Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Naked Family

As is true for most of us, my naked family includes my naturist/nudist same gender loving brothers who aren't related to me but I've created into a family unit to supplement my natural family. For some, these artificial families become their actual family. For others, they are an extension or expansion of their own. For almost all of us, they are both real and important. They reflect both ourselves and our souls. They are those we perceive as being most like ourselves.

I am fortunate in that my naked family also includes two members of my own biological family. My identical twin brother (Twin) is, like me, Deaf, gay and nudist. For as long as we both can remember, we've always been shedding our clothes. As is the case in most sets of identical siblings, individually, we are the mirror of the other. The closest description to identify our bond is soulmate, and even that is deficient.

Cuz (that's our nickname for him) is just that, our first cousin on the paternal side of our family. He is nine years younger. We never really became especially close until we saw him at a same gender loving nudist social when he was eighteen and a freshman at my alma mater, Gallaudet University. We're now a trio at family celebrations (although clothed at those), some naturist activities and frequently vacation together.

Are there any other textile-free members of my natural family? None that I'm aware. However, it wouldn't surprise me. After all, the evidence suggests the possibility of a naturist/nudist gene.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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woody said...

Hmmm, Is nudism genetic? I would rather think it is natural and all of those "textiles" are a product of social conditioning; a clothing construct if you will. But then, like the question about the gay gene, the problem exists in having to ask the question.