Friday, January 29, 2010

TGIF!/ Dennis And Me

Finally! It's here! I am all too ready for this weekend. No job responsibilities, no pressing social obligations and a minimal number of necessary errands. This weekend is mine! I have DEAFinitely earned it. Two friends are arriving via Amtrak this afternoon and will be here through Sunday. Believe me, this time will be well spent. We don't have any specific plans, so probably we'll hang out at my place, naked. Like the title of former NBA wild and free-spirited player, Dennis Rodman's first book, Bad As I Wanna Be, (Delacorte Press, 1996) this weekend we'll all be as naked and queer as we wanna be!

Now, that book brings back some memories. Dennis Rodman, formerly with the Chicago Bulls, was a true master of his game, both on and off the court. He was both flamboyant and unpredictable (and remains so even today). The NBA has never been the same since he retired. His antics would always make headlines. No shame in his game. My man, Dennis, an ace rebounder who had no qualms about open-mouthed kissing Arsenio Hall on national TV nor appearing at a book signing wearing a wedding dress, complete with veil and heels.

He is one man that I would love to see totally naked and one-on-one! He is welcome to ravage me anyway he wants. I've dreamed about that man for years. Come to think of it, throughout Bad As I Wanna Be, he was repeatedly featured nude in photos with either a basketball or a motorcycle strategically placed over his cock. The thought of Dennis and me naked and entangled together might not be as far-fetched as I imagined. Yes, there is some hope here! LOL!

Regardless of what the future holds for Dennis and me, I am certain of one thing. This weekend will be fun and relaxing. I think I just might invite a few additional friends over Saturday night for dinner and a naked card game. After all, the more the merrier!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Yes, basketball is my game. I am a baller and proud of it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fantasy Or Nightmare?

Practically everyone who knows anything about me is aware of my aversion to anything cold. I despise winter and cold weather. I hate the snow and the ice. I detest the sensation of being cold. I prefer my beverages at room temperature and with absolutely no ice cubes (even in the middle of summer). In the fifteen years that I've lived in my condo, with the exception of my pre-settlement inspection, I've never once used the central air-conditioning. I don't use the AC in my car (unless a passenger requests it). I think by now the message is clear. Hell, I even dislike ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, italian ices, etc.

I am a heat and humidity man! If it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity outside, I am fine. I thrive and am most productive and creative during these conditions. Yes, I experience the heat, as does everyone. However, I follow precautionary and safety practices, make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and enjoy the season. It also helps that I am nude whenever possible. And, what's better, most likely in the company of my same gender loving and naked brothers.

Exactly what is this fantasy/nightmare? Honestly, I find it both disturbing and sadistic. It is to be photographed nude either during and/or immediately after a snowfall. That's right, butt-naked in the snow. How twisted is that for you? A frigidphobic (cold hating) man morphed into a polar bear cub. Waterboarding pales as a torture method in comparison to this scenario.

Regardless, I can't get this idea totally out of my mind. I've thought about freezing. I've thought about frost-bite. I've thought about the entire issue of cock shrinkage (and men pulling out their magnifying glasses when viewing the photos). Yet, the fantasy persists. The only reason I have for this nagging nightmare is that I don't have any pictures of me in the snow, nude or textile. None whatsoever.

However, it's only the end of January. Who knows? Perhaps the next snowstorm to hit the Washington, DC, area will allow me to fulfill this absurd obsession. That is, unless I develop a serious case of the proverbial cold feet (along with the rest of my anatomy)!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In the few entries that I've posted here to date, (precisely: this is number four), I've used this word twice. Honestly, I've personally been using this term for at least the past six years, maybe even longer. Before last weekend, I never really gave the matter any thought. I assumed (yes, I am aware of the caution surrounding making assumptions) its' meaning was obvious. It follows patterns currently practiced in our language, such as Afrocentric, egocentric, Eurocentric, etc. I especially felt this to be the case within our own culture of nakedness. After all, a common language is one of the characteristics of a particular culture.

During the weekend, an acquaintance of mine (both gay and a nudist) brought this error of thinking to my attention. Commenting on my blog here, he specifically asked: "Where did that come from?" Initially, I thought he was joking. Only after his second query did I realize that he was serious. I immediately offered an explanation and, in order to avoid further misunderstanding, will do the same here.

Nude basically is the same as naked, that being the absence of clothing/covering. Centric means central to, focused on or specific to. Nudecentric simply is nude-focused, nude-specific or of nude interest. Nudecentric is a concept, idea, issue, subject, thought, topic, etc., pertaining to naturists/nudists and/or our culture of nakedness. It may directly/indirectly affect/effect us all. It warrants our attention.

I trust this clarifies any confusion I may have created. That was not my intention when writing this word. Believe me, in the future, I will exercise more caution before I assume (ass + u + me) equals making an ass of you and me. In this case, especially me! (_o_) LOL!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

NAKED: Who Am I?

As human beings, many of us deplore the use of labels. Either we feel that they restrict our unique selves or we believe that a certain label simply doesn't adequately define our essence. For some, labels remind us of a significant period in history when discrimination, exclusion and segregation were the law of the land. Others think they overlook our individual persona and identify us as a stereotypical group with specific, and usually negative, characteristics/traits. Most of us resent being assigned to a predetermined category. These, among others, are all valid reasons for avoiding this practice.

Yet, there are benefits derived from utilizing labels. In a positive way, they help build our self-esteem (this is who I am). They assist us in our self-identification (this is what I am). They aid us in establishing our cultural affinity (this is where I belong). Labels enable us to determine our respective position within our universe (as in my personal case, I am Deaf, queer and a naturist/nudist). Labels, appropriately used, empower our self-determination of our own uniqueness.

Regardless of how the mainstream society views us, we, as members of the culture of nakedness (naked meaning the absence of clothing/covering) have the power, privilege and right to distinguish ourselves within our cultural group. Our cultural diversity and the labels employed are our strength and not our weakness. As a naked culture, we collectively support each other. As naked individual members of this culture, we respect each other.

As members of the men-who-have-sex-with-men community of our nudecentric culture, every one of us has the opportunity and the freedom to define our place within both our culture and our community. We, as individuals, decide exactly where we fit in the larger picture. It is incumbent upon us to become the proverbial masters of our own fate and chart our own destiny. Ultimately, it is our own choice as to what, if any, labels we use.

We are free to determine precisely who and what we are and where we belong. Am I gay? Am I same gender loving (SGL)? Am I queer? Am I a man-who-has-sex-with-men (MSM)? Am I down low/DL (in a relationship with a woman while secretly having sex with a man and/or men)? Am I closeted? We select our own community affiliation. We also have the liberty to see ourselves as outside any of these choices. There are no restrictions here.

Likewise, we choose our cultural identity within the broader culture of nakedness. Am I a naturist (one who considers being naked as philosophically healthier)? Am I a nudist (someone naked for leisure/recreational purposes)? Am I clothes-free? Am I textile/garment-free? Once again, a personal decision based on preference and comfort level. As always, the option remains to completely disregard any and all of these terms.

Through exploring ourselves, hopefully, we enhance our self-awareness of our true being/nature. This forges an understanding of both our egos and our souls. The adage, to thine ownself be true, is applicable here.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Obama!

This isn't a nudecentric entry. Aside from the fact that underneath all his clothes, Barack Obama is just as naked as I am at this moment, I'm not certain of his thoughts about social naturism/nudism. I do know that he is a man who isn't ashamed to be photographed shirtless.

Exactly one year ago today, Mr. Obama was sworn into office. A day that was freezing, yet full of promise and hope. I was out there on The Mall (along with almost two million others) and am still fueled by all the energy I absorbed from that historic experience. A day that I will never forget.

So much has happened during his first year as our President. I know that some are disappointed and others are angry. But we must not lose hope and keep in mind that he has to undo eight years of misrule, misdirection, misinformation and "my-way-or-the-highway" mentality. No one can erase the product of that era in just one brief year.

I am proud that I actively supported Mr. Obama's campaign. I am proud of his presidency. I believe in Mr. Obama, the man and the President. Happy One Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About Me: Why DQN?

A new year and a new beginning. So why not another new adventure? Creating my own independent blog. I'm not new to blogging, I've blogged and co-authored on several other sites. However, this experience is new, exciting and a little intimidating. A creative and a growth challenge. Also, another reason to exercise that organ that is stored inside my cranium! So, here goes!

For starters, Why DQN? Well, it's a small matter of self-identification. It's simply how I see myself in this huge and complex world in which we live. First, D = Deaf. I am a Deaf man struggling to exist in a primarily hearing universe. Believe it or not, my Deafness does affect my worldview and how my world views me. I am culturally Deaf, so that is why the "d" in Deaf is capitalized.

Secondly, Q = Queer. I am a Queer/Same Gender Loving/Gay man struggling to survive in a primarily heterosexual society. My sexual orientation does impact my perspective on some issues and trust, it absolutely has a tremendous influence on how most of society, as a whole, perceives me! Personally, I prefer the identity of same gender loving (SGL). However, I use queer because initially, it was a pejorative term used to degrade that, through ownership, I can use to empower me and disempower those who wish to harm.

Thirdly, N = naturist/nudist. I am a man who prefers, enjoys and thrives living textile-free (without clothes/clothing) in a predominantly textile environment. My nudity does sway how I interpret certain situations and it is very influential in how the broader culture judges me. As a naked man, however, these judgments don't prevent me from living naturally and honestly.

Finally, Northern Virginia is where this naked, queer, Deaf man resides with his three marginalized communities. Specifically: Arlington, Virginia. Home of The Pentagon and of Arlington Cemetery, where the victims of decisions made inside The Pentagon are finally laid to rest.

This concludes my initial introduction of myself through explaining the title of this blog. Wow! The first step wasn't that difficult! I'll probably return for more! Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!