand your nudist horizons!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, March 5, 2010


That's the name for it! What I have referred to as snow nudity is called s'naked! Snow plus naked equals s'naked. I wasn't aware of this until a friend, V from New England, emailed me this information a couple of days ago. I like the name as much as I like being s'naked. Now, how many times can I put that word in one paragraph?

This new word is too cool. I always knew that I was not the first to be s'naked. I figured that somewhere, someone had coined a name for this activity. I simply didn't know where to begin the research.

Maybe now we can have s'naked designated an event for the next winter olympiad? I'd DEAFinitely register to compete for the gold!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stark Naked

For me, there is a profound sensation that is both harsh and humbling by being naked in nature during winter. Harsh in that nature appears to be cruel, uninviting and devoid of color. Almost as though Mother Nature dares us to be there, much less bare. It can be very intimidating and downright eerie.

At the same time, it is a humbling experience. Naked man and naked trees. Bare body and barren nature. An opportunity to appreciate and view the majesty and diversity of the natural world free from the cover of foliage. A moment in time that is both poetic and tranquil. Nature at its' very best and me at mine: both nude!

Periodic solitude is good for the soul. It reduces stress and gives us the chance to recharge our internal batteries. This serenity allows us to regain our sanity and refresh our worldview. We all benefit when we take the time to pause, contemplate and renew.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Madness And Mayhem

March is here! The month that brings to us both madness and mayhem. In the Northern Hemisphere, we begin the departure from the winter doldrums and the anticipation of the advent of Spring. It's a month of change, rebirth and renewal. A time to prepare to get natural in nature (as if those thoughts ever left our minds)! Well, at least not for yours' truly.

March Madness, the celebration of the NCAA college hoops and the make it/break it time for professional basketball hopefuls. I admit it, I am a baller (I play in a Deaf, queer recreation team) and I love balling. I'm not a stellar player, but I have moments when I can hold my own. Personally, this is THE testosterone month of the year: watching all those NBA aspirants moving on the court in a heated struggle to be the best.

Along with this competition comes the team bonding/unity. The physical support between team members, regardless of the action. It can involve ass swatting, chest bumping, hugs or waist gripping; no matter, it's all good! Add to the mix flash images of those sexy tufts of armpit hairs and my testosterone level clears the roof!

Then, there is the actual game. The intensity, the knowledge, the skill, the prowess. Successfully judging your opponents next move and responding accordingly. This is an art and the result of years of practice and training. This is the reason it's known as March Madness: we are able to witness live, pre-professional talent.

March mayhem is the confusion that we all experience during this period. We are transitioning from winter to Spring. Do I need a raincoat? Do I need an umbrella? Do I need a heavy coat or a lightweight jacket? Yes, this naked man does need to stay warm and dry. The questions are endless as the weather predictions change dramatically and hourly. We never really know for certain what's going to happen next and we're unable to prepare. During this month, the "Whassup?" assumes an entirely different meaning. Exactly what the hell is going to happen next?

These questions are then followed by others. When will the crocus appear? Are the cherry blossoms going to bloom on schedule? We all know that December, January and February will be both cold and snowy. Yet, what about March?

Personally, my nude brothers, there is only one question that I seek to find an answer. When exactly can I hike naked again? As for me, I am all too ready to do this. And you?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!